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FICO - Current Cyber Security Tools And Back Office IT Operations Tools

FICO uses the following cybersecurity tools in their enterprise operations: Cybersecurity Insurance Dashboard and Cybersecurity Solution Architecture. For their back office IT operations, the company makes use of the following tools: ServiceNow, FICO® Falcon® Platform, and DMS with Amazon Web Services, Box File Sharing with Salesforce and Jive, and Red Hat — OpenShift and OpenStack. FICO has multiple data centers scattered around the globe.


FICO specializes in predictive analytics and data science to enable better operational decision-making in the financial services, telecommunications, healthcare, retail and other industries. The company is founded in 1956 in Silicon Valley and currently owns 185 US and foreign patents for technologies that can be used to drive business success measures in terms of profitability, customer satisfaction, and other growth factors.
Looking through FICO’s official website and various articles, it was discovered that FICO offers the following cybersecurity and back office IT operations tools:

Cybersecurity Tool: Cybersecurity Insurance Dashboard

The Cybersecurity Insurance dashboard provides various customizable features for back end operations. For the insurance industry, the dashboard can process data to show exposure levels to enable improved pricing and portfolio decisions. Risk data can also be entered into the dashboard in order to come up with the company’s full risk picture.

Back Office IT Operations Tool: ServiceNow

FICO already abandoned their outdated legacy systems in favor of ServiceNow Professional Services. ServiceNow is an enterprise IT cloud services company that provides a software-as-a-service (SaaS) package to its clients.

ServiceNow is expected to enhance IT’s operational service delivery with its self-service features that can improve the overall user experience.

Cybersecurity Tool: Cyber Security Solution Architecture

FICO has put in place a cybersecurity solution architecture that has the following features: self-calibrating analytics, consortium data and signature-less technology in order to shield enterprises from increasing cyber threats. Unlike traditional signature-based technology or systems that are rule-based and dependent on historical segregated data, the new cyber analytics setup can identify developing issues earlier to facilitate faster threat elimination.
The platform offers the following: real-time detection of evolving threats, usable and analytics-driven industry Insights.

Back Office IT Operations Tool: FICO® Falcon® Platform

FICO® Falcon® Platform enables entities to uncover more card not present (CNP) fraud by showing a total view of customer financial traits. The modular solution allows banks to oversee activities for all payment types, including mobile and e-commerce, and deposit accounts.

CNP and application fraud are the new types of fraud that criminals now commit ever since EMV got deployed to counteract card-present fraud. These fraudulent e-commerce transactions are expected to nearly double from $10 million in 2014 to almost $19 billion in 2018 in the US.

Back Office IT Operations Tool: MYFICO.COM AND dms WITH Amazon Web Services

In August 2017, FICO started using Amazon Web Service's Cloud Services. FICO has already transferred several core applications, including and their flagship analytics platform, the Decision Management Suite (DMS), into AWS. Additional applications will be further migrated in the next three years. This is the start of their initiative to utilize external data centers instead of just their own. This is driven by cost advantage and preparation for future scaling.

With the move to AWS, FICO is already reaching six times the speed in accessing their applications compared to the previous situation with their data centers. FICO can now take advantage of AWS' exhaustive cloud capabilities, fool-proof security and compliance, and a high level of operational expertise. This can further strengthen the company to deliver high-volume analytics software and tools to enterprises around the globe, including 95 percent of the largest financial institutions in the US.

Back Office IT Operations Tool: Box, salesforce, and jive

After a comprehensive hunt for a cloud storage solution, FICO chose Box as the most suitable platform to meet their secure collaboration criteria even in mobile environments for both their external and internal file-sharing needs. They have also invested in SalesForce and Jive that have the capability to link with Box for internal use. This is just one of their efforts to completely render obsolete their Sharepoint legacy file system which did not meet their security and mobility standards.

Back Office IT Operations Tool: Redhat — OpenShift and OpenStack

FICO also agreed to a deal with Red Hat, a platform-as-a-service (PaaS) provider, to use the latter's OpenShift and OpenStack as a foundation of FICO's internal platform, Analytic Cloud. Red Hat’s award-winning private platform-as-a-service (PaaS) offering. FICO is also initiating testing activities around Red Hat's Project Atomic, Docker and several other open source projects.

The source used for this was dated 2014 but there have been no recent news counteracting this so we can safely assume that FICO is still using RedHat's private cloud platform.

Tony McGivern, FICO's CIO consider working with RedHat as more than a partnership but a relationship with shared vision, shared objectives, and eventually, shared outcome that will be beneficial for both.


FICO’s has approximately 35 to 45 data center locations in various countries worldwide such as Australia, Brazil, Canada, Chile, Germany, India, Italy, South Korea, Lithuania, Malaysia, Philippines, Poland, Russia, Singapore, South Africa, Sweden, Turkey, UK, and the United States.


The following are the cybersecurity tools that FICO uses in their enterprise operations in order to deliver their desired level of service: Cybersecurity Insurance Dashboard and Cybersecurity Solution Architecture. For their back office IT operations, they have installed the following tools: ServiceNow, FICO® Falcon® Platform, and DMS with Amazon Web Services, Box File Sharing with Salesforce and Jive, and Red Hat — OpenShift and OpenStack. FICO has around 35 to 45 data centers located in major continents.