Companies with Multiple HR Systems

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Companies with Multiple HR Systems

Key Takeaways


This research presents three commonly used HR products and seven multinational companies that use multiple HR systems. The details are outlined below.

Multinational Companies

1. Walmart

  • Walmart is one of the companies with the biggest workforce, with about 2.5 million employees worldwide.
  • Walmart has specialist software that analyses HR data. In addition, the company also has an in-house workforce app that helps workers simplify their tasks.

2. McDonald's

  • McDonald's has about 200,000 employees worldwide.
  • McDonald's uses Paycor in its HR management, and this HR software product offers POS integration and Work Opportunity Tax Credits. The company also uses Nintex Promapp to manage its New Zealand employees better.

3. Volkswagen

  • Volkswagen is another multinational company that uses multiple HR systems. Volkswagen makes use of GroupeX Solutions for its HR management.

4. Accenture

5. Home Depot

  • Home Depot has about 2,300 stores and 500,000 employees.
  • Home Depot uses Evive, a provider of HR data sources, and the company also uses Workday for its HR and payroll management.

6. Kroger

7. Tim Hortons

  • Tim Hortons is considered the "largest quick-service restaurant chain" in Canada. Tim Hortons also uses multiple HR systems. It uses Paycor and Clearview for its HR management.

Commonly Used HR Products

1. Workday

2. Service Now

  • ServiceNow is one of the commonly used HR software products.ServiceNow caters to 50% of the Fortune 50 companies and 35% of the Fortune 500 companies.

3. Paycor

  • Paycor is an HR software company that focuses on innovation. Some of the companies it caters to include McDonald's, TrustRadius, Wendy's, and Tim Hortons.
  • Paycor caters to over 40,000 businesses and has about 2 million users in the US.

Research Strategy

For this research on companies with multiple HR systems, we leveraged the most reputable sources of information in the public domain, including BusinessWire, SHRM, The Software Report, Diginomica, and ERP Today.

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