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Extract, Transform, and Load (ETL) Software Pricing: Part 1

The majority of the companies' software tools were priced per user, except for Informatica, which provided tier pricing, and Lavastorm, who was inconsistent in pricing. Actual prices were acquired for Ab Initio's four packages, Informatica's tiers, and two out of three of Lavastorm's prices. We searched through various media articles, industry resources, blogs, external vendor websites and research publications to make sure that pricing is not available externally. Unfortunately the information was not publicly available. A such, the remaining tools will likely require calling to request a specific quote. The acquired pricing information can be found below.

Ab Initio

ETL tool Ab Initio has four packages: One, Premier, Elite, and Commercial.

ADMINBASE ONE PACKAGE: Software priced per user at £295. Includes installation and initial three months of support. Additional offers:
-Annual support contract for £99.
-Transfer data from old to new database for £200.

ADMINBASE PREMIER PACKAGE: Monthly support contract is priced per user at £76.60 for one user and £42.55 per user at ten users. Pricing includes the cost of software, installation, and training. Hosting charges include the cost to transfer data from an old to a new database for £25 per user, per month. Additional offers:
-Remote training £400 per day, or on-site training £845 per day.
-Transfer data from old to new database for £500.

ADMINBASE ELITE PACKAGE: Pricing per user; the first user costs £1995 while additional users cost £595 each. Includes installation, three-month letter/report composition, and three months of telephone support. Additional offers:
-Annual contract support for £950
-Training (on-site) for £845
-Data transfer from old to new database starts at £500.

ADMINBASE COMMERCIAL PACKAGE: Pricing per user, £3995 for the first user and £895 per additional users. Includes installation, three-month letter/report customization and three months of telephone support. Additional offers:
- Annual contract support for £1500
-Training (on-site) for £845
-Data transfer from old to new database starts at £500.


NOTE: This company does not disclose prices or packaging details. We recommend contacting the sales or support team to request a quote.

Talend pricing is per user for data integration as well as big data integration. Additional offerings:
-Core-based run-time pricing for ESB (Enterprise Service Bus) and MDM (Master Data Management) components.
-Support for extensive data integration transformations and complex workflows.
-Support for Integration with team collaboration, release management, and tool-based generated documentation.
-30-day fully-functional trails of all stand-alone products.
-Free open-source versions of all products: Data Integration, Big Data, Data Quality, ESB, and MDM.

Informatica ETL

Informatica ETL (sold as Saas) uses annual tier pricing (Tier One is $24 thousand, and Tier Two is $48 thousand). Support is provided by the Informatica moderated community forum and 24/7 live chat. Users can also email the issue if needed.

Lavastorm Analytics Engine (dataverse)

NOTE: This company does not disclose the price for its larger packages. We recommend contacting the sales or their support team to request a quote.

Lavastorm Analytics Engine (Dataverse) has three pricing options, all on an annual, bulk basis.
1) A Desktop version is free
2) "Professional/ Power Desktop" is priced annually at $2000-$3,500. Includes community and email support, annual license term, and unlimited volume. Additional offering:
-Automation at $8,000/year
3) The server version, two variants: "Automation Server" and "Enterprise Server." Has community and email support as well as API and Automation support and remote support.

Hortonworks Hive

NOTE: This company does not disclose pricing or package details for its paid services. We recommend contacting the sales or support team to request a quote.

HortonWorks Data Platform (including component Apache Hive) is fully open-sourced, Apache 2.0 licensed. There are three support plans as well, which include unlimited operational support incidents through development, pilot, staging, and deployment. All are paid annually:
2) HDP ENTERPRISE PLUS: comes with a few additional Apache products
3) FLEX : includes cloud for AWS


Many of the above companies offer varying levels of services, prices, and training for their ETL software. Many include initial support for free, although annual support contracts do carry a fee. Lavastorm and Hortonworks both offer a free version but decline to provide pricing information for their additional packages.
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Extract, Transform, and Load (ETL) Software Pricing: Part 2

While there is no preexisting information to fully answer your question, we found the price details for Oracle Data Integrator and IBM DataStage. Other than this, we found the price per node for Syncsort's DMX-h. Pricing details for Paxata and SAS Data Management could not be found through any publicly available sources. The pricing details for Extract, Transform, and Load (ETL) Software products of these companies including Syncsort, Paxata, and SAS Data Management are only available through consultation via their 'Purchase Department'.

Below you will find a deep dive of our methodology and findings.


To find the requested pricing details, we went through each of the company’s corporate website. Only Oracle provided pricing details publicly available for its Oracle Data Integrator. We then expanded our research to find pricing details of ETL software for other companies. Pricing of IBM products was found through a document with precompiled data. For Syncsort, we found that the company offers two types of ETL software: the DMX and DMX-h. No pricing details were made available through their website or any other public source. They have asked to contact their 'Purchase Department' to get the details. However, we found the cost per node for DMX-h, no other details could be found for the product. Paxata & SAS, do not have any pricing details available to the public; interested clients are advised to get in touch with a consultant to get a quote as per their business need. However, media articles revealed that SAS Data Management pricing is in the '6-7 figure range' as per the 'server size and number of users'. No other details for the pricing details of Paxata were found.

Using this information from companies' websites, media articles, and other sources, we have compiled your findings, outlined below.

Extract, Transform, and Load (ETL) Software Pricing

IBM DataStage

The company's website does not provide information on pricing and asks customers to contact their 'Purchase Department' to get right edition and pricing as per the business needs. However, we found a detailed document with the IBM DataStage prices.

— Price per concurrent user range from $88 to $176/month
— Price per processor value unit (PVU) range from $8.68 to 34.60/month
— Price per install range from $562 to $1,130/month

The available packages include:
— User license, support, and software subscription — $11,475, $13,855, and $23,120
— Price for PVU license, support, and software subscription — $728.5, $424.20, $211.70, $272.90, $594.20, and $181.9
— Install license, support, and software subscription $1,794, $1,080, and $2,678

Full detail for the pricing of IBM DataStage can be accessed here.


Syncsort has two Extract, Transform, and Load (ETL) Software; DMX and DMX-h. DMX, the "full-featured data integration software", helps organizations "extract, transform and load more data in less time, with less money and fewer resources".

DMX-h has been designed to deliver "a complete, end-to-end approach to collect, prepare, blend, transform and distribute data".

The company, Syncsort does not provide pricing details for any of its ETL software products; DMX and DMX-h; the only way to get the details is to contact the company. However, while conducting a general search for the cost of ETL software products, we found the cost per node for DMX-h.

Price per node for DMX-h is $3,900.00, and no other package details for the product is publicly available.

Oracle Data Integrator

We found a price for the Management Pack for Oracle Data Integrator, which is $6,900 per processor license. Price for Data Integrator Enterprise Edition is $30,000, and Data Integrator for Big Data is $3,000.


Unfortunately, we could not find any publicly available pricing details for the Extract, Transform, and Load (ETL) software products of Paxata.

SAS Data Management

Pricing detail for the SAS Data Management is only available 'on request' through consultation. According to an article published on Tech Target, "pricing is based on server size and the number of users". Another article from Data Cleansing Tools revealed that "SAS Data Management pricing is in the 6-7 figure range" and "there are multiple high-end line items on their pricing grids". No other details regarding pricing are made available either through their corporate site or any other trusted media source.


To wrap it up, we have detailed the current pricing of IBM DataStage, Syncsort, Oracle Data Integrator, Paxata and SAS Data Management as requested where the data was available above.
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Business Intelligence (BI) Software Pricing: Part 1


The enterprise pricing details of Tableau, Qlik Sense, DOMO, Microsoft Power BI, and IBM's Cognos Analytics have been provided in the brief below. In addition, we have also provided pricing for QlikView, which is Qlik's other business intelligence software that is primarily intended to be used by software developers. The prices for these business intelligence solutions range from monthly to yearly subscriptions, and Qlik Sense has a token system with which users can use the system.


Tableau has four business intelligence products available. These packages are Tableau Desktop Personal, Tableau Desktop Professional, Tableau Server, and Tableau Online. Their pricing model now includes a monthly subscription model along with a yearly subscription model.

Under the old yearly model, a license for Desktop Personal cost a user $999 a year, and Desktop Professional cost $1,999 a year. Tableau Server cost $10,000 a year with licenses available to 10 people, and Tableau Online was $500 per user per year. Tableau has stated that this old model hasn't been completely eradicated, as they want to be able to accommodate as many people as possible.

More information on the monthly subscription models is as follows:

Tableau Desktop Personal is priced at $35 a month. Tableau Desktop Personal combines database and computer graphics technology, so users can analyze large data sets on a laptop. It includes the "Device Designer" feature released with the update called Tableau 10. Device Designer is a tool that helps users design, customize, and publish optimized dashboards for desktop, tablet, or a phone. Tableau Desktop Personal can only link to the following data sources:

• Google Sheets
• Microsoft Access 2007 or later (Windows only)
• Microsoft Excel 2007 or later
• Spatial files such as ESRI Shapefiles, KML, GeoJSON, and MapInfo files
• Statistical files such as SAS (*.sas7bdat), SPSS (*.sav), and R (*.rdata, *.rda)

Tableau Desktop Personal includes all Tableau updates and support.

Tableau Desktop Professional costs $70 a month. One of the main differences between Tableau Desktop Professional and Tableau Desktop Personal is that the professional version can connect to more files, databases, and web applications. Some of these include Tableau Server Data Sources, Dropbox, MySQL 5.0 or later, and Teradata OLAP Connector 14.10 or later. There are over 50 data sources that Tableau Desktop Professional can link to. The professional version can also publish workbooks and data sources directly to Tableau Server and Tableau Online, which is something Tableau Desktop Personal cannot do. Tableau Desktop Professional also includes all updates and support.

Tableau Server costs $35 a month. This product lets users extend the data created in Tableau Desktop Professional across their business without limiting them to predefined questions, wizards, or chart types. Tableau Server lets users connect to any data source securely, and users can publish and share their data sources as live connections or extracts.

Tableau Online is priced at $42 a month. Tableau Online extracts all data sources which are compatible with Tableau Desktop Professional. It can connect to many data sources, which are either hosted in the cloud or on-premises via the Tableau Bridge client. This client is available with the 64-bit version of Tableau Desktop. Tableau Online's storage is limited to 100 Gigabytes.


Qlik has multiple business intelligence solutions available. These products are the QlikView Enterprise Edition, the QlikView Personal Edition, Qlik Sense Enterprise Edition, Qlik Sense Desktop Edition, Qlik Sense Cloud Basic Edition, and Qlik Sense Cloud Plus Edition. QlikView is intended to be used by very skilled data developers, while Qlik Sense is aimed at users who aren't as skilled or familiar with technology as developers.

QlikView Enterprise Edition doesn't have a price per user that is publicly available, as Qlik prefers that interested businesses contact their sales team to inquire about pricing. This product comes with unlimited capabilities for data access and app development. The Enterprise Edition has access to full support.

The QlikView Personal Edition is free, and this product is only meant to be used by one individual on their personal computer or laptop. Like the Enterprise Edition, the Personal Edition includes all the same features for application development and data access. In addition, access to the software will not expire after a set amount of time and there are no limitations. Support is only available to the Enterprise Edition.

Three additional add-on services are available for its QlikView products. These are:

QlikView Publisher, which is a data reload and distribution service. The license is priced per-server.
Extranet server allows the external use of apps, either through the web or third-party portal solutions. The pricing for this license is based on a combination of server and client access license models.
Information access server is similar to the extranet server as it offers the same external use abilities. The pricing model is also the same.

Qlik Sense Enterprise Edition works on a token system. This system allows tokens to be allocated to a single user who requires frequent access to the product, or to a small group of users who do not access the product frequently. One token will give access to 10 one-hour login sessions, and will replenish after 28 days. One token is priced at $1,500. This edition is installed on site, and the product offers collaborative capabilities to develop applications. The Enterprise Edition has access to full support.

Qlik Sense Desktop Edition is free, and works the same way as the Enterprise Edition. All the Qlik development and data visualization features are available in this edition, and access is unlimited. However, the computer Qlik Sense Desktop is installed on needs to have a direct connection to various data sources, and users are responsible for creating the dashboards. Support is only available to the Enterprise Edition.

Cloud Basic Edition is free. With this product, users don't need to install software to a local machine. Access to developing and sharing applications is limited to five users. Users also have access to the Qlik DataMarket Free package.

The Cloud Plus Edition is priced at $15 per user per month and has no limitations. Users can create and share apps with an unlimited number of people. This edition provides access to the Qlik DataMarket Essentials package.


There are four plans available for the DOMO business intelligence solution. These are the Free Plan, Starter Plan, Professional Plan, and the Enterprise Plan.

The Free Plan is available for free, and provides access for up to 5 users. The package offers 5m rows of data and an hourly refresh rate, which means the software will pull data from connected sources every hour.

The Starter Plan is priced $83 a month, or $996 a year. Up to 20 users have access, and like the free version, the package offers 5m rows of data and an hourly data refresh rate.

The Professional Plan is priced at $160 per month, or $1,920 per year. This product offers 250m rows of data, and the data refresh rate is on-demand. This version includes premium support options.

The Enterprise Plan is priced at $190 per month, or $2,260 per year. This plan offers unlimited rows of data, and the data refresh rate is on-demand. In addition, this version comes with advanced security and HIPPA compliance and includes premium support options.


Microsoft Power BI offers three versions for their business intelligence solution. These versions are Power BI Desktop, Power BI Pro, and Power BI Premium.

The Power BI Desktop version is free. This version connects to hundreds of different data sources, and will clean and prepare data using visual tools, and publish to the Power BI service. Technical support is freely available on their main website.

The Power BI Pro version is priced at $9.99 per user per month. This version allows users to build dashboards, keep their data up-to-date, collaborate on shared data, determine how data is accessed and used, and package their content and then distribute to users with apps. Technical support is freely available on their main website.

Power BI Premium is priced at $4,995 per node per month. This version will distribute and embed content without the user needing to purchase per-user licenses. It will also publish reports on-premises with the Power BI Report Server. Technical support is freely available on their main website.


The IBM Cognos Analytics business intelligence solution has five versions available. These versions are Proof of Concept, Workgroup, Standard, Enterprise, and Hybrid Entitlement.

The Proof of Concept version is priced by quote. This version has a 6-month subscription limit and the offer currently comes with a 50% discount. It also offers access to unlimited users, full product capacity, full spectrum of user capability, access to on-premises and cloud data, and can easily be migrated to a subscription package. This offer does not come with technical support.

The Workgroup version starts at $1,990 per month and excludes any applicable tax rates. This version provides access to a minimum of 25 users and a maximum of 500 users. Other features include self-service governance, shared analytics and visualization, access to 100GB user storage and backup, email delivery and subscribe services, secure and interactive mobile use, access to on-premises and cloud data, guided reports and dashboards, single tenant environment, and technical support.

The Standard Edition starts at $10,100 per month and excludes any applicable tax rates. The Standard Edition comes with all the features in the Workgroup edition. However, the number of users that will be given access is bumped up to 100+, and this version offers 250GB of user storage and backup. It also comes with an additional pre-production environment. In addition, cloud throughout capacity and 250GB of personal cloud storage are available as add-ons for this package. Prices for these two add-ons are only available upon request.

The Enterprise Edition is priced at $19,950 and excludes any applicable tax rates. This version includes all the Standard edition features, including the optional add-ons. It also includes a high performance environment, and the storage and backup limit has been increased to 500GB. A bare-metal server is included in this package.

The Hybrid Entitlement Edition is purchased either with the Standard service or with the Enterprise service.

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Business Intelligence (BI) Software Pricing: Part 2

We have focused on gathering pricing insights for the following companies: Microstrategy, Trifacta, Woopra, SAP Crystral Reports and ClicData. A full outline of the pricing insights gathered and the methodology used can be found below.


To begin, we located three companies from the provided list. Since the first two companies (Microstrategy and Trifacta) have been pre-selected, we utilized the list to locate the additional three companies based on the ones that had pricing information available.

In doing so, we determined that the following companies did not have pricing information readily available on their websites: Sisense, Looker, Google Analytics, Board, Dundas BI, Birst, Flexter, and Citibeats. Additionally, we did not locate any information through review sites, consumer reviews, or trusted media articles that provided sufficient pricing information for any of these products. Furthermore, since Tableau, Domo, Olik Sense, Microsoft Power BI, and IBM Cognos have already been covered in the first part of this project, they were excluded from the list.

Therefore, out of the companies on the list, only Woopra and SAP Crystal Reports had available pricing info that wasn't already covered. In order to acquire information for a third company, we located one that wasn't on the list, ClicData. We chose to focus on this company because they have their pricing information available up front and they are operating in the same market as the companies mentioned above.


MicroStrategy offers four packages to choose from: the Web Package, the Mobile Package, the Architect Package, and the Server Package. Each package can be priced either per user or per CPU core, except for the Architect Package, which can only be priced per user. The pricing layout is as follows:

Web Package: $600 per user; $300K per CPU core.
This package is browser-based and enables users to create and analyze dashboards and reports.

Mobile Package: $600 per user; $300K per CPU core.
This package is mobile-based and can operate on both Apple and Android to enable mobile analytics.

Architect Package: $5,000 per user.
This package features a "set of development and migration tools that automate processes, save time, and manages the application through its life cycle."

Server Package: $1,200 per user; $600K per CPU core.
This package is a "fully featured server infrastructure" that is scalable according to data size and user numbers.

Overview of Product Features:
These packages are targeted towards medium-large enterprises and can either be hosted in the cloud or on premises. A monthly payment option is available. Please note that there is also a free desktop tool available from this company, which allows users to "intuitively access and explore data to create visualizations in minutes."

This product utilizes predictive analytics, advanced analytics and cloud technologies incorporated into their business intelligence software. This software is high performing, self-servicable, and offers solutions for big data obstacles. It also features real-time reporting, enterprise reporting, a dashboard, incorporates agile analytics, and is optimized for mobile use.


Woopra offers seven packages to choose from, not including the Enterprise package (which is priced by quote only as it is designed to scale). Each package can be billed either as a monthly or yearly subscription, and is dependent on the number of actions per month. A free trial version is also available. The pricing layout is as follows:

Monthly Pricing:
30,000 actions per month: Free.
400,000 actions per month: $79.95
1,250,000 actions per month: $199.95
2,500,000 actions per month: $399.95
4,000,000 actions per month: $599.95
7,000,000 actions per month: $899.95
10,000,000 actions per month: $1,199.95

Annual Pricing:
30,000 actions per month: Free
400,000 actions per month: $799.50
1,250,000 actions per month: $1,999.50
2,500,000 actions per month: $3,999.50
4,000,000 actions per month: $5,999.50
7,000,000 actions per month: $8,999.50
10,000,000 actions per month: $11,995.50

Overview of Product Features:
This product allows for AppConnect third-party integration, enables users to analyze information across user-determined segments, create unique reports and consumer profiles, gather data across a variety of platforms (e-mail, help desk, chat, etc), features action triggering, report funneling, CRM integrations (Marketo, Salesforce, Zendesk, etc), and features a dashboard. If offers real-time analytics information, customer/user tracking, and can analyze data from both the web and mobile.


Overall, SAP provides two solutions — a report solution and a server solution. The report solution allows users to "connect to data from any source, design pixel-perfect reports, and distribute insights to virtually any recipient and device." The server solution allows users to access a suite of small business BI tools, including "reports, dashboards, and data exploration." These solutions are priced per user.

SAP Crystal Reports (2016 - full version): $495 per user.
SAP Crystal Reports (2013 - full version): $495 per user.
Upgrade from an older reports solution version to the 2016 version: $295 per user.
SAP Crystal Server (2016 version): $869.00 per user.

Overview of Product Features:
This product is intuitive, features design acceleration, data mash-ups, report wizards, visualization database, report field management, and an autosave feature. It also allows users to edit reports while they are in preview mode, browse data according to field, and customize objects and templates. It has a "repository for component reuse," a project management tool, and automatic patching functions.


Trifacta offers two packages: Trifacta Wrangler Pro, and Trifacta Wrangler Enterprise. However, Trifacta does not disclose their product pricing information on their website and instead requires prospective users to request price quotes using their contact form.

Despite this, we were able to locate some pricing insights via a promotion on Amazon Web Services. According to this information, Wrangler Pro costs $3.81 per hour, or upwards of $25,000 per year (including a 25% discount). However, these are the prices given for using this software via AWS only. It is not clear how these prices differ from the company's overall pricing. Please note that AWS has no pricing information available for Wrangler Enterprise, but states that this is a scalable solution. Therefore, we assume this product is only priced using personalized quotes. Overall, these two solutions appear to have the same overall feature set (i.e. data wrangling). However, the Wrangler Enterprise is designed specifically for larger teams and workloads.


ClicData was chosen as the last product to focus on because it has positive consumer reviews and publicly available pricing information. This product features three different packages, the pricing structures of which can be found below:

Basic Package:
For up to five users: $19 per month (if paid annually) or $25 per month (if paid monthly). This package includes, spreadsheet and social media integrations, 1,000 data refreshes each month, dashboards, publication automation and the ability to add on more users and data refreshes.

Premium Package:
For up to 10 users: $59 per month (if paid annually) or $75 per month (if paid monthly). This includes all the Basic features, "plus Oracle, SQL Server, MySQL," and 5,000 data refreshes.

Team Package:
For up to 25 users: $289 per month (if paid annually) or $345 per month (if paid monthly). This includes all the premium features, plus 15,000 data refreshes per month.


In closing, we have provided an overview of the pricing details for the identified BI software tools. For each, we have provided the criteria details (i.e. price per unit and unit of measure) and any package deals/features included with these packages.

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