Online/Mobile Sports Betting Regulations Globally

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Online/Mobile Sports Betting Regulations Globally

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We have provided an overview of notable global regulations of online/mobile sports betting across the world.

Online/Mobile Sports Betting Regulations Globally

  • According to Slotegrator, "a software supplier and aggregator for online casino and sportsbook operators," many countries around the world such as the UK, Australia, Denmark, France, the Philippines, Ghana, and Colombia have legalized online sportsbooks and they have regulations in place to control online betting activities in their respective countries.
  • The online sportsbook regulatory landscape is complex and changes quickly all over the world. While online betting is legal in many countries, the "nature and extent of allowed activities varies, with some countries permitting only specific types of bets to be made or only allowing betting on particular sports or events. In some countries, online offerings are tied to a land-based license, and in others they are regulated separately or not at all."


1. The United Kingdom

2. Australia

3. Germany

4. Sweden

  • Gambling activities in Sweden are regulated by the Swedish Gambling Act, which came into effect in January 2019. The legalizes making wagers for money but stipulates that all sportsbook operators must have a license to operate in the country.
  • The gambling act includes stricter regulation of gambling advertising and introduces a national license system for gambling operators. The government bodies responsible for regulating gambling in Sweden are the Swedish Gambling Authority and the Swedish Consumer Agency.
  • The act also requires "a degree of moderation to be employed when advertising gambling. This means that gambling operators must ensure that advertising is kept within reasonable limits and that it may not be directed to people under the age of 18. It is also prohibited to send direct advertising to someone who has excluded themselves from gambling. The prohibition also applies to advertising that is sent digitally, if this can be considered to be personalized in a similar manner as, for example, emails."
  • In addition to tightening the operator licensing system and regulating gambling marketing, the act also has the following provisions:
    • Bonuses are limited to the first gambling instance.
    • Match-fixing has been introduced as a new offense on cheating.
    • Players have to specify a maximum betting amount limit.
    • The act introduces a maximum new panic button for immediate self-exclusion from online betting.
    • Laws against credit gambling have been tightened.
    • The act has made it possible to block payments between players and unlicensed gambling operators.
    • The Swedish Gambling Authority "can order internet service providers to place warning messages on websites that offer unlicensed gambling."
    • Higher penalties for unlawful and unlicensed gambling activities.
    • The promotion of gambling without a license is now a criminal offense.
  • Here is a deep dive into the different regulations in Sweden, as well as the different regulatory bodies involved.

5. Hungary

6. Netherlands


7. Nigeria

8. South Africa


9. The Philippines

Latin America

10. Mexico

11. Argentina

12. Brazil

Other Countries

Research Strategy

We searched through the betting industry service providers/research providers such as Slotegrator, GamblingSites, VIXIO Gambling Compliance, iGaming, among others. We also used sources from sports media companies such as Action Network and Legal Guides such as ICLG, Thomson Reuters Practical Law, and The Law Reviews.

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