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Top Executive Coaches in Silicon Valley

Four of the top executive coaches in Silicon Valley include Mary Rezek, Jennine Heller, Katharine Agostino, and Phil Boissiere. Details regarding these coaches have been provided below.

Mary Rezek

  • Mary Rezek is an executive coach based in Silicon Valley. She can be contacted through her email, coach@maryrezek.com.
  • Mary Rezek's services include speaker coaching, leadership team integration, onboarding, role transition, and cultural immersion.
  • Rezek has a Bachelor's in Communications from the University of Colorado at Boulder and a Bachelor's in Communications and Training & Development from Saint Mary's College of California. She has been the lead speaker coach at TEDx in Shanghai, China for seven years and was an Organizational Development Consultant at Microsoft, Asia Pacific region. Some notable clients the executive coach has served include Andy Klump, Founder and CEO of Clean Energy Association, Richards Gilbert, Head of Performance Solutions at Google, and Laurie Duthie, Head of Global Talent Acquisition at Logitech.
  • Scott Pollack, an Executive Adviser notes "She knows how to turn up the audience's energy level, and does a fantastic job at getting them engaged and involved." On the other hand Aaron, CEO and Founder of JING Digital says that "She cuts through the noise, and enables you as a business leader to identify what area you need focus on to scale and grow your business."
  • Mary Rezek serves startups as well as Fortune 500 companies.

Jennine Heller

  • Jennine Heller is an executive coach based in San Francisco, California. Her email and phone number are heller@jhellercoaching.com and +1 (415) 828-4666 respectively.
  • Jennine Heller's services include helping startups in decision-making and goal-setting, helping executives improve their communication skills, and helping HR leaders solve serious problems in their teams.
  • The executive coach has a Bachelor's degree in computer engineering from Brown University and has a Certified Professional Performance Coach license from Source Point Training. She is a leadership partner at TechWomen and Girls Inc. Jennine Heller has also published a book, Strong EQ=Strong Leadership.
  • Sarah Woods, Director of Employee Experience at DockYard, Inc. notes that she would "highly recommend Jennine for any organization that wants a pragmatic, no nonsense approach to team development, dynamics, and coaching." Conversely, Sarah Dabby, Head of People at ClickTime says, "Since our coaching engagement, I've been able to show up to work as a better version of myself, and feel far better equipped to work through the myriad of challenges that any company leader faces."
  • Jennine Heller works with Startup CEOs, VPs and Directors, and HR Leaders.

Katharine Agostino

  • Katharine Agostino provides executive coaching services in Silicon Valley. She is based in Los Altos, California and can be contacted through her website.
  • Katharine Agostino's services primarily focus on helping businesses expand their ideas and achieve their goals. She works together with her clients to develop actions plans that can improve their levels of performance.
  • Katharine Agostino has served clients, such as Facebook, Airbnb, and Cloudera.
  • The executive coach has a Bachelor of Arts in Clinical and Child Psychology. In addition, she is a Certified Professional Co-active Coach (CPPC) and is currently studying positive psychology at the Stanford University.
  • A review on LinkedIn from Lyft's Program Manager, Kana Shiota, shows that Katharine's "positivity, style of inquiry and passionate belief in your own capacity will bring out the best version of yourself." Another review from a former Airbnb Global Head of Community, Jenna M. says "She helped me identify and remove roadblocks in order to amplify my momentum and her insight into performance and human behavior helped me navigate countless complex situations."
  • Katharine Agostino's clients include executives from large technology firms and startups.

Phil Boissiere

  • Phil Boissiere is an executive coach based in San Francisco, California. Although his contact information is not available online, he can be reached through his website.
  • Phil Boissiere's executive coaching services primarily include brain science and team training.
  • The executive coach has a Master's degree in Clinical Psychology from Notre Dame de Namur University. He received the San Francisco Fire Department Certificate of Meritorious Conduct. Phil Boissiere has worked with companies such as John Coyle, a Design Thinking Expert, and Arjun Dhingra, an ITF World Champion.
  • John Coyle notes, "By blending his background as a clinical psychologist and executive coach with his experience as an entrepreneur, Phil brings a unique perspective on leadership development, stress, and mindfulness." In addition, Arjun Dhingra notes "The guidance that Phil provides takes the guess work out of peak performance."

Research Strategy

We found the top executive coaches in Silicon Valley based on their qualifications, recognition, experience, and notable clients. We found this information on their websites, social media pages, and media platforms. While we found most of the information, we could not find the contact information for Katharine Agostino and Phil Boissiere. We looked through media publications, social media pages, and websites of the executive coaches but found no useful information. These sources only provided information regarding the qualifications, experience, and notable clients. It is noteworthy that the websites of the two coaches provided forms that interested clients could fill if they wanted to contact them. We also attempted to look at data aggregators such as Hunter but to no avail. For these reasons, we made the conclusion that the contact information for the two coaches is not available in the public domain.

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