Fantasy Sports Betting Media Campaigns

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Fantasy Sports Betting Media Campaigns

Yahoo´s Feel the Wins campaign was in response to losing market share to new competitions. DraftKings needed to get the message to fantasy sports players that there was a short game, as well as a long game, and did so, with Dr. Aftkings. FanDuel hit the ground running in 2017, with their comprehensive omnichannel assault. These are three different campaigns, each in response to a very different issue, but three similar campaigns are excellent examples of successful marketing. An analysis of the social media accounts of FanDuel and DraftKings is also included.

Yahoo — "Feel the Wins"

  • The Yahoo — "Feel the Wins" campaign was a direct push back by Yahoo against the big sports media companies that had usurped its position as the leader in fantasy sports. When the fantasy leagues started gaining in popularity, Yahoo lost its position as one of the market leaders, replaced by big sports media companies like ESPN and CBS, who used their extensive media capabilities to promote their own platforms. Startups like Draft Kings and Fan Duels offering the ability to pick teams weekly had also eaten into Yahoos market share.
  • The campaign was designed by Sid Lee, after a competitive process was completed for the job. Three television spots were developed to play online and on television in the lead up to the 2018 NFL season. Mediavist was responsible for the media around the campaign.
  • The campaign steered clear of the usual males standing round the water cooler, discussing the weekend sport, and used more modern and inclusive imagery. The campaign focuses on celebrating the little wins throughout the season rather than the overall winner at the end of the season.
  • Using social media, the campaign evolved beyond the initial three advertisements, with additional content added over social media channels as the season progressed.
  • Two of the initial three TV spots are available here. It tells the story of "Ken, a Yahoo! Sports Fantasy Football player, as he feels what it feels like to feel the wins. Despite Ken's team getting destroyed by unlucky injuries, he saved his game by discovering a little-known running back with an incredibly long name and a whole lot of potential."
  • Another of the TV spots tells a similar story about Tim. Additional creative content is available here.

DraftKings — Dr ArftKings Campaign

  • In early 2017, DraftKings conducted research to assess the health of its brand and consumer perceptions of it. The research signaled there were two types of football fans, those who sit back and watch, and those that want to play and get close to the action. It revealed fantasy players were competitive. DraftKings issue seemed to be that players were uncertain as to how DraftKings stacked up against competitors over the entire season.
  • With the aim of converting season long players into daily players and addressing public perceptions, DraftKings instigated a social media campaign. The company created a character Dr Aftkings that diagnosed the deficiencies of the long season approach and prescribed the "daily dose."
  • Conditions diagnosed included, "Draft-itis. This condition is found among Season-Long players suffering from withdrawal because the best time of the year is Draft Day, yet in Season-Long leagues you can only draft once. But DraftKings lets you draft a new team every week.
  • "Loseonic Plague" the despair you feel when losing to your friend. With DraftKings, you can challenge you friends to a head-to-head rematch every week."
  • Examples of the creative are available here and here.
  • The campaign was made with Deutsch.

FanDuel — More Ways to Win

  • Using the tagline More Ways to Win on FanDuel," FanDuel entered fall 2018 running, with its new campaign. It was a finely orchestrated, omnichannel campaign that focused on new features and games modes. National television, radio, and print campaigns, accompanied by digital and social, all complemented a localized campaign around the introduction of legalized gambling in New Jersey.
  • A partnership with The Ringer/Bill Simmons, DirecTV, and BarStool Sports, and the accompanying benefits, including free entry into the world fantasy football tournament, boosted the campaign further.
  • Examples of the campaigns creative are available here and here.



  • FanDuel has 7,620 subscribers to its YouTube channel. The content is predominantly a selection of previous advertising and sports commentary and expert opinion. Posts average 30+200 views, with minimal interaction through comments. FanDuel posts multiple times each week.
  • On Facebook, FanDuel has 1,072,745 followers. They post to the account multiple times per week, the content larger sport and draft related analysis, and player review and analysis, accompanied by video and other advertising material.
  • FanDuel has 226,300 Twitter followers. The frequency and content of their posts almost mirror their Facebook posts. There is almost no interaction between FanDuel and their followers, with only the occasional like or retweet.
  • Instagram could not be accessed, even with a VPN, due to regional restrictions.
  • Examples of the content on each social media account can be accessed through the inline citations.


  • DraftKing´s YouTube channel has 114,000 subscribers. Like FanDuel, the content is largely a selection of past video advertising and sports commentary and analysis. The level of interaction varies with between 1,000 and 5,000 views per post, but there is little interaction beyond that. There are often multiple posts daily.
  • DraftKings has 996,231 followers on Facebook. The content is posted regularly and contains a range of advertising, sports announcements, sports commentary, and player discussion. Interaction is limited to likes, which range form 2-200 per post.
  • Messaging on Twitter includes Make it Reign.DraftKings have 292,100 followers on Twitter. The posts mirror those on their Facebook account occurring at the same frequency and with the same content.
  • Instagram could not be accessed even with a VPN due to regional restrictions.
  • Examples of the content on each social media account can be accessed through the inline citations.