EV Battery Components Suppliers

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Electrical Vehicle Battery Component Suppliers Part 1

Four U.S. companies that sell supplies used in the manufacturing of electric batteries are Technetics Group, Industrial Metal Supply Company, Kendall Electric, and Midwest Steel and Aluminum.

Technetics Group

  • Technetics Group is headquartered in Columbia, SC and is the parent company of eight sealing, critical component design, and manufacturing companies including Helicoflex, Garlock France, Tara Technologies, Technetics, Wide Range Elastomers, Plastomer Technologies, Hydrodyne and Qualiseal Technology.
  • The company operates in many sectors including aerospace, semiconductor, life sciences, and industrial. Products manufactured by the company fall into two broad categories, sealing solutions and pipe and polymer solutions. One of the products manufactured is burst discs.
  • Technetics offers engineering and design solutions to customize products for customers.
  • The company's value proposition is their ability to offer custom solutions.

Industrial Metal Supply Company

  • Industrial Metal Supply is headquartered in Sun Valley, CA, and has six locations in California and Arizona. They are a full line metal distributor servicing Southern California and Arizona, and the company also offers various cutting, sawing, and exporting services.
  • As a full line metal distributor, the company offers aluminum, steel, stainless steel, brass, copper, and other specialty metals. Several of these metals are required as part of the process of manufacturing batteries for electric vehicles. Additionally, they offer a large selection of accessories that complement the metal offerings.
  • The value proposition offered by the company includes same and next day delivery, and stocking over 5,000 products in their stores. The company's tagline is "Metal Made Easy."

Kendall Electric

Midwest Steel and Aluminum

  • Midwest Steel and Aluminum is headquartered in Rogers, MN and offers cut to size metals.
  • The company sells aluminum, stainless, steel, alloy, brass, bronze, and copper metals.
  • Midwest Steel can process metal using plate saw cutting, mold plates, and hydro Accubar Precision Cut.
  • The value proposition offered by Midwest Steel is that they provide the lowest upfront pricing, source from high quality mills, have extensive inventory in stock, are ISO certified, and will ship anywhere in the U.S. or Canada.