Too Faced Cosmetics Sales

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Too Face Cosmetics

While financial information for Too faced Cosmetics was largely unavailable, we were able to identify that in 2017, the company had a total revenue of $5.41 million.

Too Faced Cosmetics financial data

  • Net Sales: $5.41 million as of 2017
  • Value at the time of acquisition: Estee Lauder purchased Too Faced Cosmetics for $1.45 billion in December 2016.

Contribution of Too Faced Cosmetics in overall performance of Estee Lauder

  • Too Faced Cosmetics, along with other make up brands, accounted for 41% of the net sales of Estee Lauder in 2018.
  • As of June 30, 2018, the carrying value of Too Faced trademarks was $525 million.
  • The reported US net sales of Too Faced, along with another subsidiary of Estee Lauder, BECCA, was noted as approximately $217 million in 2018.

Research Strategy:

In order to identify the sales figures for Too Faced Cosmetics, we commenced our research by going through the company website, investor/annual reports, white papers, and press releases. Any/all information found in this domain was published by parent company Estee Lauder. The financials found in these sources reflected statistics from all subsidiaries of Estee Lauder including Too Faced Cosmetics. However, the exact sales of Too Faced Cosmetics were not disclosed by the parent company. We also studied the annual reports of Ulta and Sephora to focus on sales in third party stores in the U.S., however, the reports did not offer the required bifurcation. The breakdown in terms of product categories included skin care, make up, fragrance, and others. The sales from individual subsidiaries, geographies, or sources of sale (stores and websites) was not disclosed. We also studied mentions of Too Faced in industry journals such as Bloomberg, the Wall Street Journal, Forbes, and the Business of Fashion. The search did not yield any fruitful results as the majority of financial data relevant to Too Faced Cosmetics was grouped together with data from other brands and operating segments of Estee Lauder.

Due to lack of pre-compiled information, we attempted to look for the revenue that the company generated from its top line products. For this information, we scoured through the Too Faced Cosmetics website and studies that identified their most popular products such as and Rankandstyle. While we were able to find the top products and their pricing information, the revenue from individual products was not disclosed by the company on public platform.