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Millennial Moms - Experience Seeking Sharer - New York City

There are a variety of events happening in New York in September 2018 that may appeal to millennial moms. These include the Carnaval de la Cultura Latina, the Annual Atlantic Antic, the West Side County Fair, the Annual Feast of San Gennaro, the 36th Annual Queens County Fair, the 37th Annual Great Irish Fair, the Greek Festival, New York Salsa Congress, Flatbush Frolic 2018, and Worlds Fair Nano.
The appeal to millennial moms was based on events mostly being affordable and family oriented, having a variety of activities including different types of foods, and appealing to multiple age groups with things to do for children.

Events were found using the NYC events calendar, apart from searching community events and other event aggregation websites. Events which were targeted specifically towards older adults or adolescents were excluded as they were unlikely to be as attractive to millennial moms. High traffic areas like parks, malls and open areas that would attract a large volume of patrons were prioritized over niche events held outside the city, or in smaller venues. Estimates of the number of patrons expected have been included, where available, to give an idea of the amount of foot traffic. See below for a summary of each event with a link to the website. Unfortunately, specific 2018 dates were not available for some annual events as they may not yet have been finalized.

Date: 9th September.
Description/appeal: The goal of the Carnaval is to promote the art, music, dance, and great food from Latino cultures, as well as a day of fun for the whole family. The event had over 80,000 visitors in 2017. It appeals to millennial moms due to the invigorating family vibe — there are lots of events targeted towards children, as well as an enlarged Health and Wellness event for 2018.
Cost for patrons to attend: free.

Date: 23rd September.
Description/appeal: This is the oldest and largest street festival in Brooklyn, New York. Organizers expect hundreds of thousands of people to come to Downtown Brooklyn, to "celebrate the longstanding tradition of food, art, music, shopping, festivities, and fun". The appeal to millennial moms includes a mix of trendy bars, activities for young children, shopping etc.
Cost for patrons to attend: Free.

Event name: Summer on the Hudson: West Side County Fair.
Date: TBA, mid-late September.
Description/appeal: There will be carnival rides and games, bands, sideshow performers, aerialists, local food and merchandise vendors. The event is aimed at young families.
Cost for patrons to attend: Free.

Date: TBA, likely mid-September based on last year.
Description/appeal: An 11-day event featuring religious processions and colorful parades, free musical entertainment every day, a wide variety of ethnic food delicacies, charming restaurants and cafes and the world-famous cannoli-eating competition. Organizers expect more than 1 million people over the course of the event. Based on video footages of previous festivals, there is an abundance of stalls and lots of millennial visitors with families.
Cost for patrons to attend: Free.

Event name: Summer on the Hudson: the 36th Annual Queens County Fair.
Date: 22-23rd September.
Description/appeal: This will be a very appealing event to millennial moms who bring their kids along to see a proper county fair. This is a traditional style county fair with blue ribbon competitions in produce, livestock, and arts & crafts. There are also pie eating and corn husking contests, pig races, hayrides, carnival rides, and midway games. A Bavarian beer garden will be present at the event, featuring traditional live music and dance. There are also spaces for healthy food vendors.
Cost for patrons to attend: $10 / adult; $5 / child (ages 12 & under).

Date: 22nd September.
Description/appeal: Traditional & contemporary Irish music from local Irish bands, great food & pubs, Irish dancing + goods along with children's activities and attractions are part of this event. This event may appeal more to millennial moms with Irish heritage. A focus on quality food and family values makes this a great fit for the brand.
Cost for patrons to attend: under 14 free, general admission $20.00.

Event name: Greek Festival.
Date: TBA, two weekends in mid-September based on last year (annual event).
Description/appeal: This is a large Greek festival with Greek food, rides, raffle, games and live music. Similar to the Irish festival, the focus on family fun and great food make this an attractive event for local millennial moms.
Cost for patrons to attend: $2, children 5 and under free.

Date: August 30th - September 3rd.
Description/appeal: This event in Times Square is an annual celebration of Latin dance, music and culture. There will be live bands, concerts, performance showcases, instructional workshops, and social dancing. The organizers expect thousands of attendees. This may be an event millennial moms may attend with friends or partners rather than with their children, but it promises to be a large event with a great number of health-conscious and active patrons.
Cost for patrons to attend: from $20 for a single evening to $350 for full VIP access to the whole festival.

Date: September 23, 2018.
Description/appeal: This event is another large street fair, which attracted over 20,000 visitors and over 150 vendors from all over Brooklyn last year. It features food, dance, live music, a pizza-eating contest, craft fair, children’s area, main stage, beer garden, a non-for-profit area, and local businesses. Video footage from the website shows a large proportion of young families and millennials.
Cost for patrons to attend: Free.

Event name: Worlds Fair Nano.
Date: TBA (September).
Description/appeal: As millennials often have an interest in tech, this festival will appeal to the more tech-savvy millennial moms. This two-day festival showcases advanced technology, futurist talks, interactive art, live music, wholesome food, and more. This is likely an event that millennial moms will visit with their friends or partners.
Cost for patrons to attend: TBA.


In conclusion, there are a large number of events that will be suitable for the customer to bring their event footprint to introduce it to the New York market. The chosen events will appeal to millennial moms and will provide great exposure to the new brand.
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Millennial Moms - Experience Seeking Sharer - Los Angeles

I have found a list of 10 events occurring in LA in September of 2018 that are relevant to millennial moms. Events include food events such as those focusing on vegetarianism, vegan diets and organic food. Other events are centered around health & well-being, and others focus on gardening and growing fruit and vegetables.


Due to the specific search criteria of events that appeal to millennial moms happening in LA in 2018, I had to extend my search to include smaller events that may be happening regularly but are relevant to this demographic. Not many large events such as the Wanderlust one are scheduled for September in LA that are relevant to millennial moms, and therefore this list includes smaller events but only those where sources can prove that they are relevant to the target market.

I consulted various lists of events and filtered them by location and date. For example, I searched on Timeout, and on various categories of EventBrite such as health, home & lifestyle, food & drink, and community events. I also searched for any events specifically targeting millennials and millennial mothers. In addition to this I food various articles that explain what types of events millennial mothers are interested in, and searched for these events occurring in LA in September.

I have focused on events occurring in high traffic locations, and those occurring in heavy retail locations with priority retailers, and parking lot activation and/or in-store pop-up sampling.


Location: Rose Bowl Stadium, 1001 Rose Bowl Dr, Los Angeles
Date: Sunday, September 9th 2018.
Description: "This destination flea market attracts bargain hunters, collectors, and antique aficionados from all over the county, so the organizers have instituted an extensive tiered entry/admission system, allowing professional and dedicated shoppers early access at a premium."
Why it is relevant to millennial moms: Millennials love nostalgia and flea markets, therefore events such as flea markets or anything selling second hand goods is relevant to this demographic.

Location: Curative Yoga Studio, 553 S. Lake Ave., Pasadena, CA 91101
Date: Fri, September 7, 2018
Description: Free gentle yoga class to bring mental balance and inner peace.
Why it is relevant to millennial moms: Millennial moms are setting a balance more so than previous generations. They are engaging in self care, such as yoga, in order to take care of themselves.

Location: 777 S Alameda St, Rooftop, Los Angeles, CA 90021
Date: Sun, Sep 9, 2018
Description: Rooftop yoga that includes fresh healthy food options. "From sun salutations served with delicious sounds... to sushi, açaí bowls, vegan tacos, and gourmet grilled cheese"
Why it is relevant to millennial moms: As above, millennial moms are interested in yoga as a form of self care. They are also interested in healthy eating, and healthy lifestyles.

Location: 3027 Townsgate Road, Suite 110, Westlake Village, CA 91361
Date: Sat, September 15, 2018
Description: A workshop on sustainable home issues, including Energy Efficient Mortgages, and information on rebates available for Energy Upgrades.
Why it is relevant to millennial moms: In general, we know that millennials are keenly interested in sustainability. In addition to this, sustainable housing is something millennials in particular are looking for when they are choosing their first homes. Finally, we can assume that millennial moms are millennials who have reached the time of their life when they are interested in buying a home for their family.

5. Learn to Grow Microgreens with Farmer Joe
Location: 1815 Hawthorne Blvd, Redondo Beach, Ca 90278
Date: September 3, 2018
Description: "With this one day of instruction, training and questions and answers you'll become a confident grower of a portion of your own food. You'll also receive a kit that will allow you to grow up to eight different varieties of Microgreens including trays, soil, and seed. All you need to add is fresh water."
Why it is relevant to millennial moms: I have found several articles claiming that millennials are interested in growing their own fruit and veg (e.g. here, here and here). In addition, I have found that millennial parents seek healthy and organic fruit and veg for children.

Location: Raleigh Studios Hollywood, 5300 Melrose Avenue, Los Angeles, CA 90038
Date: Sat, September 29, 2018
Description: "Foodies, locavores, vegetarians, vegans, flexitarians, and those who simply want to find out more about living a healthy, sustainable lifestyle, this is the festival for you".
Why it is relevant to millennial moms: More millenials are vegetarian than any other generation. In addition to this, they are more health conscious than the previous generation. Therefore, millennial moms are more likely to be vegetarian than the general population, and they are also more interested in healthy lifestyles, which is why the Vegetarian Food Festival would be relevant to them.

Location: 6333 W 3rd St
Date: Open all year
Description: The farmers market sells both organic and locally sourced produce.
Why it is relevant to millennial moms: This source tells us that millennial moms seek out local food brands.

Location: 1101 W McKinley Ave. , Pomona, CA
Date: Aug. 31 – Sept. 23
Description: The annual county fair that includes music, food, rides and more.
Why it is relevant to millennial moms: This source tells us that the LA county fair is now being aimed at millennials. The event is also kid-friendly.

Location: Shumei Hollywood Center, 7406 Franklin Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90046
Date: Sat, September 1, 2018
Description: "Learn about Natural Agriculture and how to grow food in pure untreated soil. This is a great chance to commune with nature and revitalize your spirit at Shumei’s Natural Agriculture Garden in Hollywood".
Why it is relevant to millennial moms: Millennials are interested in growing their own fruit and veg. In addition, millennial moms are socially responsible and they are interested in organic food. Finally, this event is also kid-friendly.

Location: Chandler Blvd, North Hollywood
Date: September 2nd, 2018
Description: Annual vegan street fair with food stalls and more.
Why it is relevant to millennial moms: Millennials are favoring a vegan lifestyle, and in particular millennial parents are turning vegan.


To sum up, I have found a list of 10 events that are occurring in September 2018, within LA, that are relevant to millennial moms. Due to the specificity of search criteria I have concluded that there are very few large events that are happening in this time frame that are relevant to the target group. For this reason I have included smaller events that may be occurring more than once this year.
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Millennial Moms - Experience Seeking Sharer - Atlanta

The city of Atlanta offers a variety of vibrant events for millennial mothers wishing to combine family-fun with their own personal interests. As a millennial mother of a small child, I found this request interesting. Since millennial moms tend to be parents of younger children, we chose to focus most heavily on events where children are specifically welcomed. We also focused on high-traffic events promoting active, healthy lifestyles, multiculturalism, local and artisan businesses, and activities involving family-centered education and wellness.
The Atlanta Streets Alive will draw in health-conscious millennial moms this September 30th. “Organized by the Atlanta Bicycle Coalition,” the focus of this event is that motorized vehicle traffic will be banned, allowing for an all foot and bicycle-friendly day of activity. As the event is located in the heart of Downtown on the iconic Peachtree St, the event is sure to draw in heavy crowds. This event hones in on the millennial mom’s desire to remain healthy and active with her children, even while working with a tight budget of time. The event also caters to the environmental consciousness that millennials are known to show marked interest in while also maintaining its identity as family-friendly activity.
Beginning Labor Day weekend, Atlanta’s Sky High Hot Air Balloon Festival offers millennial parents a unique opportunity for fun that both grownups and children will find entertaining. The outdoor aspect of this event appeals to active, health-conscious millennial moms as well as the brand of entertainment, which is novel and interesting for young parents and children. Here millennial moms can “see hot air balloons soar,” or take a tethered ride, enjoy beach activities, hear live music, and let kids play at the "kids’ zone during what the event page describes as a “picture-perfect farewell to summer.”

The Yellow Daisy Festival will be meeting for its 49th year at Stone Mountain Park September 6-9th. This arts and crafts festival “features over 400 local artists” and offers millennial moms of young children a chance to get outside and enjoy a day of family fun. The community-centered focus of this event is a draw for millennial mothers looking to support local artisans and connect with their neighbors. Crafting activities, live entertainment, and shopping local are the main themes of this event.
Atlanta’s Woofstock festival meeting at Smyrna Market Village in late September is expected to draw crowds of over 40,000 people. Millennial moms and their families will be drawn to this event for its unique pet-friendly atmosphere and free admission. This event will give parents and kids a chance to enjoy their pets and learn about animals in a safe, entertaining, and friendly way. Pet adoptions and animal friendly entertainment are the theme of this lovely, socially conscience event.
Convening on September 3rd, the Atlanta Jerk Festival offers millennial moms and their families an opportunity to enjoy a multicultural family event. The event is a staple in the area as 2018 will mark its 12th year as the city’s signature Caribbean food and cultural event. The draw of this event for millennial moms is in the opportunity to enjoy and expose children to a diversity of cultures in a family-friendly way. Reggae music and cooking competitions are the theme of this pedestrian friendly event.
The Fall Folklife Festival meeting September 23rd at the Atlanta History Center will give artistic millennial mothers an opportunity to enjoy and shop for local arts and crafts at this child-friendly event. Attendees can sample food from artisan cafes and bakers, enjoy crafting demonstrations, and listen to eclectic music by local folk bands. This event caters to health-conscious millennial moms who are drawn in by current artisan craft and urban gardening movements.
The annual Atlanta Taste of Soul festival meets on Northside Drive each September. Not only does it serve as a unique cultural event, but it’s a setting where millennial mothers can bring younger children without the event making kid-centered activities the focus of the event. Located on one of Atlanta’s oldest, historic neighborhoods, Taste of Soul Atlanta (TOSA) combines music, cultural food samplings, and an opportunity to check out multicultural artwork from local visual artists. The uniqueness and vibrancy of this free, family-friendly event will attract millennial moms.
Millennial moms and their families can enjoy what East Atlanta Strut organizers have describes as “a free one-day extravaganza that showcases the hottest in-town neighborhood in Atlanta.” This event is held on September 23rd on Atlanta’s East Side and features a local artist market, “live local music,” adult “contests of strength, stamina and beard growth,” and a free kids’ village. The event is also features the event’s iconic Strut parade, which features wacky floats, marching bands, and decorated locals. This event appeals to millennial mothers with young children who are looking for an eclectic mix of family-centered entertainment.
Located in the Atlanta suburbs, the Dacatur Book Festival is held from September 1st-3rd. This event draws in “hundreds of thousands” of visitors each year and is considered the largest independent book festival in the country. This event appeals to millennial moms who like to read and encourage a culture of reading within their families. The festival is not only about books, as attendees can enjoy a variety of acivities including “book signings, author readings, an interactive children's area, live music, parades, cooking demonstrations, poetry slams, writing workshops, and more.”

September 28th marks the beginning of the Pumkin Festival located in Atlanta’s Stone Mountain Park. This festival caters well to millennial mothers looking for a fun outing for smaller children. Parents and kids alike can enjoy activities like “Spookley’s Funtastic Kids Carnival,” “Adventure Tales Storytelling,” and a “Dance-Along Party Parade.” As the event is located in the park, active millennial moms can also take their kids on a hike through the woods or take advantage of the park’s large “adventure ropes course.”
Festivals like Atlanta Streets Alive, Woofstock, the Hot Air Balloon Festival, and the Yellow Daisy offer millennial moms of young children opportunities to support local business and engage in health-centered, multicultural activities. The events each draw significant crowds with most being held outdoors. Each activity offers millennial moms the opportunity to combine their own interests with entertainment that also serves the entire family.

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Millennial Moms - Experience Seeking Sharer - Boston

We searched the Events12 site and the Boston Magazine site for events that best fit the requested criteria. In doing so we were able to compile a list of ten lifestyle events in Boston that would appeal to Millennial mom and will take place in September. These events all offer a vendor registration option. The listed events are the Cambridge Carnival International, Fall Boston 2018, Dance Mile, The Boston Arts Festival, Phantom Gourmet’s Food Festival, Boston Local Food Festival, Fluff Festival, Annual Revels River Sing, South Boston Street Festival, Allston Village Street Fair. Below is a brief overview of each event.


• Date: 9 September 2018
• Location: Cambridge (1.8 miles from Boston City)
• Event Category: Festivals & Art/street feasts
• Location Category: Community open spaces

One of the major highlights of this family-friendly festival is the "grand costume parade" and rhythmic musicality. Vendors offer food and crafts from around the world. While this is just a short distance from Boston, it's worth mentioning as it would most likely appeal to Millennial moms within the Boston area based on the theme of the event and the offerings. As part of the festivities, the Cambridge Carnival KidsFest is an interactive zone dedicated solely to children of all ages. The KidsFest offers activities such as arts and crafts, games, face painting, an open-air circus, and balloon artists to name a few.

• Date: 29-30 September 2018
• Location: SoWa Art & Design District
• Event Category: Festivals & Art/street feasts
• Location Category: High Traffic Open Market

This event will be taking place in SoWa, a district known as a "world-renowned arts, retail, and lifestyle destination." Fall Boston is free to the public and would appeal to Millennial moms as it showcases over 500 emerging brands ranging from womenswear to menswear, food and beverage, to home goods.

• Date: 15 September 2018
• Location: City Hall Plaza, Boston
• Event Category: Fitness Festivals
• Location Category: City Centre

This "amazing social fitness experience," is an hour-long dance festival for all. It is an alcohol-free event open to adults and children of all ages. The festival offers a vendor village, which includes food vendors.

• Date: 8-9 September 2018
• Location: Christopher Columbus Waterfront Park, Boston Harbor
• Event Category: Art/street feasts
• Location Category: Open Spaces

The festival is "designed to showcase the visual and performing arts in Boston." With over 50,000 attendees annually, the event offers a wide variety of arts and craft. There is also ample parking space and support for local vendors.

• Date: 22 September 2018
• Location: Lansdowne & Ipswich St. Boston
• Event Category: Street feasts
• Location Category: Open Streets with heavy retail locations

This festival is an indoor and outdoor event that allows attendees to sample over "100 of phantoms favorite foods."

• Date: 16 September 2018
• Location: The Greenway, Boston
• Event Category: Street feasts
• Location Category: Open Streets with heavy retail locations

Known as "the nation's largest local & sustainable food hub," this free outdoor festival focuses on "healthy food and fitness." Ideal for the health conscious Millennial mother, the family-friendly festival also offers "fresh, nutritious local food choices" and live music.

Date: 22 September 2018
Location: Union Square, Somerville (2.8 miles from Boston)
Event Category: Festivals/street feasts
Location Category: Open Streets with heavy retail locations

This festival is a short distance from Boston but is worth mentioning as it attracts approximately 15,000 people each year. The free of charge, family-friendly festival offers musical performances and "lots of ways to invent all sorts of new fun and Fluff-inspired food." There is also a wide variety of sweet and savory foods on offer.

• Date: September (Autumnal Equinox celebration)
• Location: Harvard Square, Cambridge (1.8 miles from Boston City)
• Event Category: Local events
• Location Category: City centers, Commuter areas,

Thousands of people come together to say goodbye to summer in song. This is a free family-friendly event that offers live music "pre-show festivities, a puppet-filled parade, and communal singing."

• Date: Mid-September (date to be confirmed)
• Location: East Broadway, Boston
• Event Category: Art/street feasts
• Location Category: High Traffic location in South Boston

This free family-friendly outdoor festival offers live entertainment, "over 100 local merchants," food, children's activities and much more.

• Date: September (date to be confirmed)
• Location: Harvard Ave & Farrington Ave, Boston
• Event Category: Local Event
• Location Category: Open Streets

The Allston Village Street Fair is a free, family-friendly event that attracts over 100,000 Boston residents every year. The event offers live music, "an international food court, family entertainment amenities, a vendors market," and much more.


The ten lifestyle events that appeal to Millennial moms taking place in, and around, Boston during September are the Cambridge Carnival International, Fall Boston 2018, Dance Mile, The Boston Arts Festival, Phantom Gourmet’s Food Festival, Boston Local Food Festival, Fluff Festival, Annual Revels River Sing, South Boston Street Festival, Allston Village Street Fair.

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Millennial Moms - Experience Seeking Sharer - Dallas-Fort Worth

The list of relevant lifestyle events that would appeal to Millennial moms include 2018 Music Fest, Dallas Chocolate Festival, 32nd Annual GrapeFest & Pinners Texas. All these events are taking place in September 2018 in Dallas-Fort. The detailed information about all these events is included in the attached spreadsheet.


At first, I wanted to find out the interest of Millennial moms so that I could list the events as per their interest. I found a report which provides the interests of millennial moms. According to this report, the millennial moms are mostly interested in healthy foods, shopping, cooking, weight loss plans, sustainable living and yes some entertainment as well. Taking in mind all these interests, I listed out ten events that are being held in September 2018 in Dallas-Fort Worth. Eight of the provided events are either health & wellness or local festivals. While the other two events are local events with topics that are very popular for Millennial moms. I have also added an extra two events which might give you an extra option to the marketing of your product.


The list of related lifestyle events being held in Dallas- Fort Worth In September 2018 that attract the Millennial moms are as follows:

1. 2018 Music Fest at Southfork Ranch
3. Dallas / Fort Worth Ultimate Women’s Expo
12. The 7th Annual Natural Hair Parade & Festival

Detailed information about these events which include the location, date, time & description of each event is provided in the attached spreadsheet.


Millennial moms are proud of handling all the aspects of their lives, from raising kids and managing households to building careers and dedicating time to causes, crafts and sports. Therefore, I would suggest that you should create that type of content which will provide an answer to all their questions, validate their decisions and convince them about the product you bring. The events that could be helpful for you to conduct your experiential pitch for the brand which targets Millenial moms are provided in the attached spreadsheet.
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Millennial Moms - Experience Seeking Sharer - Seattle

Ten events that are taking place in September 2018 in Seattle that will appeal to millennial moms include PAX West, Live Aloha Hawaiian Cultural Festival, Fishermen’s Fall Festival, Fiestas Patrias, Seattle Mini Maker Faire, the Sustainable Ballard Festival, Seattle Children’s Festival, Fremont Oktoberfest, Festa Italiana Seattle, and First Hill Pop-Up Petting Zoo. Below is an overview of each event and why it will appeal to millennial moms.

Please note: none of the events target millennial moms exclusively. September is not a very active month for events in Seattle, at least those that have been scheduled this far in advance. However, all 10 selections will have a large population of millennial moms in attendance because all events devote a significant portion of their entertainment and activities to children. In addition, the events are listed in order by date except for First Hill Pop-Up Petting Zoo, which has not yet released its 2018 date.

PAX West


705 Pike St.
Seattle, WA 98101

Video game fans of all ages come together at PAX West to celebrate anything related to games. The event is packed full of panels, live concerts, console games, PC games, board games, and more. This annual event consistently draws 20,000 people from all over the country. There are no age restrictions on the event itself, so the exhibition hall, gaming tournaments, and entertainment is open to everyone. Children 6 years old and younger can enter the event for free.

Millennial Mom Appeal
As one of the larger gaming-related events held in Seattle, PAX West will attract children of millennials, which will in turn attract millennial moms and dads. The event space is even designed to accommodate strollers, which means the organizers are expecting millennials with children of all ages to attend the event. Another draw for millennials is the tech component of this convention, including free WiFi, a must-have for members of this generation.

Live Aloha Hawaiian Cultural Festival


305 Harrison St.
Seattle, WA 90109

The Live Aloha Hawaiian Cultural Festival is a family-oriented cultural event that provides a “great opportunity for Washington residents to experience the culture of Hawaii that is available to them right here in the Pacific Northwest.” The festival itself is a “celebration of Hawaii’s music, dance, and history, intended to preserve and perpetuate the unique island traditions.”

Millennial Mom Appeal:
Millennials enjoy experiences, and immersing themselves in Hawaiian culture while they learn how to make leis, play the ukulele, and enjoy traditional Hawaiian cuisine offers them an excellent opportunity to share such an experience with their children. They are also notorious foodies, which means they will definitely be attracted to trying new Hawaiian foods from traditional vendors. Kids activities include making yarn and mini flower leis, coloring, and hula dancing.

Fishermen’s Fall Festival


1900 W. Nickerson St.
Seattle, WA 98119

The Fishermen’s Fall Festival is an all-volunteer event that “celebrates the return of the North Pacific fishing fleet to the terminal, works to increase the public’s knowledge of the importance of the fishing industry as well as Fishermen’s Terminal to Seattle while raising money for the Seattle Fishermen’s Memorial Foundation.” The event is geared toward families and includes live musical performances, fishing information and education, demonstrations, hands-on activities, and delicious seafood.

Millennial Mom Appeal:
As a family-oriented event that raises funds for a local charitable cause, millennial moms will feel good about bringing their kids to this festival. Since millennials favor organizations that support causes, this event holds enormous appeal due to its donation of proceeds to the Seattle Fishermen’s Memorial Foundation. In addition, there are numerous activities just for kids, including wooden boat building, fish prints, shell art, spin art, face painting, twisty balloons, fishing for fun, and more. Entertainment geared toward kids includes Reptile Man, “The Misadventures of Cap’n Arrr!,” and the Inochi Taiko Traditional Japanese Drummers. Entrance to the festival is free and events are complementary for children.

Fiestas Patrias


305 Harrison St.
Seattle, WA 90109

Fiestas Patrias is a festival and parade that celebrates the “independence and beautiful cultures of Latin America.” It is a family-friendly event that includes live music under the Space Needle, a health fair, music, food, a boxing exhibition, an art show, and many children’s activities. There will also be roving mariachi bands and even a karaoke competition.

Millennial Mom Appeal:
As with other cultural festivals, the Fiestas Patrias provides millennial moms an opportunity to introduce their children to diverse cultures in a fun way. For adults, there will be food and beverage sampling, a definitely plus for millennial foodies. For children, there will be hands-on activities, games, and family-oriented entertainment, all aimed at providing attendees with an immersive cultural experience.

Seattle Mini Maker Faire

325 5th Avenue N
Seattle, WA 98109

The 7th annual Mini Maker Faire is an event where “tech enthusiasts, crafters, homesteaders, garage tinkerers, and commercial makers of all ages and backgrounds” gather to “share their passion projects with enthusiastic audiences.” It is billed as a “family-friendly showcase of invention, creativity, and resourcefulness, and a celebration of the Maker movement.”

Millennial Mom Appeal:
As a family-friendly event that focuses on education and hands-on activity, millennial moms will be attracted to the exhibits that stimulate the brain and encourage innovative thinking. Workshops for children and adults of all ages include puppet theater, robotics demonstrations, juggling and unicycling, lasers, science fiction, prop making, and wearable electronics. The tech component of this fair will draw in millennials and the family-oriented programming will attract moms.

Sustainable Ballard Festival


2442 NW Market St.
PMB 286
Seattle, WA 98107

The Sustainable Ballard Festival is a community-building event that educates attendees on “daily practices and big steps toward more sustainable living.” While the mood is festive, with an abundance of family-friendly entertainment and activities, the message is serious, as the event’s goal is to engage the more than 1,500 people who attend in discovering “new possibilities and deepen[ing] their commitment to living more lightly on the Earth.”

Millennial Mom Appeal:
Responsible local businesses provide activities like an apple cider press, a petting farm, electric bike test rides, solar cooker comparisons, and more. Attendees can sample healthy local food from a variety of food trucks, make their own bubble wands, and “recharge in a cafe on the bus.” Millennials are generally very conscious about the environment and sustainability, which will attract them to this opportunity to learn more about global climate change and introduce their children to sustainable living. The event is “free to the public and perfect for families.”

Seattle Children’s Festival


305 Harrison St.
Seattle, WA 90109

Presented by Northwest Folklife, the Seattle Children’s Festival is a “one-day, multi-cultural, multi-generational festival” that brings together more than 211 performers spanning 27 performances, and includes 15 discovery zone programs and three cooking workshops.

Millennial Mom Appeal:
Millennial moms will be attracted to this event because it is all about kids. Children of all ages can enjoy music performances, dance performances, workshops, arts and crafts, and hands-on activities. The festival is also a “great place to learn about different cultures, traditions, and art forms from around the world and [their] own backyard.” There is also a “My Healthy Kids” series of workshops that help parents learn how to keep their kids healthy through exercise and nutrition.

Fremont Oktoberfest


Seattle WA 98103

Fremont Oktoberfest is Seattle’s “largest fall beer festival and has been the city’s autumn tradition for 21 years.” Over three days, attendees can sample more than 80 craft beers and celebrate the “very best in craft beer from the Pacific NW and beyond.” Friday and Saturday are reserved for adults, but Sunday is for all ages.

Millennial Mom Appeal:
Millennial women tend to enjoy artisanal food and beverage, which is why they will be attracted to this event. Craft beer, ciders, and wine are all available for adult tastings on Friday night and all day Saturday. Sunday will appeal to millennial moms in particular because it is devoted to family fun. For example, there will be the Zucchini 500 racing event, pumpkin decorating, a bouncy house, a giant slide, and root beer tasting.

Italian Festival (Festa Italiana Seattle)


305 Harrison St.
Seattle, WA 90109

This year will be the 31st consecutive year for the Seattle Italian Festival, which is the culmination of a week-long celebration of the “cultural roots of Italians and Italian-Americans in the Pacific Northwest by promoting the arts, the food and the culture that are uniquely Italian.” Highlights of the event, which draws 29,000 attendees, include operatic concerts, cooking demos, and a “grape stomping competition that has to be seen to be believed.”

Millennial Mom Appeal:
The Seattle Italian Festival appeals to millennial moms because it is billed as a family event and includes many kids activities such as a live exhibit of Italian dog breeds, a pizza toss, an inflatable soccer pitch, tile painting, face painting, puppets, and folk dances and songs. In addition, there are cooking demonstrations and wine tastings, which appeal to a broad audience, but millennial women in particular.

First Hill Pop-Up Petting Zoo

September 2018 (date not yet set)

Seattle, WA 98101

This is a simple event that is geared toward children and animal lovers. The First Hill Improvement Association shuts down “9th Avenue between University and Seneca to cars, and opening it up to people — and piglets!” This pop-up petting zoo features baby pigs, wallabies, goats, and chickens, all available for petting.

Millennial Mom Appeal:
This unique event will attract millennials who enjoy one-of-a-kind experiences. Since it’s not every day that the streets of Seattle are filled with animals, millennial moms will want their children to experience this petting zoo that is unlike any other. It only happens once a year for two hours, so expect many families to be there to “behold all the cuteness.”


Of the 10 events listed here, the Sustainable Ballard Festival, Seattle Children's Festival, and First Hill Pop-Up Petting Zoo are the most relevant to millennial moms and would provide excellent opportunities for a brand's experiential pitch.

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