Factory-Built Housing Regulations

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Factory-Built Housing Regulations

While the federal government's Department of Housing and Urban Development has federal regulations for the manufacturing of FFBs, the individual states have the responsibility for enforcing and inspecting those regulations. There are also state and local regulations to be considered. There are five different associations which can provide resources for those manufacturing factory built homes.



  • The federal Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) has federal regulations for manufacturing Factoring-Built Housing Regulations. These regulations can be found here.
  • These "federal construction and safety standards preempt state and local laws that are not identical to the federal standards."
  • HUD also oversees programs in 35 states that regulate the installation of the FBB's, reviews the installation standard programs that 35 of the states have published, and administers a federal installation program in the other 15 states.
  • HUD also oversees the "state dispute resolution programs in 35 states and administers a HUD dispute resolution program in the other 15 states."


Regulations Affecting Purchasers

State Responsibility

  • The State government is responsible for the approval of all building design plans, installation plans and foundation plans prior to the beginning of the construction of the unit.
  • A site inspection must also be completed by an approved State Official or one approved by Intergovernmental agreement (IGA)

Local Responsibility

Regulations Affecting Manufacturer's


  • California's Manufactured Housing Program administers the "construction and alteration of commercial modulars, special purpose commercial modulars, and multifamily manufactured homes, monitoring design and construction through third-party agencies."
  • This Program also acts on behalf of HUD as a State Administrative Agency (SAA).

Regulations Affecting Purchasers

  • The California laws applicable to the installation and completion of FBB's are available on Westlaw here.
  • The complete set of regulations are included in the Handbook for Local Enforcement Agencies, Builders, and the General Public — HCD FBH 314 (PDF), available here.
  • This handbook provides information on "the manufacture, assembly, installation, post-installation alteration and code enforcement upon factory-built homes, their systems and their components. "

Regulations Affecting Manufacturer's

Insignia of Approval

  • "All factory-built homes (FBH) and component systems that are offered for sale within the state to first users (meaning a person, firm, or corporation which initially installs a factory-built home or component) must bear an insignia of approval issued by HCD (California Health and Safety Code, Section 19980)."
  • "The insignia must be on the FBH unit or component before it is shipped. After the unit is installed, the insignia can be removed."


The Ultimate Guide to Prefab: 65 Resources by Location, Construction, and Price

  • This booklet, prepared by Dwell Magazine, provides insight by state on FBB markets and manufacturers.

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ISBU Association

Manufactured Housing Industry of Arizona

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  • This association provides networking and education, up-to-date industry information, government affairs liaison, industry and consumer referral information.