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Company Overview - Exelon

Exelon Corporation is an American utility company founded in 2000, and distributes electricity to diverse consumers across the US, including Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, and Illinois. Their mission is to be the leading diversified energy company by providing clean, reliable, innovative, and affordable energy products. Exelon's value proposition is to meet the demand for clean energy, achieve reductions in emissions, and benefit the economy, without sacrificing reliability and affordability.


  • Founded in 2000, Exelon Corporation remains one of the top utility services holding companies that offer services for energy generation businesses in the US. Exelon has 6 subsidiary utilities that deliver electricity and natural gas, including the Atlantic City Electric, ComEd, PECO, Delmarva Power, BGE, and Pepco.
  • Through its subsidiaries, the company distributes electricity to diverse consumers in Pennsylvania and Illinois. The company also distributes gas to the Philadelphia region, while also operating nuclear power plants in New Jersey and Pennsylvania. Exelon provides services to over 1.8 million consumers including residential, business, and public sector customers.
  • The company was formed in the 20th century after realizing the rising demand for electric companies that are able to deliver sage, reliable, and affordable power. Consumers were also looking for service providers that would offer cleaner energy that addresses climate change and enhances social equality. Thus, Exelon embraced the challenge and built a next-generation company that met the needs of consumers.


  • Exelon’s mission statement is “to be the leading diversified energy company by providing reliable, clean, affordable, and innovative energy products.”


  • Exelon’s value proposition lets customers know that the company can meet the demand for clean energy, achieve a reduction in emissions, and benefit the economy, without sacrificing affordability or reliability.
  • With a dedication to ensure safety, Exelon is committed towards maintaining the highest standards of reliability and safety for its customers, people, and the community where it operates. Currently, the company is using drones to raise its safety performance.
  • The company is also dedicated to actively pursue excellence by recognizing the value of constant improvement beyond normal compliance. This is achieved through the delivery of cleaner energy.

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Company Financials - Exelon

Exelon Corporation's 2018 revenue is $35.9 billion, with a total sales of $56 million in the same year. The company's current stock price is $47.54 per share with a day high of $48.07 and a day low of $47.38.


  • Exelon Corporation Revenue (2017-2018)
— 2018 Operating Revenue: $35.9 Billion.
— 2017 Operating Revenue: $33.5 Billion.
  • Exelon Corporation Total Sales (2017-2018)
$56 Million (2018)
$3 Million (2017)
  • Exelon Corporation Common Stock Income (2017-2018)
— Net Income on Common Stock: $2 Billion (2018) / $3.7 Billion (2017)
— Net Income on Common Stock (per share): $2.07 (2018) / $3.99 (2017)
— Dividends per Common Share: $1.38 (2018) / $1.31 (2017)
— Exelon Corporation 5 year return of investment per $100 stock: From $100 in 2013 up by $197.86 in 2018
  • Exelon Corporation Stock Information (NYSE)
— Exelon Corporation's current stock price is $47.54
— Exelon Corporation Market Capitalization is $46.15 Billion
— Shares in Issue: $970,954,879
— Day High: $48.07
— Day Low: $47.38
  • Exelon Corporation Lobbying Expenditures
— Total Lobbying Expenditures: $5,625,000
  • Exelon Corporation Media Impression
— The company donated $7.7 million in arts and culture performances that allowed 62,595 people to join and resulted a 171,650,899 media impressions.

Research Strategy:

We started this search by looking for a direct available information about Exelon's media spend in their official websites' press releases, news, articles and annual report. We also looked for the information in business and marketing domains such as Deloitte, Forbes, TechCrunch, Marketing Land, Adweek, The Drum, News Wire, PRNewswire, CNBC, Bloomberg, Reuters, and IBIS. The method above did not garner any relevant or useful information regarding the company's media spend. What we found were Exelon's expenses that are not specific to any media spend.
We also looked for this information in advertising websites such as iSpot.TV, AdAage and also on YouTube, hoping to find any advertisements and commercials made by the company and make it as a starting point for triangulating Exelon's media spend. We did find a video on YouTube about gender equality uploaded by the company. Unfortunately, the information about the video's spending could not be found in Exelon's official website or in any business and marketing domains.
Furthermore, we searched for SEC filings regarding Exelon's Form 10-K Annual Report for a detailed breakdown of their financial information. Dismally, the company's annual report did not mention any specific information regarding Exelon's media spend. What we found was the company's expenses that are not related to the needed information.
Additionally, we also looked for any media related activities done by Exelon and its affiliates. We found awards related to media such as "Best Direct Marketing Campaign (Lighting Limited Time Online Promotion) and "Best Social Media Campaign". Regrettably, by doing a broad search that included both a general sweep of the internet and site-specific searches for their media related activities, it did not provide any information about their expenses or spending in media marketing.
Nonetheless, we have included Exelon's lobbying expenses and donations that led to a positive media impression about the company in our findings.
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Key Leadership - Exelon

We could identify seven key leaders that are in marketing and media at Exelon. The directors include Jessica Balfour and Donna Sitkiewicz, the VPs are Judith F. Rader, Jennifer Mullin, Jean Medina, and Marshall D. Murphy, while the C-Suite leader is Firdos Marfatia. Below are our deep findings.


Jessica Balfour

Donna Sitkiewicz

  • Title: Director of Internal Communications and Innovative Corporate Communication.
  • Background: She works on innovative communications, media relations, social media, employee communication, corporate branding, crisis management, among others.
    • Director of Corporate Communications at Mondelez International, Director of Employee and Online Communications at Kraft Foods Inc, Director of Communications at United Airlines, and now a Director of Communications at Exelon.
  • Education: BA in Communications and English at DePaul University.
  • LinkedIn profile.
  • Photo: Available on LinkedIn profile.
  • Location: Chicago.


Judith F. Rader

Jennifer Mullin

  • Title: Vice President of Public Advocacy and Communication.
  • LinkedIn profile.
  • Photo: Available on LinkedIn profile.
  • Location: Chicago.
  • Background: She is in charge of public affairs, communication strategy, and media scrutiny.
    • In the past, she worked as a Communications Director for the US Senator Tom Harkin, VP of Energy and Sustainability for The Glover Park Group, Director of Public Affairs for Uber Technologies, at Exelon, she started as a Director of Public Advocacy and now she is a VP of Public Affairs.
  • Education: Bachelor in Journalism from Drake University.

Jean Medina

Marshall D. Murphy


Firdos Marfatia


We began our search by looking for key leaders at the director level and above for Exelon Corp whose focus was on Marketing and Media or other communication titles that focused on Marketing and Media. We searched through the company's official executives directory. However, we could not find any relevant information using this strategy, hence, we made a manual search through the company's directory of employees on Zoom Info and LinkedIn websites.

We included the profiles of leaders whose information was complete and updated and excluded profiles that didn't have a LinkedIn profile or Facebook profile to confirm the leader's background, photo, and education. We could identify seven key leaders in the marketing and media fields.
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Key Competitors - Exelon

Top competitors to Exelon, when ranked by revenue, are Duke Energy, Southern Company, NextEra Energy, American Electric, Dominion Resources, Consolidated Edison, and Xcel Energy. With 30,083 employees, Duke Energy headquartered in Charlotte, North Carolina, generated $24.5B with a total profit of $2.7B in 2018 and a market value of $64.9B.


  • website: https://www.exeloncorp.com/
  • Employee: 33,383
  • Market value: $47.7 billion
  • Headquarters: Chicago, IL
  • 2018 revenue: $36.4 billion
  • 2018 Profit: $2 billion
  • Assets: $119.7 billion
  • Geographical coverage: approximately 10 million customers in Delaware, the District of Columbia, Illinois, Maryland, New Jersey and Pennsylvania.



  • website: https://www.duke-energy.com
  • Employee: 30,083
  • Market value: $64.9 billion
  • Headquarters: Charlotte, North Carolina
  • 2018 revenue: $24.5 billion
  • 2018 Profit: $2.7 billion
  • Assets: $150.6 billion
  • Geographical coverage: 7.5 million customers located in six states
  • Awards: 2018 Secretary of Defense Employer Support Freedom Award, Emergency Recovery Award.
  • Comparison: We determined the companies' competitiveness as they share close number of employees, between 7.5 million and 10 million customers, and both companies made a close range of profit in 2018 with Exelon making $2 billion and Duke Energy making $2.7 billion.


  • website: http://www.southerncompany.com/
  • Industry: Electric Utilities
  • Employee: 29,000
  • Market value: $54.1 billion
  • Assets: $116.9 billion
  • Headquarters: Atlanta, Georgia
  • 2018 revenue: $23.4 billion
  • 2018 Profit: $2.2 billion
  • Geographical coverage: 8.933 million customers
  • Awards: Payne Stewart Award
  • Comparison: We determined the companies' competitiveness as both companies have close range of employee number, 29,000 for Southern Company and 33,383 for Exelon, between 9 million and 10 million customers, and both companies made a close range of profit in 2018 with Exelon making $2 billion and Duke Energy making $2.2 billion. Both companies also share revenues between $20 million and $40 million and close assets of $116.9 billion (Southern Company) and $119.7 billion for Exelon.


  • website: http://www.nexteraenergyresources.com
  • Industry: Renewable energy
  • Employee: 14,200
  • Market value: $90.7 billion
  • Headquarters: Juno Beach, Florida
  • 2018 Profit: $6.7 billion
  • Assets: $103.7 billion
  • 2018 revenue: $16,727 million
  • Geographical coverage: 460,000 customers in eight counties throughout northwest Florida.
  • Awards: NextEra Energy named one of the World's Most Ethical Companies for the 12th time.
  • Comparison: The competitiveness between the companies is evident in the companies assets, $103.7 billion for NextEra Energy and $119.7 billion for Exelon. Both companies also share revenues above $16 million.


  • website: http://aep.com/
  • Industry: Electric Utilities
  • Employee: 17,582
  • Market value: $40.9 billion
  • Headquarters: Columbus, OH
  • 2018 revenue: $16.2 billion
  • 2018 Profit: $1.9 billion
  • Assets: $71.6 billion
  • Geographical coverage: 5.4 million customers in 11 states and operates 224,000 miles of distribution lines.
  • Comparison: We determined the companies' competitiveness as both companies have close range of market value, $40.9 billion for American Electric and $47.7 billion for Exelon, also, between 5 million and 10 million customers, and both companies made a close range of profit in 2018 with Exelon making $2 billion and American Electric making $1.9 billion. Both companies also share revenues between $16 million and $40 million.


  • website: https://www.dominionenergy.com/
  • Industry: Electric Utilities
  • Employee: 21,300
  • Market value: $59.9 billion
  • Headquarters: Richmond, Virginia
  • 2018 revenue: $13.5 billion
  • 2018 Profit: $2.4 billion
  • Assets: $77.9 billion
  • Geographical coverage: 7.5 million customers in 18 states.
  • Comparison: We determined the companies' competitiveness as they share close number of employees, between 7.5 million and 10 million customers, and both companies made a close range of profit in 2018 with Exelon making $2 billion and Dominion Energy making $2.4 billion.


  • website: http://www.cedcareers.com/
  • Industry: Electric Utilities
  • Employee: 15,307
  • Market value: $27.3 billion
  • Headquarters: New York, New York
  • 2018 revenue: $12.3 billion
  • 2018 Profit: $1.4 billion
  • Assets: $53.9 billion
  • Geographical coverage: more than 3 million customers in New York City and Westchester County, New York.
  • Comparison: In comparison, the companies are competitive as both companies have over 15,000 employees and service over 3 million customers. Also, both companies made a close range of profit in 2018 with Exelon making $2 billion and Consolidated Edison making $1.4 billion with a revenue above $10 million.


  • website: http://www.xcelenergy.com/
  • Industry: Electric Utilities
  • Employee: 11,043
  • Market value: $28.1 billion
  • Headquarters: Minneapolis, Minnesota
  • 2018 revenue: $11.5 billion
  • 2018 Profit: $1.3 billion
  • Assets: $47.7 billion
  • Geographical coverage: 3.4 million electricity customers and 1.9 million natural gas customers across our eight states.
  • The competitiveness between the companies is evident in the companies profit, $1.3 billion for Xcel Energy and $2 billion for Exelon. Both companies also share revenues above $11 million with over 3 million customers under both companies' grid lock.

Research Strategy:

To answer the question asked, we first looked up the list of top electrical manufacturing company in the United states by revenue, assets, profit, and market value. In doing this, we employed the services of Forbes.com and from the list of companies selected, we visited the websites "about us", "awards and recognition" section and also the companies financial report to establish this companies as real top competitors of Exelon. With the list of information gathered, we made a list of Exelon competitors.
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Corporate Social Responsibility - Exelon

In 2018, Exelon Corporation, through Exelon Corporate and Exelon Foundation, contributed a total of almost $52 million to over 3,000 organizations across several sectors in their communities, including education, environment, community and economic development, arts and culture, and health and social services. These CSR efforts benefited approximately 3.7 million. In addition, the company also created a corporate policy called Exelon Environment Policy in line with its mission to improve watershed management and reduce air emissions. Exelon Corporation employees were also encouraged to do their share for the community as the company provides them with volunteering opportunities, which resulted in $13.3 million employee pledges and company matching and 240,950 of employee volunteer hours at non-profit organizations.


  • Exelon Corporation believes that good corporate citizenship is part of their culture and that it is their responsibility to improve the quality of life for people in the communities where they live, work, and serve.
  • In 2018, they contributed almost $52 million to 3,318 organizations, benefiting nearly 3.7 million people, through Exelon Corporate and Exelon Foundation. They also supported STEM education through grants, internships, and partnerships, which benefited 745,000 students.
  • The company paid a total of $4.4 billion in taxes in 2018, and they see taxes as another important way of supporting local growth and development.
  • Exelon proactively engages with their communities through their Disaster Preparedness and Awareness program to protect their community members in the unlikely event of a disaster. One of the activities conducted by the company in line with this program is sending out direct mails to residents within each station’s emergency response area and provide details about emergency warning systems, evacuation routes, and other safety issues.
  • Other activities for their Disaster Preparedness and Awareness program include community information nights, where representatives from the company answer questions from the local residents; educational programs at schools aimed to teach schoolchildren about energy safety; routine social media reminders about disaster preparedness & emergency response ahead of seasonal changes and storms; contractor and excavator training; and dissemination of information about disaster preparedness online.
  • The company also provides community engagement activities at their nuclear plants through their tours, speakers’ bureau program, community outreach, community information nights, and "State of the Plant" events. The State of the Plant is an annual event for the local government agencies, key officials and leaders in the communities, and site leaders to share and talk about the performance of the plant, projects, issues, and community involvement.
  • Through the company's environmental programs, Exelon granted $3.3 million in financial support of environmental projects in 2018, which benefited 580,315 people. These environmental efforts resulted in "74,916 pounds of trash collected, 330 acres of land preserved, 58,692 trees planted, and 22,322 animal habitats saved."
  • In 2018, the company donated $8.7 million through their health and social services programs in the aim of supporting the health and well-being of the members of their communities. This philanthropic effort served 749,006 people.
  • Overall, Exelon, through their various corporate social responsibility programs, served 746,302 people in the education sector; 580,315 in the environment sector; 1,008,790 in the community and economic development sector; 610,478 in the arts and culture sector; and 749,006 in the health and social services sector in their communities.


  • Exelon believes clean and affordable energy is the key to a brighter, more sustainable future. They make sure that they offer reliable, clean, affordable, and innovative energy products.
  • They have a corporate policy called Exelon Environment Policy, which was implemented through the company’s ISO 14001-conformant Environmental Management System (EMS).
  • Exelon makes an effort to be more green by minimizing their environmental impact. The company manages its emissions; and their 2018 emission rate averages are nitrogen oxide 97% lower, sulfur dioxide 99% lower, and carbon dioxide 90% lower than the industry average.
  • They improved and continue improving watershed management, and more than 98% of the water they use will be recycled or returned to the source. The company also manages waste responsibly, and its company-wide recycling rate for municipal solid waste is over 75%.
  • They also co-founded the Electric Vehicle Charging Carbon Coalition (EVCCC) to help in lowering GHG emissions that cause climate change. The other partners for this project include Carbon Neutral Cities Alliance, Climate Neutral Business Network, Electrify America, Connecticut Green Bank, EVgo, and Siemens.


  • Exelon provides employees with volunteer opportunities. Exelon employees generated $13.3 million through employee pledges and company matching, and the employees volunteered a record of 240,950 hours of service at nonprofits.
  • They also believe that volunteerism offers a kind of purpose and reward and makes more invested and engaged employees. Through the company's Powering Communities program, Exelon employees can find and join company-sponsored volunteer events based on their personal interests and time commitments. The company encourages its employees to report their volunteer hours so they can support their efforts.
  • Through the company's Dollars for Doers program, Exelon employees can earn donations from the company if they volunteer at their favorite non-profit organizations and let the company know about it. In 2018 alone, the company granted $1.1 million in recognition of its employee volunteers.
  • Every year, Exelon Corporation also participates in the National Volunteer Month. The company encourages its employees to come up with their own service projects and recruit colleagues to participate. In 2018, about 5,200 Exelon employees volunteered at nearly 400 events, doing more than 18,000 hours of volunteer service.
  • Through the Exelon Employee Volunteer Awards, the company recognized its employees who have shown exemplary volunteer service and have served more than 50 hours in a calendar year. This award grants $5,000 to $20,0000 to the non-profit organization the awardee supports.
  • Exelon also has Giving Tuesday, which allowed 1,813 Exelon employees to volunteer 16,845 hours of their time at 166 service projects and 47 holiday drives around the country following Thanksgiving weekend. Through #GivingTuesday, Exelon volunteers were able to support more than 526 nonprofit organizations during the month of November.
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Mergers and Acquisitions - Exelon

Exelon acquired Everett Marine Terminal in October 2018. This was the company's only acquisition in the past 24 months.


  • This financial outlook accounts for the latest power price forwards at year-end, current gross margin outlook at Constellation, latest O&M forecast that reflects pension cost updates and the Everett Marine Terminal acquisition, benefits of previously announced cost reduction initiatives and the planned closure of TMI.
  • On Dec. 20, 2018, FERC issued an order accepting Generation’s cost of service agreement reflecting a number of adjustments to the annual fixed revenue requirement and allowing for recovery of a substantial portion of the costs associated with the Everett Marine Terminal.
  • To ensure the continued reliable supply of fuel to Mystic Units eight and nine while they remain operating, on Oct. 1, 2018, Generation acquired the Everett Marine Terminal in Massachusetts for a purchase price of $81 million. Generation also settled its existing long-term gas supply agreement, resulting in a $75 million pretax gain.
  • With this acquisition, "We are ensuring that Mystic Generating Station’s Units eight and nine will continue receiving a dependable liquefied natural gas supply to help meet New England’s energy reliability and fuel security needs, for as long as the units remain operating, said Exelon Power President John Barnes.
  • While Exelon Generation is managing the operation of the LNG facility, Exelon’s Constellation subsidiary will be responsible for purchasing and selling safe, reliable LNG to gas utilities, marketers, and other market participants throughout New England.
  • In March 2018, Exelon Generation announced an agreement to purchase the facility from ENGIE to ensure the continued reliable supply of fuel to Mystic Units eight and nine while they remain operating.
  • The transaction was reviewed by the U.S. Department of Energy, as required. At that time, Exelon Generation also announced that it had filed with ISO New England to retire Mystic Generating Station in June 2022, absent regulatory reforms to properly value reliability and regional fuel security. Those regulatory reforms are pending.
  • The Everett LNG Facility is the longest operating LNG import facility of its kind in the United States and employs approximately 60 people. The facility connects to two interstate pipeline systems, as well as a local gas utility’s distribution system and the Mystic Generating Station.


  • Exelon Corp., in a Form 8-K filing informed the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission that it intends to purchase FirstEnergy Solutions retail power business for $140 million.
  • FirstEnergy Corp.'s competitive generation subsidiary filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection at the end of March. The move had been expected, as FirstEnergy sought to transform itself into a fully-regulated utility company.
  • Under the arrangement, Exelon Generation will purchase all of FirstEnergy Solutions' retail electricity and wholesale load serving contracts and certain other related commodity contracts.

Research Strategy:

To find Exelon's mergers and acquisitions for the past 24 months, we first checked the company's annual report for the expectations in the first quarter of 2019 and the whole year of 2018. We found that they acquired Everett Marine Terminal October 2018.

Second, we checked their news section and again found the only acquisition was Everett Marine Terminal. The other mergers and acquisitions were older, such as CEG, PHI and FitzPatrick that were from 2012 and 2017, and PEC in 2000.

Third, we checked credible media sources such as Forbes, MarketWatch, and Bloomberg. We again found only one acquisition in 2018 and old mergers and acquisitions as mentioned above. We did find the planned acquisition of FirstEnergy Solutions, which we presented as additional news that might be useful to the client.
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Recent Advertising Creatives - Exelon

Exelon mostly uses videos and pictures for advertising creatives to promote or sell a product, service or idea. The company also has active social media accounts and these are used for their adverts.

Exelon Corporation, YouTube

  • Exelon clean energy (link): It describes how Exelon is committed to using hydro, wind, solar, and nuclear energy to provide low-cost, clean energy to millions of Americans.

Exelon Corporation, Twitter

  • Zero-Carbon Energy producer (link): On its Twitter page, Exelon brands itself as the largest and most efficient producer of zero-carbon energy in the US.
  • Grid and gas infrastructure (link): This ad describes how the company continues to invest in modern infrastructure to facilitate improved service delivery.
  • Exelon Corporation Employees (link): This advertisement was used to promote Exelon corporation employees because of their effort and dedication to the company. Based on this, the company has implemented programs that contribute to a strong culture of safety.
  • Powering the future with confidence (link): This advertisement uses black kids as a representation of Exelon empowering students of color. The objective is to show how Exelon is inspiring the next generation of leaders and powering the future with confidence.
  • Exelon corporation through their multiple subsidiaries is reliable (link): This ad shows how the company and its subsidiaries conduct testing, inspection and installation of protection systems to last through the harshest winter storms.
  • Driving towards electric future with low carbon transportation (link): The ad highlights how Exelon is on the road towards a greener future with investments in low-carbon transportation.

Exelon Corporation, Linkedin

  • Innovation Leadership Academy for teen girls (link): The ad advertises their summer program which is the STEM Innovation Leadership Academy for teen girls, aimed at advancing gender equality & developing future leaders.
  • Exelon Nuclear plants (link): Whether extreme cold or heat, snow or thunder storm, nuclear plants run through the most severe weather—making it the most reliable, zero-carbon energy source in America

Subsidiaries of Exelon corporation

  • Saving Energy (link): This adverts promotes PEPCO peak energy savings.
  • Rainbow lighting at SAAM powered by PEPCO (link)
  • Energy bill (link): The ad informs users that they can sign up to receive alerts about their energy bills.
  • Paying electric bills (link): According to the ad, Atlantic Cit Electric are committed to helping customers who may be facing financial hardship through various assistance programs
  • Atlantic city app (link): The ad promotes the mobile app, which makes receiving information quick and easy, and it’s especially handy in the event of an outage.
  • Energy bills (link): Based on this ad, Delmarva Power is committed to helping customers who need help to pay their energy bills.
  • Mobile app (link): Based on this ad, customers can use the Delmarva power mobile app to report outages, check usage status and monitor energy usage.
  • Rebates (link): This advert promotes BGE thermostats and home energy-saving equipment.
  • Mobile app (link): This advert promotes BGE mobile app for the electricity and natural gas services.
  • Led sale light (link): This advert promotes the PECO market place for the Led lighting sale.
  • Energy saving (link): According to this ad, PECO helps businesses of all sizes to save energy and money. This is regardless of whether they are multifamily properties, small businesses, or large and small commercial buildings.
  • Certified air purifiers, dehumidifiers and bathroom ventilation fans (link): This adverts promotes PECO rebates; certified air purifiers, dehumidifiers and bathroom ventilation fans.
  • Honeywell Thermostat (link): This adverts promotes the Honeywell thermostat on the PECO marketplace.

Research Strategy:

We used Exelon's social accounts on YouTube, Twitter, Linkedin and Facebook to find the most recent advertising creatives. While focusing on the past 12 months, we identified and included any advertising done by the Exelon corporation and its subsidiaries by providing the links to the pictures and videos. We assume advertising to be any marketing communication that promotes or sells a product, service or idea.

As such, we identified videos or pictures on the company's social media platform that promotes Exelon's product, brand, ideas, program. We have also included two programs that have been advertised by the company. One promotes a summer camp for teen girls and the second promotes a strong culture of safety for employees. We have included these two particular advert because the advert sells an idea which is 'Powering future leader with confidence'- for the teen girls and 'Strong culture of safety'-for employees.

Furthermore, we believe that using the company's social media platforms including LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook to identify advertising creatives was the best approach given that these platforms are the new frontier for advertisement based on in-built features such as data analytics tools, which enable companies to track the progress, success, and engagement of ad campaigns. Based on this strategy, we established that the company engage social media platform mostly for its ad campaign

Additionally, we have done an extensive search by checking Exelon corporation subsidiaries such as PECO, BGE, PEPCO, Atlantic City Electric and Delmarva Power. We checked their social media accounts with the objective of identifying advertising creatives done over the last 12 months. Based on our search, we identified videos or pictures on each subsidiary's social media platform that promotes Exelon's products, services, brand and ideas.
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Recent Press - Exelon

JUNE 2019, PRESS RELEASE FOR EXELON: On June 14, 2019, the press caption was focused on “Handley Generating Station Putting a Spark in Learning through the Vital Link Program” for Exelon.

There are several press releases by Exelon, and in a bid to capture all the press releases from June 2018 to June 2019 we had to capture the press release titles by the company verbatim. The companies press release titles covered the main focus of the articles/press releases.














Research Strategy

To get the press releases for the past 12 months we had to locate the company’s archive for press releases and extracted the press statements month by month and the days of the month focusing on the major caption and topic the press release captured.

From Part 04
From Part 05
  • "Exelon continued its tradition of strong community engagement in 2018, including Exelon Corporate and Exelon Foundation contributions of almost $52 million. Our employee giving campaign generated an additional $13.3 million through employee pledges and company matching."
From Part 07
From Part 08