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Compelling Audio and Video Media: Point - Counterpoint

On the subject of bringing together two parties with opposing viewpoints to help them reach a mutual understanding, I've identified seven videos (or video series or playlists) and three podcasts (or podcast series) from the media. You'll find them listed in the spreadsheet as well as below.

10 audio/video media pieces

This video series produced on Youtube brought people with opposing points of view to sit together, discuss, and seek common ground. There are 6 interesting episodes:
1) Atheists And Christians Debate Truth And Belief
2) Liberals And Conservatives Fight Labels And Stereotypes
3) Pro-Choice And Pro-Life Supporters Search For Common Ground
4) Rich And Poor People Seek To Understand Each Other
5) Veterans And Peace Activists Seek To Find Common Ground
6) Cops And Ex-Felons Seek To Find Common Ground

Ten people with different political views (5 Hillary supporters and 5 Trump supporters) are in the same room. They get to know each other before the host reveals the political opinions of each, giving them the chance to see their commonalities rather than judging each other from a place of bias.

This is a video that brought people who support Trump and Hillary sit together in one room to discuss each other's political views. This was published by Buzzfeed Video and has nearly 1 million views on YouTube.

Common Ground is a podcast owned by The Guardian Australia that talks about the most pressing matters in the view of Australians. What's unique about this program is that they attempted to bring up one issue to be discussed with several people with different point of views. Notable episodes:
1) Do we have different conversations about immigration?
2) Does Australia have inequality problem?

This episode on Soundcloud brought progressive feminists and conservatives to sit together. Both parties agreed that the transgender movement could be seen as an effort to undermine women's rights, their privacy, and their safety.

6. Liberal and Conservative Get Handcuffed for 24 Hours

A liberal (woman of color) and a conservative (white male) got handcuffed for 24 hours so that they could discuss their political views and grow to understand the other person's perspective.

7. Avik Roy and Ezra Debate the Senate GOP's health bill

Avik Roy and Ezra Klein discuss the Congressional Budget Office and Senate healthcare bill. Roy is a proponent of the bill, Ezra is an opponent. Through the discussion, they gain a greater understanding of each other's perspective.

Breaking Bread is a playlist made by Fusion channel on YouTube where people from both sides of a controversial issue come together over dinner. There are 5 videos on this playlist:
1) Gun Control Advocates Sit With Gun Rights Supporters
2) Donald Trump Supporters and Muslim Americans Discuss the 2016 Election
3) Is America Too Emotional?
4) Conservative and Transgender Activists Talk Bathroom Bill
5) Jewish Voters argue Israeli politics around a Passover Seder

9. Trump and Clinton Supporters Wear Campaign Gear for a Day

A Trump and Clinton supporters were challenged to wear campaign gear of the opposing candidate for one day. In this video, they expressed their views on each candidate, what they thought about the gear, and told the audience what they experienced during each day.

10. A mother and daughter reunite after not speaking since Trump's election

A mother and daughter were separated due to the difference of political preferences in US election. The daughter decided to break off her relationship with her mom after the election. In this video, they finally decide to reunite together and live with different political views. Published by Business Insider.


To wrap up, I've provided a list of seven videos and three podcasts in which two or more parties with opposing points of view share their opinions in the spirit of greater understanding.