What are the fashion awards in the United States?

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What are the fashion awards in the United States?

While there are an extremely limited number of fashion contests within the US for which your company matches the eligibility criteria and for which all the information you requested is available online, I was able to find the following: CFDA/VOGUE Fashion Fund, Emerging Designer Competition at Charleston Fashion Week and the Design Entrepreneurs FIT. In addition, I have included USA-based fashion contests for which I am uncertain of your eligibility, either due to a lack of information about your personal circumstances and/or a lack of information about the competition, usually due to the competition currently being closed for entry.

Below you'll find an outline of my research methodology to better understand why there are so few competitions which match your criteria, as well as an in-depth discussion of available information for all the competitions I found.

I began by researching your brand, hautehijab.com, for more information about your company in order to determine what eligibility criteria you would qualify for.

Then, I began searching for the fashion competitions and awards themselves, beginning by searching the public domain. I limited the range of my search to sources updated within the last two years. This search revealed a few fashion competitions (notably, the CFDA/Vogue Fashion Fund), each of which I researched more in-depth to find if all the information you requested was available and if your company met the eligibility guidelines. The biggest limiting factor was that many of the competitions I found are internationally based and therefore not applicable to your request.

My search also revealed lists of fashion competitions for which US designers are eligible. Again, not all of these competitions have domestically based prizes, and I did not include those that required a global brand. The lists I utilized are: The Emerging Designer Contests/Open Calls, Fashionista's list of fashion competitions, and So Catchy's list of fashion design competitions 2017. I then researched each of the competitions found on these lists individually to see what matched your criteria and company.

Lastly, I noticed that some of these competitions happen at fashion weeks in various locations, so I searched for major fashion weeks in the USA. I then searched each of these events individually to see if they hosted a contest, if the contest met your criteria and if your company seemed to be eligible.

Using these techniques, I compiled your findings, outlined below.

Here I have outlined all the US-based fashion competitions/awards that I found using the methods above. These are ordered from most complete/most likely you meet all eligibility requirements at the top to the least amount of information available/undetermined if you meet the eligibility requirements at the bottom.

Location: New York, New York
Award: $400,000 winner/ $150,000 each for two runners-up

Eligibility Criteria: The primary design business must be based within the United States. The business must have been in-business for at least two years, have substantial and recent editorial coverage, and have orders from top retailers. The business must also have professional staff, either paid or volunteer.

Application Process/Deadlines: The application process begins by contacting the CFDA to request application materials, upon which you will be sent a preliminary application. The preliminary application consists of a 350-word biographical statement that affirms your eligibility. The Selection Committee will then review all preliminary applications and make a selection of applicants they invite to submit a formal application, which includes a business plan, a detailed description of how the CVFF financial award and mentoring would be utilized by the applicant, a portfolio presentation including both fall and spring lines, 3-5 industry references, and a short video presentation of the applicant. From there, the Selection Committee will choose a winner and two runners-up. While awards have been announced for 2017 and no deadline has been set for 2018, the finalists for 2017 were announced in March and the awards took place in June.

Notable Winners: Proenza Schouler, Alexander Wang, Altuzarra, The Elder Statesman, and Public School Derek Lam, Thom Browne, Rodarte, Tabitha Simmons and Eva Fehren

Location: Charleston, South Carolina
Award: $10,000 cash prize $10,000 online marketing and promotional package from F22 Internet Solutions, Private lunch and mentoring opportunity with an industry leader, Featured Designer runway show at Charleston Fashion Week® 2019, Collection displayed at Charleston Fashion Week® 2019 / $250 people's choice winner

Eligibility Criteria: Entrants must be residents of the United States 18 years of age or older. Entrants may be individual designers or teams of designers working together.

Application Process/Deadlines: Entrants must register by completing the official online entry form and submitting the $50 application processing fee. Entrants must upload minimum of four (4) photographs of Entrant's own original work and complete all required registration fields on the entry submission page. Semifinalists are selected by a panel of industry experts. Semifinalists then show their work at the Charleston Fashion Week®, with multiple designers on each night, and judges then choose one designer from each night and those designers compete to be chosen as the Finalist. While no dates have been set for 2018 as yet, the deadlines for 2017 were as follows: applications due November 1, Semi-Finalists announced by December 1, and Charleston Fashion Week® happening in March.

Notable Winners: Nancy Faw Crowell, Amanda deLeon, Charlotte Hess, Jazsalyn McNiel, Larika Page, Sarah Parrott, Marysia Reeves, Angela Sum, Brooke Watson, Carol Hannah Whitfield

Location: New York, New York
Prize: $100,000 and $50,000 and extensive mentorship

Eligibility Criteria: Business should have been in business at least one year, Companies should have sales and press
Application Process/Deadlines: Applicants must complete an online application, but no information about it is available because the application is currently closed. While no dates have been announced for 2018, applications for 2017 were due October 31st.

Notable Winners: Chromat, Haus Alkire, Novis, David Hart, Flagpole Swim, Wwake, WXYZ Jewelry, Eckhaus Latta, Cadet, Vanessa Liane Jewelry, Rochambeau, Abasi Rosborough, Post Imperial, Corridor, Upstate, Collina Strada, Shahla Karimi, Haerfest, Yestadt Millinery, A-Morrir, Mimi Plange, Thaddeus O’Neil, William Okpo, ISLYNYC, Leota

Location: San Antonio, Texas
Eligibility Criteria: None available

Award: Unknown

Application Process/Deadlines: It seems that it is an online voting contest, with member of the public able to vote. While the application for 2017 is closed and no dates for 2018 have been announced, the applicants for 2017 were announced to the public in September with the competition happening in October.
Notable Winners: 2016 winner for womenswear was Valerie J Perez.

Location: New Orleans
Award: unknown

Eligibility Criteria: Creatives are TDC's original work and intellectual property, Must have fewer than twenty-four (24) months of design experience, Must not have appeared on any design-related TV programs, Must be from or reside in the Southern region
Application Process/Deadlines: Online application must be received by December 1, 2017, with applicants notified December 15, 2017.

Notable Winners: 2016 Brik Allen: Haus of Brik

Location: Las Vegas
Award: Grand Prize: All Expense Paid Trip for (2)Two to Las Vegas to Participate in Season 14 or 15 at International Fashion Week FEB or AUG 2019,- Hotel and Airfare & Runway Designer Package

Eligibility Criteria: Must be a domestic designer who has not been in business more than 5 years. They must purchase a Capsule Collection Package or VIP Package to LA Fashion Week in order to qualify.
Application Process/Deadlines: Does not include an application deadline, but the competition is February 12-16, 2018. Application is available now.

Notable Winners: Joyce Penas Pilarsky

Location: Global award held across six regions including the United States.
Award: While specifics are not listed, it does note that regional winners are financially rewarded, and the global winner receives additional financial compensation plus the possibility to have their product marketed through the International Woolmark Prize’s extensive retail partner network.

Eligibility Criteria: Designers must have been producing wholesale collections for commercial sale for a minimum of 3 years and a maximum of 8 years as at the time of nomination, have a recognized brand in their own Region; have the ability to demonstrate sound accounting practices, be a permanent resident in the country within the Region they have been nominated for, have the ability to show previous innovative use of fabric and textiles, particularly wool (or other natural fibers), within a number of seasons and can show growth in sales over their time in business but not have more than 30 points of retail sale with their designs internationally.

Application Process/Deadlines: Nomination is by invitation only, but companies may reach out to their Regional Nominating Body to express interest.

Notable Winners: Past winners can be found here.

Location: Online
Award: The Winner's Package is mostly about the prestige and PR of winning. It includes: an extensive PR campaign, the winners trophy and certificate and ability to use the Design Award Winner logo, extensive feedback from judges, and additional marketing and consultancy help, among much more.

Eligibility Criteria: It seems as if the only eligibility criteria is that you are over 18 and that the design is your own work.

Application Process/Deadlines: The process starts by creating an account with A'Design Award and uploading your design(s). Then, the company responds by giving your design(s) a preliminary grade. They recommend waiting for your preliminary grade before you submit your design for nomination. If you do receive a good preliminary grade and want to nominate your design, you must pay a small fee to do so. The committee then decides upon winners. The application is currently open and is due in February at the latest, with winners announced the 15th of April.

Notable Winners: All previous winners can be found here.

Despite the limited number of US based fashion competitions with information available online, we were able to find three: CFDA/Vogue Fashion Fund, the Charleston Fashion Week Emerging Designer competition, and the Design Entrepreneurs NYC/FIT. To further support your request, I included information for other contests for which I was uncertain if your company would qualify, due to lack of knowledge about your personal circumstances and lack of information about certain competitions because the application window is currently closed.