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EBCs at Fortune 200 companies - Part 1

Of the top 40 Fortune 200 companies, only two have briefing / innovation centers in the New York, New Jersey or Connecticut; Verizon Communications and IBM. Details regarding the centers' locations, an overview of the center and the name and details of a contact person have been provided in the attached spreadsheet. A summary of our findings is provided below.


Verizon Communications

Center Type: Innovation Center
Location: Basking Ridge, New Jersey
Overview: An innovation center servicing the New York City, Pennsylvania and Connecticut areas, along with housing the company headquarters. The Executive Briefing Program is delivered at the innovation center and provides an opportunity to collaborate with top executives, subject matter experts and technology leaders.
Contact Person: Doreen Ellis — Coordinator Executive Briefing Program
Contact: LinkedIn Profile


Location: Yorktown Heights & Albany, New York
Overview: The IBM Customer Experience Lab is housed within the Thomas J. Watson Research Center and aims to help clients navigate new developments and innovations within IBM's products and services. The lab is the result of a partnership between IBM Global Business Services and IBM Research and involves a team of consultants and researchers who provide clients with insights on customer and employee engagement though technologies such as social, mobile, cloud and analytics.
Contact Person: Dr. Arvind Krishna — Director of IBM Research
Contact: Main operator: (914) 945-3000, Receptionist: (914) 945-1614


In closing, two companies within the top 40 Fortune 200 list have briefing / innovation centers in the New York, New Jersey or Connecticut areas. Further details have been provided in the attached spreadsheet.
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EBCs at Fortune 200 companies - Part 2

Among companies 41-80 on the Fortune 500 list, only 21 of them had any type of executive briefing centers (i.e. client briefing centers, customer visit centers, innovation centers or HQ showrooms), with five of these companies with EBCs in the relevant states of New York, New Jersey and Connecticut. Details of these five EBCs is on the attached spreadsheet.

Please see below for details of my findings.


I have researched companies 41-80 on the Fortune 500 list, which are:

41. Dell Technologies - EBC in Round Rock, TX
42. MetLife - no US-based EBC, but its innovation LumenLab is in Singapore
43. Aetna - EBC is in Hartford, CT
44. PepsiCo - Design & Innovation Center at headquarters in New York City, Chicago and Shanghai
45. Archer Daniels Midland - Innovation Center in Cranberry, New Jersey
46. UPS - Innovation Center in Louisville, KY
47. Intel - EBC in Santa Clara, CA
48. Prudential Financial - none found
49. Albertsons Cos. - Innovation Center in Eden Prairie, MN
50. United Technologies - Research Centers in East Hartford, CT and Berkeley, CA
51. Marathon Petroleum - none found
52. Disney - none found
53. Humana - Innovation Center in Louisville, KY
54. Pfizer - Innovation Center in Cambridge, MA
55. AIG - Innovation Center in Silicon Valley, CA
56. Lockheed Martin - Center for Innovation in Suffolk, VA
57. Sysco - none found
58. FedEx - none found
59. Hewlett Packard Enterprise - none but see #61 for HP's EBC
60. Cisco Systems - Customer Experience Centers in San Jose, CA; New York, NY; Herndon, VA; Toronto, Ontario
61. HP - EBC in Palo Alto, CA
62. Dow Chemical - Innovation Center in Great Lakes Bay Region, MI
63. HCA Holdings - none found
64. Coca-Cola - Innovation Center in Atlanta, GA
65. New York Life Insurance - none found
66. Centene - none found
67. American Airlines Group - none found
68. Nationwide - none found
69. Merck - Innovation Center in Darmstadt, Germany
70. Cigna - none found
71. Delta Air Lines - "Hangar" innovation center in Atlanta, GA
72. Best Buy - none found
73. Honeywell International - Innovation Center in Atlanta, GA
74. Caterpillar - none found
75. Liberty Mutual Insurance Group - Innovation Center in Boston, MA
76. Morgan Stanley - none found
77. Massachusetts Mutual Life Insurance - none found
78. Goldman Sachs Group - none found
79. Energy Transfer Equity - none found
80. TIAA - none found

Of these companies, only 21 had an EBC, with only Aetna, PepsiCo, Archer Daniels Midland Company, United Technologies and Cisco located in New Jersey, New York or Connecticut.

For those five companies with EBCs in the relevant states, a spreadsheet with details of these facilities is attached, as requested.


To wrap it up, five companies with EBCs in New York, New Jersey or Connecticut were found among companies 41-80 of the Fortune 500.
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EBCs at Fortune 200 companies - Part 3

After extensive searching, only one of the companies on the Fortune list with a ranking between numbers 81-120 has been found to have an Executive Briefing Centre (EBC) in the New York, New Jersey or Connecticut area. This is company was American Express.

An individual search of each of the other 39 companies indicated they do no have EBCs or any center listed under the various terms searched in the targeted areas. Searched terms included Executive Briefing Centers, Client Briefing Centers, Customer Visit Centers, Innovation Centers or HQ Showrooms. A loosening of the geographic restrictions, however, would lead to more EBC data.

American express ebc

All of this information on the American Express EBC may be also found on the spreadsheet requested.

Only limited information can be determined about this center. It is located at 200 Vesey Street, New York, NY 10285-3106. According to this brief, it is a 12,000-foot space with a host of modern amenities, including video conferencing, a reception area, a gallery, lounge, and other services.

Contact information for this center includes two executives, Toby Willard and Shreya Patel whose full contact information are as follows.

Toby Willard
Head of Investor Relations
Phone: 212-640-5574

Shreya Patel
VP Investor Relations
Phone: 212-640-5574

The EBC itself is run by the investor relations office at American Express, contact information below.

Investor Relations Office,
Phone: 212-640-5574
Email: IR@aexp.com

This is the extent of the information we have been able to find on this EBC, after thorough research. Our research suggests specific information EBCs often tend to be quite limited to the general public, available primarily to high-level business clientele only.

Other EBCs outside the target area

Other companies on list between 81-120 do have EBCs, or similar type centers, but they are not located in the New York, New Jersey, or Connecticut area. Two examples follow.

Oracle has 'solution centers,' or a type of EBC, but these are located outside the targeted area.

NetApp also has 'briefing centers', that are also a type of EBC, but they are located in California and North Carolina.

Please let us know if you would like us to search outside the geographic restrictions for more information on EBCs for this portion of the request.
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EBCs at Fortune 200 companies - Part 4

Of the companies ranked 121-160 on the Fortune 500, 17 of them had a center that could be considered an executive briefing center with many of them listed as innovation centers. Among these 17 companies, Bristol-Myers Squibb (BMS) is the only company with a center that meets the requested criteria. The BMS Data Innovation Center is located in Lawrenceville, NJ. Limited details were available regarding BMS's Data Innovation Center, but those that were available have been compiled in the attached spreadsheet. However, no contact name or email address could be found for the center's leadership.

Some sources used are older than our typical two-year span because the articles found were often in reference to the center's grand opening or other related news, which occurred several years ago. I have listed each company, along with my findings.

121. Duke Energy - has funded innovation centers, but none were found for the company itself.
122. Enterprise Products Partners - none
123. Amgen - none
124. US Foods Holding - none
125. U.S. Bancorp - none
126. Aflac - Charlotte, NC
127. Sears Holdings - none
128. Dollar General - none
129. AutoNation - none
130. Community Health Systems - none
131. Starbucks - Several job openings for Starbucks listed the Tryer Innovation Center, Seattle WA
132. Eli Lilly - Lilly Cambridge Innovation Center, Cambridge, MA
133. International Paper - International Paper Innovation Center, Seattle, WA
134. Tenet Healthcare - none
135. Abbott Laboratories - none
136. Dollar Tree - none
137. Whirlpool - none
138. Southwest Airlines - none
139. Emerson Electric - Innovation centers in Austin, TX; Marshalltown, IA; and Pune, India.
140. Staples - E-Commerce Innovation Center in Cambridge, MA
141. Plains GP Holdings - none
142. Penske Automotive Group - none
143. Union Pacific - Information Technology Innovation Center - Austin, TX
144. Danaher - Danaher Labs is the innovation center for Danaher Corp in Silicon Valley, CA
145. Southern - Energy Innovation Center in Atlanta, GA
146. ManpowerGroup - none
147. Bristol-Myers Squibb - Data Innovation Center in Lawrenceville, NJ
148. Altria Group - none
149. Fluor - none
150. Kohl’s - Kohl's Innovation Center in Menomonee Falls, WI
151. Lear - Innovation Center in Detroit, MI
152. Jabil - Blue Sky Innovation Centers in California, Spain, Singapore, and Italy
153. Hartford Financial Services Group - none
154. Thermo Fisher Scientific - Innovation center and precision medicine customer center in China
155. Kimberly-Clark - Innovation centers in Korea and Colombia
156. Molina Healthcare - none
157. PG&E Corp. - Technology Innovation Center, California
158. Supervalu - East View Innovation Center, Minneapolis, MN
159. Cummins - none
160. CenturyLink - Technology Center of Excellence (TCE) in Monroe, LA

In conclusion, Bristol-Myers Squibb is the only company among those ranked 121-160 on the Fortune 500 with a center meeting the request criteria. Its Data Innovation Center is in Lawrenceville, NJ. Additional details can be found in the attached spreadsheet.
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EBCs at Fortune 200 companies - Part 5

Out of the 40 companies examined in the top 161-200 of the Fortune 500 list, we determined that only Xerox and Bank of New York Mellon maintain an Executive Business Center and Innovation Center respectively. Relevant details are provided in the attached spreadsheet. Below is a brief overview of our findings.


We have performed an individual search on each of the companies listed in top 161-200 of the Fortune 500 list. For each of the companies listed, we searched for any Executive Briefing Center, Client Briefing Center, Customer Visit Center, Innovation Center, and HQ Showrooms located in New York, New Jersey, or Connecticut. After an extensive search, only Xerox and Bank of New York Mellon maintain an Executive Business Center and Innovation Center respectively. Below is a brief overview of our findings.
Xerox has an Executive Business Center located at 485 Lexington Ave., New York, NY 10017. The center was established to give customers and clients a glimpse of how Xerox Services and Technology helps in simplifying the way work gets done. No contact information was provided for the center. However, on the landing page of their Executive Business Center, there is an option to "Contact a Representative".
The Bank of New York Mellon has an Innovation Center which is focused on the adoption and adaptation of emerging technologies and protocols. The center is located at 6023 Airport Rd, Oriskany, NY 13424, USA. Timothy Butcher is the Head of the Central New York Innovation Center for the Bank of New York Mellon with contact details +1 212-495-1784.
After an extensive search, we have ascertained that all the other companies in the list of top 161-200 companies from the Fortune 500 list either do not have a center to host their premier customers/investors or have a center but is situated outside New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut. For example, we found out that the company Halliburton which was ranked 173 on the Fortune 500 list, has an Executive Business Center but is located in Houston, Texas.
In conclusion, out of the 40 companies examined, only Xerox and Bank of New York Mellon maintains a center which hosts their premier customers and partners. Complete details about these companies are provided in the attached spreadsheet.

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