Permit Expediting Market

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Permit Expediting Market

Key Takeaways


Five companies in the national permit expediting market include Express Permits, Permit Place, Retail Permit Group, Permits Today and Permit Resources. Five permit expediting companies operating in a local market include Louisiana Expediters, Permit Solutions Inc., Code LLC, Metropolis Group and Permits Hawaii. A description of each of these companies including revenue, headquarters, markets served and employees has been provided below.

National Permit Expediting Companies

1. Express Permits

2. Permit Place

3. Retail Permit Group

4. Permits Today

5. Permit Resources

Local Permit Expediting Companies

1. Louisiana Expediters

  • According to Zoominfo, Louisiana Expediters generates under $5 million in estimated annual revenues.

2. Permit Solutions Inc.

3. Code LLC

4. Metropolis Group

5. Permits Hawaii

Research Strategy

For this research on the permit expediting market, we leveraged the most reputable sources of information in the public domain, including the respective company websites, business information databases such as Zoominfo, Dun & Bradstreet and Inc Fact, and social media sites such as LinkedIn. After an extensive search through the public domain, we were unable to find information on the number of projects completed annually by each company. However, for Metropolis Group and Retail Permit Group, we found the total number of projects completed. We were also unable to find publicly available information on revenue estimates for Metropolis Group.

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