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Remote Company Playbooks

Key Takeaways


Leveraging credible and reputable sources in the public domain, the research brief presents a list of tools (software) that can be used to successfully host an all-hands meeting/town hall. Data on the tools, website addresses, features, and advantages are adequate in the public domain. The research identified the following tools: AllHands, Highfive, Vimeo Livestream, Glisser, Microsoft Stream, Webex Meetings, Pigeon Hole Live. The list has been presented in Google Sheets and an overview is presented below. The research strategy at the end of this brief outlines the research process.


  • AllHands prides itself in re-inventing town hall meetings for companies.
  • The features include live meeting templates, meeting tasks, calendar reminders, push notifications, upvoted Questions & Answers, video questions, anonymous questions, shoutouts, video stories and posts from leadership, integrated surveys, quizzes, anonymous polls, meeting replays, highlights reels, directory, and integrated resources and KPIs.
  • The advantages include authentic communication between employees and leadership. This ensures employees are engaged and connected to the company.

Highfive by Dialpad

  • Highfive prides itself as an all-in-one communication with a robust suite of audio conferencing, web conferencing, and meeting room solutions.
  • The features include unlimited audio and video conferencing; a web-based video conferencing solution; call recording, integration with Microsoft and Google Calendar, Outlook, Slack, Salesforce, Hubspot, Intercom, Evernote, LinkedIn, Twitter; lock meeting rooms, meeting chat, channels, contacts, automated post-meeting notes, call transcriptions, email recap with transcripts, recordings, and action items; multilingual support and community forum.
  • The advantages include being lightweight to set up and manage; unlimited users, meetings, and minutes; and safe and secure meetings.

Vimeo Livestream


Microsoft Stream

  • Microsoft Stream is designed for company meetings, training, and events for up to 10,000 attendees.
  • The features include a cloud-based suite of applications such as Microsoft Office applications, Outlook, Exchange, Microsoft Teams, SharePoint, Yammer, One Drive, Power Automate, and Power BI Pro.
  • The advantages include powerful productive solutions, identity and access management, and information protection.

Webex Meetings

Pigeonhole Live

  • Pigeonhole Live is an audience engagement and interaction tool for virtual and in-person meetings.
  • The features include live Questions and Answers, chats, open-ended polls, multiple-choice polls, quizzes, assessments, reactions, word cloud, surveys, chats, audience metrics, and integrations with Microsoft Teams, Zoom, Webex, Brightcove, Swoogo, and Rainfocus.
  • The advantages are live crowdsourcing of questions, brainstorming ideas, voting on decisions, and collecting feedback.

BlueJeans Meetings

  • BlueJeans provides an interactive and large-scale video solution for virtual town halls and all-hands events.
  • The features include Dolby Voice + HD Video, enhanced gallery view, breakout sessions, virtual backgrounds, restricted meetings, assigning actions, producing meeting highlight reels, automatic, real-time closed captioning, screen readers, screen sharing, annotation, and digital whiteboard.
  • The advantages include interactive collaboration and secure and encrypted meetings.

Research Strategy

To build a list of tools (software) that can be used to successfully host an all-hands meeting or town hall, the research leveraged on credible and reputable sources in the public domain such as the companies' websites, and articles by industry experts such as United Communications. Data on the tools, website addresses, features, and advantages are adequate in the public domain. An overview of the tools with images and a list of tools has been presented for the findings.

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