Family Offices & Private Equity Firms

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Family Offices & Private Equity Firms

Some family offices and private equity firms in San Diego are Karmel Capital, TVC Capital, High Bluff Capital, Cornerstone Family Office, IPG, and Ascent. A complete list of companies and their business information is provided below.

Private Equity Firms

SNH Capital Partners

  • SNH Capital Partners was founded in 1995 and is focused on small to lower middle-market portfolio companies.
  • Its contact e-mail is
  • The company's investment strategy involves North American control and control-oriented investments with a maximum of $75 million of annual EBITDA. They focus on businesses that have high-quality, predictable revenue and low customer concentration, strong business criticality, industries less vulnerable to disruption risk, and large, higher growth sectors with low CapEx.

HCAP Partners

  • This firm was founded in 2000 and provides services to lower-middle market companies located in California and the Western United States.
  • HCAP's contact e-mail is
  • The company's investment strategy comprises investing in the lower middle market. They look for companies that have $10 million to $100 million in annual sales, over $1 million of EBITDA, and have experienced management, among other criteria. Normally, their investments are "structured as mezzanine debt with warrant options for minority equity participation, flexible amortization schedules, and flexible current vs. PIK interest."

Karmel Capital

  • Founded in 2013, Karmel Capital focuses on investing in disruptive technologies.
  • Its contact e-mail is
  • Karmel's investment strategy involves actively pursuing creative deals in venture-backed technology companies and opportunistic M&A deals. They also search for late-stage enterprise SaaS companies that have proprietary products and services.

TVC Capital

  • TVC Capital was founded in 2007 and focuses on investments and acquisitions of software and software-enabled companies.
  • The company's contact e-mail is
  • Its investment strategy implicates investing in and acquiring enterprises and B2B software companies that meet a mission-critical need of their user base and generate at least $2.5 million in annual revenue. Their ideal candidates are capital-efficient companies that are profitable or are on their way of being so.

Ranch Capital

  • Ranch Capital, LLC was founded in 2002 and specializes in unique investment opportunities that include real estate entitlement and development projects.
  • After searching through the company's website and third party websites, we concluded that this firm's contact e-mail is not publicly available. However, its website provides the phone number 858-523-1799.
  • Its investment strategy involves investing in companies that "represent significant growth opportunities, or are undervalued, out of favor, or in need of financial or operational restructuring." They prioritize businesses in financial services, energy, mining, transportation, and real estate that range from $2 million to over $500 million in size.

Energy Capital Partners

  • Energy Capital Partners was founded in 2005 and focuses on energy infrastructure projects that are located in North America.
  • This company's contact e-mail is
  • Energy Capital focuses on making "value-add, control investments" in the North American energy infrastructure as its investment strategy. The company features an experienced, cycle-tested team, industry expertise, a proprietary sourcing network, control and value-add orientation, and a solutions-based investment.

High Bluff Capital

  • High Bluff Capital Partners specializes in "making control-oriented equity investments in iconic consumer-facing companies."
  • The company's contact e-mail is
  • Its investment strategy comprises investing in businesses with "historically strong concepts" that need to be refocused, strategic initiatives, accretive acquisitions, technology, and people by partnering with management teams and building scalable back-office platforms across industry verticals. They look for companies that feature $10 million to $100 million or more in revenue, $1 million to $25 million of EBITDA, and are located in North America.

Sancus Capital Group

  • Sancus Capital Group, founded in 2017, focuses on building trusted relationships with exceptionally talented people who share our ideals and values.
  • The company's contact e-mail is
  • Its investment strategy focuses on investing in business owners, management teams, and CEO's whose revenue is between $10 million to over $500 million, have $3 million to $50 million or more of EBITDA, and are located in North America. Also, investment opportunities should be family-owned or founder-led, asset-light, scalable, relatively non-cyclical, solid non-owner management team, and have a high-quality reputation.

Family Offices

ValueStreet Equity Partners

  • Founded in 2019, ValueStreet is a family office that focuses on businesses that offer products or services to a loyal customer base and are located in the Western United States.
  • Its contact e-mail is
  • Their investment strategy comprises investing in profitable service-based, small businesses that generate between $300 thousand to $2 million of EBITDA. Additionally, they look for companies that have a strong position in the local market, a trusted brand name, a leadership position in a niche market, an experienced management team, and a good reputation.

Cornerstone Family Office

  • Cornerstone was founded in 2001 and it offers financial services to wealthy individuals and their families.
  • The company's contact e-mail is
  • The company develops a personalized financial plan that evaluates net worth, investment portfolio, income tax situation, and cash flow. Additionally, they prepare schedules and report on asset allocation, diversification, performance, and fees. They assist clients with changes to the asset allocation and selection of investment managers.


  • Founded in 1983, this company provides financial solutions for individuals, families, and institutional investors. They provide wealth management and integral support services.
  • Its contact e-mail is
  • Their investment management strategy involves having established objectives, a forward-looking assessment of potential risk, and implementing a disciplined process of portfolio management and rebalancing.


  • Ascent offers wealth management services and wealth impact strategies for families and individuals.
  • This company's contact e-mail is
  • Its investment management strategy consists of "using a distinctive purpose-driven approach to investments." They create customized portfolios that help identify objectives and strategic goals while offering comprehensive, non-fiduciary investment monitoring and aggregated portfolio reporting that allows for the client to have an overview of all assets.

Andina Family Offices

  • Founded in 2013, Andina offers services to plan and implement investment strategies, estate and tax, and helpful practices.
  • Its contact e-mail is
  • Their investment management strategy is "based on a philosophy of practical diversification and consistent compounding" as well as thorough due diligence and identification of needs and objectives. Also, the company uses its Performex analytics software to assess a client's investment portfolio.

Steward Family Office

  • This company was founded in 2014 and focuses on helping ultra-high net worth families in the technology, real estate, and medical device industries.
  • The company's contact e-mail is
  • Its investment management strategy involves providing a "clear and concise investment analysis" to make better and well-informed investment decisions. It uses client-defined performance measurements, works with advisor teams, makes report audits, and tracks non-liquid investments.


  • Helvetica Group, founded in 2001, is a real estate investment bank and family office that offers private lending, distressed asset acquisitions, brokerage, investment management, and family office services.
  • The company's contact e-mail is
  • Its investment strategy involves adding investor capital to "attract better deals and negotiate better pricing." Their investor group focuses on providing capital as well as networks for deal flow. They evaluate investment objectives and creates an investment plan that helps achieve a well-balanced and diversified investment portfolio.

GFG Capital

  • Founded in 2003, GFG Capital is a family office and wealth management firm that helps families manage their assets. It has offices in Miami, Florida and San Diego, California.
  • Its contact e-mail is
  • The company's investment strategy comprises understanding the family, establishing clear investment guidelines, and building an investment portfolio. They always make sure the portfolio's risk matches the client's risk tolerance.