Extra Fine Green Bean Exporters (2)

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Extra Fine Green Bean Exporters (2)

Key Takeaways

  • Total Fresh Exporters in Kenya are global exporters of extra fine green beans.
  • Grand Egypt Agro are Egyptian growers and exporters of extra fine green beans.
  • Agco Morocco distribute fresh green beans from North Africa.


  • There was limited information available on 'extra fine' green beans. Most of the suppliers identified exported varieties of green beans, but there was insufficient information to determine whether they specifically referred to extra fine green beans.
  • In addition to this, few suppliers were identified who explicitly confirmed they exported to the U.S., and therefore this research includes not only exporters who confirmed they exported directly to the U.S., but also those who exported globally, and therefore implied exporting to the U.S.
  • The previous analysis had identified suppliers of green beans, but it was determined (or there was insufficient evidence to determine) that these companies did not in all cases export to the U.S., at this current time. Extended analysis has revealed that there are few further companies for which information is available in the public domain.

Research Strategy

  • This research was performed in three steps. Firstly a detailed search of any available suppliers was completed. This uncovered mostly third party sites or importers, who act as middle men and directly link potential buyers with suppliers. As is the case, there is usually very little information on the actual suppliers, and therefore making direct contact or finding the company details is difficult. The produce manufacturers on these third party sites were researched, but few have an online or digital presence and therefore very little information was found.
  • The next step was to perform some background research on green bean exporters. Information such as top exporters, and lists of countries who exported the most green beans were obtained, and this was used to perform detail searches for suppliers in these countries. However, this also yielded few results, and no companies who reported direct exportation to the U.S. were found. A small list of companies were identified who exported globally and therefore implied exports to the U.S., so these were included in the analysis
  • Finally, research from previous requests on fruit and veg exports were scanned to see if any of those companies could be found to export fresh extra fine green beans (or baby french green beans). Again this yielded very few results.
  • The analysis below lists a small group of companies who have been identified as exporting specifically extra fine green beans globally. As research has shown, there is insufficient data available in the public domain to provide a more comprehensive answer.

International Suppliers and Exporters

  • Egyptian growers and exporters of fresh fruit and veg. Export green beans in both 'fine' and 'extra fine' categories, by sea and air. There was no specific mention of exporting directly to the U.S., but the company website makes references to global distribution, and claim they "provides an integrated service to their customers across the world".
  • Grand Egypt Agro For Import and Export contact details are: Address is 6 Gardinia city El Syouf, Alexandria, Egypt, Phone & Fax number +203 5271515, Mobile number +20-01117745338, Skype grandegypt2010, E-mail info@grandegypt.info, and the Logistic Department email address are sales1@grandegypt.info, export@grandegypt.info and marketing3@grandegypt.info.
iii) Agco Morocco
  • Exporters of fresh fruit and vegetables by air and sea freight from Morocco, including categories of green beans. Although there is no specific information which mentions 'extra fine' green beans, photographs of the green beans' product category appear similar those of extra fine green seen on other suppliers websites. The website talks of global exporting of products, although not the U.S. specifically.
  • Company address is: Atlantic Gulf Company, Agco, 17,Rue Beht N°12-AGDAL 1000 RABAT, Morocco. Phone numbers are +212-537 77 59 48 and +212-537 77 33 17. Fax number is +212-537 77 07 87, and the email is info@agcofruit.ma

U.S. Suppliers and Importers

i) White Toque
  • White Toque is a U.S. based importer and supplier of commercial kitchen ingredients and frozen food supplies, predominantly for restaurants and hotels. The company supply extra fine green beans, grown in Brittany.
  • The company's corporate headquarters are located at 11 Enterprise Avenue, North Secaucus NJ, 07094, Tel: (201) 863-2885, Fax: (201) 863-2886.

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