Find contact info for heads of surgery at 10 hospitals

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Find contact info for heads of surgery at 10 hospitals

Hi! Thanks for contacting Wonder with your question about finding contact info for heads of surgery at the 10 hospitals listed on your spreadsheet. I first searched for "Executive Director Perioperative Services", "Medical Director of Perioperative Services" or "Perioperative Business Manager". In some cases, those titles were not available, but a similar head of surgery position was available. I have listed the closest I can find to a person in charge of surgical services at each of your listed hospitals. During my research, I noticed that some hospitals have the Director roles of Perioperative Services run by Doctors, some are run by nurses, and others still are persons with financial backgrounds. I have noted in the spreadsheet if the person should be addressed as MD, RN or other.

The following facilities were researched (see spreadsheet for details)
1. Jackson Memorial Hospital (Miami)
2. Barnes-Jewish Hospital (St. Louis)
3. The Mount Sinai Medical Center (New York City)
4. Memorial Hermann Southwest Hospital (Houston)
5. Cedars-Sinai Medical Center (Los Angeles)
6. The Moses H. Cone Memorial Hospital (Greensboro, N.C.)

(Not Available)
Mercy Hospital St. Louis
Orlando (Fla.) Regional Medical Center
Baptist Medical Center (San Antonio)
Indiana University Health Methodist Hospital (Indianapolis)

Added these 4 in lieu of original four that were not available:
7. Yale University Hospital System
8. Georgetown University Hospital
9. Riverside University Medical Center
10. San Francisco General Hospital

I enjoyed researching this for you, as I have several years experience as a market researcher focused on healthcare lead generation. If you require additional contacts for heads of surgery at other healthcare facilities, please reference this request and link to the online spreadsheet so we can continue to add to the research. We look forward to helping you again soon with another question. Thanks for Wondering!