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False Lash Trends, Pt 1

The global false eyelash industry is expected to grow by $364 million between 2019 and 2023 due to a high consumer demand for lash extension products. Two recent trends related to the use of false eyelashes are customizable lashes and embellished lashes. False eyelash styles are becoming bolder and more dramatic.

Customizable False Eyelashes

  • According to Business Wire, a 2019-2023 market report mentions customizable lashes as an emerging trend in the false eyelash industry.
  • Consumers' unique personal tastes and individual needs drive the demand for customizable beauty products. Mass-produced beauty products have historically forced some consumers to settle for a close-enough product that might not fully meet their needs.
  • Mixing and matching different eyelash styles can create a more unique look. For example, the "salt and pepper" false eyelash trend of 2018 involved mixing black lashes with white lashes to create a highlight effect and the illusion of an even fuller lash line.
  • One brand selling customizable false eyelashes is Velour. Consumers can choose a round or flared shape, straight or crisscrossed pattern, and a full or wispy design. Lashes are available in 9 mm, 11 mm, or 15 mm lengths, and shoppers can select either a black or invisible band.
  • Urban Decay's Urban Lash product offers ten different styles of "cluster lashes" so consumers can fully customize their look. Styles include xriss xross, airwaves, and thunderbird.
  • MAC Cosmetics offers its 30 Lash product that gives consumers a set of individual lashes in three different lengths so they can build their own eyelash look.
  • House of Lashes allows shoppers to create custom 3-packs of their favorite false eyelash styles. Choices include a mix of faux-mink, classic, and premium styles like Au Naturale, Siren Flare, and Temptress Wispy.

Embellished False Eyelashes

  • The recent embellished lashes trend features the incorporation of feathers, neon colors, glitter, or extreme lengths into false eyelashes. Celebrities like Gigi Hadid, Lady Gaga, and Priyanka Chopra rocked the look at the 2019 Met Gala and during Fashion Week.
  • The dramatic look is reminiscent of "London 1950s [and] 1960s street style." Fashion trends continue to evolve into bolder, edgier styles that take bits of inspiration from the past.
  • Ardell's Wild Lash Sparkles product allows consumers to create a "dramatic jeweled effect" using false eyelashes. The company also makes a multicolored false eyelash with a feathered appearance called the Just For Fun Wild Lash in Breezy.
  • Sugar Pill Cosmetics offers several embellished false eyelash styles including a dramatic black and purple lash called Angel Baby. Another example is Baby Dewdrop, which features jewels that look like tiny drops of water.
  • Inglot Cosmetics sells an assortment of multicolored and feathered false eyelashes. It also makes decorated eyelashes that feature tinsel, glitter, and rhinestones.
  • Elegant Lashes offers embellished false eyelash styles that include feathered, neon, decorated, and glow-in-the-dark.
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False Lash Trends, Pt 2

Eyelash extensions and magnetic lashes are two additional trends around the use of false lashes. Details of these trends are below.

Eyelash Extensions

  • Google searches in the U.S. for eyelash extensions increased by 26% in 2019 compared to 2018 and averaged 883,000 searches per month.
  • Additionally, rather than using a single strip of false eyelashes, consumers are turning to hybrid eyelashes, which are "small extensions to enhance natural lashes, fill the gaps, and add extra volume."
  • Customers can choose the type of extensions they want (synthetic, silk, or mink) and their length (between 6mm and 17mm), which appeals to their desire for customization.
  • Spate, a data science company, is 90% confident that eyelash extensions will continue to grow, and is predicting a 14.1% growth rate between 2019 and 2020.
  • The primary driver of this trend is that consumers are getting temporary extensions that keep them from having to put on layers and layers of mascara to give their lashes a full look. Extensions are long-lasting, and even though they need special products for maintenance and can be expensive, "a lot of women find that they’re worth the investment and provide great results."
  • A set of eyelash extensions can last a year if properly maintained, but customers usually have to get touch ups every few weeks to replace any that fall out due to the life cycle of the natural lashes to which they are attached.
  • Eyelash extensions reduce a person's morning beauty routine because they "won’t need to curl [their] lashes and apply mascara."
  • Lashify is a company that sells lash extension kits, "special cleansers, waterproof lash coats, and bonding agents that work to protect and hold the lashes in place."
  • Borboleta Beauty offers volume extensions, classic extensions, and specialty extensions, and sells "two different cleansers, cooling “eye masks” and sleep masks created specifically to protect eyelash extensions."
  • The impact that eyelash extensions are having on the industry is that new products and companies to help take care of them are popping up, which is extending the trend.

Magnetic Lashes

  • In 2018, the top searched beauty question was "how to apply magnetic lashes," and the trend shows no sign of slowing down, as AllEyeLashes suspects "that these intriguing falsies will create even more buzz in the coming years."
  • As an alternative to traditional false eyelashes, which are often messy, complicated, and can cause allergic reactions to the glue, a new trend that women are turning to is the use of magnetic false eyelashes.
  • Magnetic eyelashes work by "sandwiching natural lashes between a false lash set that adheres with small magnets." They are reusable and are easy to remove.
  • The primary driver of this trend appears to be the desire for ease and efficiency. Women are looking for quicker alternatives to applying traditional lashes, which can take practice to learn how to apply correctly. They are difficult to line up and can tear out natural lashes when removed.
  • According to Pouted, magnetic eyelashes also provide an "excellent alternative for those whose eyes get irritated when using glue to fix the extensions."
  • Sephora sells its own brand of magnetic lashes under the product name "Sephora Collection One Two Lash." This brand has "become one of the more popular magnetic eyelash styles."
  • Ardell sells Magnetic Lash Accents, along with products like a lash applicator to assist consumers in applying the false lashes.
  • Eylure offers its Luxe Magnetic Opulent Accent Lashes, the Luxe Magnetic Baroque Corner Lashes, and the Luxe Magnetic Baroque Accent Lashes.
  • The impact that magnetic lashes are having on the industry is that they are providing women with an alternative to traditional lashes, which may lead to a decrease in the traditional false eyelash segment.

Research Strategy

To determine two additional false eyelash trends, we examined market research reports and industry publications to identify two trends that are not only corroborated in at least three publications, but are also expected to continue to grow over at least the next year.