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Ethics Compliance Management Providers

We have identified six major ethics and compliance software companies in the US as follows: MetricStream, GAN Integrity, SAI Global, 360Factors, Logic Manager and LogicGate. See below for the methodology used in selecting these companies, and the list of companies including summaries of features of their software solution offerings.


Software solutions similar to those of NAVEX Global and Convercent, generally fall within the scope of GRC (governance, risk management, and compliance) software. However, the areas of compliance offered by companies vary, and very few specify a focus on ethics. We have used the features of NAVEX Global GRC software, provided as an example for guidance, as the benchmark for companies included in this list. Accordingly, the software applications that we focused on were (1) policy management, (2) incident management with whistle-blower facility, (3) third-party risk management and (4) online compliance training. We prioritized larger, more established providers as requested, generally using estimated revenue figures as the companies tend to be private and so under no obligation to disclose their financial results. However, due to lack of companies providing the type of software requested, smaller startups have also been included. As requested we included US-based companies or global companies with offices located in the US.


MetricStream's software solutions offer (1) policy and document management, (2) third-party management and (3) compliance management as well as the following: enterprise risk management, internal audit management, SOX compliance management, regulatory change management, case management, business continuity management, IT risk management, IT compliance management, threat and vulnerability management, regulatory management, NCM and CAPA management, operational audit management and survey management. The company was founded almost a decade ago in 1999 in Palo Alto, California, and makes an estimated annual revenue of $25.3 million.

GAN Integrity

The online compliance product offered by GAN Integrity includes (1) policy management, (2) hot-line and case management for whistle-blower reports, (3) due diligence management for both third-parties and employees, (4) compliance initiative management and (5) employee training. Further to this, GAN Integrity also offers risk assessment, gifts, and entertainment monitoring. GAN Integrity is a fairly new company and was established in 2015 in New York. Its annual revenue is estimated to be around $7 million.

SAI Global

SAI Global offers various capabilities as part of their Compliance 360 GRC Software, which can provide (1) policy management, (2) incident management, (3) third-party risk management, and (4) compliance management. As well as this, gift and hospitality management, internal audit management, enterprise risk management and conflict of interest management are also available. The company has been in business since 1980 and generates an estimated $570.2 million per annum. Although headquartered in Australia, they are a global country with their US compliance office based in Massachusetts.


Predict360, ethics and compliance software from 360factors is a “single integrated ethics, risk and compliance platform” and features (1) policy and procedures management, (2) competency and training, (3) employee hot-line reporting and (4) compliance management. Other features are FCPA compliance, cybersecurity and vulnerability, risk management, anti-bribery compliance, anti-money laundering, regulatory change management, EHS compliance and case and legal management. The Texas-based company was established in 2012 and turns over an estimated $7.3 million per year.

Logic Manager

Logic Manager’s software includes (1) policy management, (2) incident management, (3) vendor due diligence and (4) compliance management. In addition, the software offers enterprise risk management, IT governance and security, financial reporting, business continuity, and audit management. The company was established in 2005, based in Boston, Massachusetts. It is thought to make around $9 million a year in revenue.


LogicGate’s solutions include (1) policy management, (2) incident management and (3) third-party risk management. Additional solutions offered are enterprise risk management, GDPR compliance, and information security risk. This smaller startup was founded in 2015 in Chicago and is thought to turn over less than $1 million in revenue.


Some solutions found did not offer the breadth of the NAVEX Global software solution, but include aspects of the ethics and compliance features requested so may be of interest and have been included below for reference.

The company offers “ethics, safety and fraud hot-line/case management solutions to...clients via the web” and claims to be the “most advanced Case Management Software solution in the industry”.

Syntrio is a well-established provider of “online ethics and compliance training courses”.

Software solutions from I-sight include both ethics and compliance, and human resource investigations. Together these solutions cover whistle-blower reports and hot-line integration, and the HR investigation solution allows for the management and reporting of HR issues such a code of conduct violations, discrimination, and harassment.