Expedited Building Permits

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Expedited Building Permits

US cities and counties that offer expedited building permits for single-family residential homes include Kennewick, Atlanta, Fremont, Medford, Eugene, San Jose, Sandwich, Santa Monica, Marin County, and Kirkland.

Kennewick, Washington

  • The city of Kennewick offers an express permit facility for projects meeting pre-specified qualifications. The permits are available for single-family housing, commercial tenant improvements, and miscellaneous residential improvements.
  • The review process involves active participation between the owner, design professionals, and plan examiner to review the code requirements and make on-the-spot revisions for full code compliance.
  • The express permit applications for single-family residences feature an add-on convenience premium of 20% and enables the owner to receive the building permit within two business days.
  • A one-time Transportation Impact Fee (TIF) is charged on express permits for residential projects. TIF ranges from $346 to $1,346, depending on the district zones.
  • Detailed application guidelines of express permit processing for single-family projects can be found here.

Atlanta, Georgia

  • The city offers over-the-counter express permit review process for specific residential and commercial projects. The express permit review team processes the application within 30 minutes of receipt.
  • Express permit for residential dwellings is available for construction/renovation of driveway, fence, porch, attic, basement, roofing, windows, doors, general repairs, and others.
  • The fees for permit application start at $7 per $1,000 of construction cost and other charges include fees for technology permit, plumbing permit, mechanical permit, electrical permit, occupancy certificate, zoning fees, and others. A detailed fee schedule can be found here.
  • Detailed application guidelines of express permit processing for single-family projects can be found here.

Fremont, California

  • The city of Fremont accepts application for express permits either online and in-person. A person can submit two express permit applications per visit.
  • The processing time for express permits varies according to application type and is not publicly available on the city council website.
  • The express permit services offered include HVAC replacements, water heater replacements, window replacements, re-roofing, home occupation permits, termite damage repairs, gas line repairs, water re-piping, drain line repairs, electrical service upgrades, furnace replacement, bathroom repairs, and others.
  • The fees for building permit application start at $22 per $500 of construction cost and goes up to $1,329 per $150,000 of construction cost. Other charges include fees for document imaging, community planning, seismic hazard mapping, construction tax, and others. A detailed fee schedule can be found here.

Medford, Oregon

Eugene, Oregon

  • The city of Eugene offers over-the-counter express permits for specific residential projects within one day of application.
  • Projects eligible for the express permit application process include interior remodeling, first-story addition, garage conversions, solar application, deck construction, among others.
  • The applications for express permits are required to be submitted on the eBuild platform on Tuesdays and Thursdays. The application package is reviewed by the staff to ascertain eligibility for the express permit process.
  • The express permit review fee is charged at $217.25 along with standard fees as applicable according to the scope of the project. The detailed fee schedule can be found here.
  • A detailed guideline for the express permit process can be found here.

San Jose, California

  • The city of San Jose offers an express plan review service for residential permit applicants. The review meeting involving necessary permission staffs is priced at 1.5-times the regular fees charged for permit reviews.
  • Express plan reviews for residential dwellings are offered when applicants want to carry out small changes to their homes like the addition of first-story 750 sq. ft. or less, second-story remodeling, among others.
  • The detailed fee schedule for the express permit process can be found here. Additionally, the detailed guidelines for the express permit process can be found here.

Sandwich, Massachusetts

  • The town of Sandwich offers express and express plus permit processing facilities for residential projects.
  • The fee charged for roofing, siding, window replacements, doors, tents (under 499 sq.ft.), and on-site dumpster services under the express process is $50 each. Alternatively, the fee charged for weatherization is $75 for permit processing.
  • Express plus permit processing includes inspection for fire, smoke, CO alarms, gazebo, tents (over 500 sq.ft.). The fees charged for permits is a minimum of $50 each.
  • Express permits are processed without officer inspection, while for express plus permit inspector visits are mandatory.

Santa Monica, California

  • The city of Santa Monica offers a Single Trade Construction Permit, ensuring express processing of small home projects.
  • Single Trade Permits (STP) are given for door replacements, electrical wiring, window replacements, fencing, block walls, HVAC replacements, plastering, plumbing, re-roofing, sandblasting, patio cover installation, seismic retrofitting, among others.
  • To encourage citizens to acquire permits, the charges for STP are subsidized over normal permit application procession, about one-half of true costs. A detailed fee schedule can be found here.
  • The detailed guidelines for STP applications can be found here.

Marin County, California

  • In 2012, the Community Development Department launched an express and e-permitting system to process the permit application requests faster.
  • The county offers over-the-counter processing facility for smaller permits, while same-day processing services are provided for larger projects.
  • Residential projects that can apply for express permitting include non-structural interior remodeling, rooftop solar electricity installation, among others,
  • The detailed guidelines for express permitting application can be found here. Additionally, the detailed fee schedule can be found here.

Kirkland, Washington

  • The city of Kirkland offers express and fast track permits for residential projects. Express permits are processed within one week while the fast track permits are processed within two weeks.
  • Approved modifications that can be included for express or fast track permits include interior tenant improvements, residential deck modification, installation of ground and roof-mounted mechanical units, alteration, and repairs of single-family houses, retaining walls, outdoor swimming pools, among others.
  • A detailed fee schedule for Kirkland building services can be found here.
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Expedited Building Permits 2

Following are 10 jurisdictions in the continental US with fast turnaround times for building permits for single-family residential homes. Processing times for these building permits range from one to 15 days. Fees and documentation requirements vary widely.

Kirkland, Washington

McHenry County, Illinois

Miami-Dade County, Florida

  • The jurisdiction of Miami-Dade County, Florida offers an expedited plan review service for residential buildings.
  • Reviews are ready on the following business day.
  • The application fee is $60 for each of the following five disciplines: building/handicap, electrical, plumbing, mechanical/energy, structural.
  • The Zoning, Environmental Resources Management, Public Works, Fire Rescue, Water, and Sewer Departments are excluded from the optional plan review service.
  • Applicants can arrange an expedited review at the Miami-Dade Permitting and Inspection Center.

Sacramento, California

Bainbridge Island, Washington

La Crosse, Wisconsin

Marion County, Oregon

East Point, Georgia

Evanston, Illinois

Peoria, Arizona


  • "Fast turn around times" are defined as 15 days or fewer.

Research Strategy

The research strategy for this industry analysis was straightforward. We found relevant information regarding building permits from city and county government websites. These websites also contained overviews of fees and requirements for expedited permits.


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  • "Kirkland Municipal Code Sec. 5.74.090 - Expedited Review"
  • "In an effort to encourage green building, the City of Kirkland is offering Priority Review to new single family residence permit applications which meet the requirements of Energy Star Homes or equivalent and the minimum requirements for one of the following certification programs"
  • "The Department of Planning and Development offers an expedited building plan review process. The applicant paysT.P.I. Building Code Consultants, Inc. to review building planson behalf of the County. T.P.I. Building Code Consultants, Incwill bill the applicant directly for this service. Normal building permit fees apply."
  • "Read a brochure about optional and expedited plan review service."
  • "The “Optional Plan Review Service” will allow a patron the option to receive an expedited plan review for a fee."
  • "Permits for the construction of Single Family Dwellings, Duplexes, Half-Plexes and buildings accessory to a fore mentioned structure"
  • "The Building Department requests all permit application documents also be submitted electronically via thumb drive."
  • "Applicants opting to use a Expedited Building Permit Review will pay the additional consultant’s hourly fee which iscalculated based on the consultant’s fee schedule."
  • "Permit fees are double when applicant requests an expedited permit review."
  • "Expedite requests for these project types may take up to two business days to process."
  • "Have a condensed project timeline? Reduce your wait time with the City’s Expedited Building Plan Review Service. "
  • "The Community Development Department’s Expedited Building Plan Review Program is available to qualifying residential and commercial projects."
  • "Expedited plan review may be available upon request. Availability is based on staffing levels and current workload. "
  • "The expedited plan review time frame is determined as 50% of the standard review time frame."