Who are famous social media sports influencers in Europe, and how many fans do they have?

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Who are famous social media sports influencers in Europe, and how many fans do they have?

We were successful in obtaining the names of the most popular social media sports influencers in Europe. The most popular of those we found are Henry Winter, Gabriele Marcotti, Rafael Honigstein, Tom Vickery, Jonathan Wilson, Grant Wahl, Guillem Balague, and Sid Lowe.

Below you will find our list of the most popular sports influencers in Europe, including their name and number of followers, as well as their area expertise.


We obtained the names for our list through a previously compiled list. We researched each name individually and performed confirmatory research to verify the names on this list are the most popular sports influencers on social media. We did eliminate two names from the list, Martin Samuel and Brian Glanville, because their popularity results from news publications, neither has a social media presence. We subsequently added two names, including one, Gary Neville, who just recently retired from active coaching and focusing purely on writing. His previous employment made him inelligible for inclusion when this list was written. The other names were reordered based on current number of twitter followers.

The top 10 Social Media Sports Influencers in Europe

1. Gary Neville, 3.92 million Twitter followers, previously played and coached English football, now focused on punditry.
2. Henry Winter, 1.25 million Twitter followers, he is the Chief Football Writer at the Times.
3. Guillem Balague, 1.05 million Twitter followers, a journalist, author, and pundit. A regular on Sky Sports shows.
4. Grant Wahl, 873,000 Twitter followers, we almost eliminated Wahl because he is an American writer at Sports Illustrated. However, he covers European Soccer almost exclusively and most of his fan base is in Europe.
5. Raphael Honingstein, 466,000 Twitter followers, a German journalist and author.
6. Gabrielle Marcotti, 458,000 Twitter followers, ESPN senior writer, columnist at the Times, Corriere dello Sport contributor, and author of 4 books.
7. Sid Lowe, 423,000 Twitter followers, writer for The Guardian and several other publications, including the Telegraph and FourFourTwo.
8. Matt Dickinson, 203,000 Twitter followers, the senior sports writer at The Times.
9. Jonathan Wilson, 119,000 Twitter followers, journalist and author of several books about soccer.
10. Tim Vickery, 93,500 Twitter followers, South American football journalist and covers British football as well.


This list includes the most popular social media influencers in European sports. They are ranked based on Twitter followers.

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