ERG Case Studies

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ERG Case Studies

Rockwell Automation and Asurion are some of the international companies with best-in-class ERGs. Details on how the companies' ERGs work, what they do, and how they are beneficial to the companies and employees have been presented in our findings below.

Rockwell Automation

  • Rockwell Automation award-winning ERGs unify employees by the characteristics they share in common, like sexual orientation, disability, ethnicity, and gender. The groups play a vital role in creating a "global network of multicultural, multi-generational employees" focused on upholding the company's business goals and values.
  • Furthermore, the groups offer real-time perspectives on workplace concerns and enable employees to find solutions that improve their skills.
  • The ERGs also offer mentorship to their members, specifically within the Latinx and Black communities.
  • Rockwell Automation also offers financial support to the ERGs to help them actualize their goals and missions while "empowering employees to build relationships, grow personally and professionally while contributing to the company's success."
  • Currently, the company has thirteen ERGs with 56 chapters and over 6,000 active members in twenty countries. The groups are; ADVANCE Young Professionals, African American Professional Network, Cultures Connected, Faith Friendly and Allies, Latinx Professional Network, Military Veteran and Allies Group, Professional Women Council, Rockwell Automation Asia Pacific Employee Resource Group, Rockwell Automation Supporting Women in Engineering, Rock Ability Focusing on Ability within Disability, Rock of Ages, Rockout LBTQ and Allies, RAWiFi Women in the Field.
  • The outstanding contributions and achievements of the company’s ERGs earned it the "2020 Diversity Impact Awards™ Top 25 ERG Award."


  • Asurion’s award-winning ERGs unify employees with common interests for volunteerism, mentorship, networking, and problem-solving. Through these groups, the company understands employees’ unique styles and perspectives. Through these groups, the company also acknowledges that attracting, developing, and retaining diverse talents contributes significantly to the success of the organization and employees.
  • The ERGs have been vital in cultivating a team-work environment with a common goal of helping clients “unlock the possibility of their technology.” The ERGs also promote quick innovation and problem-solving among employees. They also help the company meet the needs of its customers.
  • The ERGs are employee-led, voluntary, and aligned with the company’s goals, values, and mission, and business practices.
  • The outstanding contributions and achievements of the company’s ERGs earned it the "2020 Diversity Impact Awards™ Top 10 Enterprise-Wide ERG Award."
  • Currently, Asurion has ten active ERGs, which are; Mosaic, Experienced Innovators, ¡HOLA!, PRIDE(LGBTQ and Allies), HOPE, Young Professionals, REMOTE, Black Employees Supporting Talent (BEST), Women’s Initiative Network (WIN), and Veterans Service Group.
    • Mosaic empowers the multicultural community through development, inclusion, and appreciation.
    • Experienced Innovators offers support to members who have been working for the company for a significant period. The group provides “insights on hiring and retaining mature professionals and collaborates with other ERGs on generational differences.”
    • HOLA promotes an inclusive workforce. It also helps in hiring, retaining, and developing top Hispanic talent through education and awareness.
    • PRIDE fosters the inclusion, retainment, and camaraderie of the LGBTQ community in the Asurion workforce through training and career development programs.
    • HOPE is committed to supporting differently-abled employees through inspiration, education, awareness, and community involvement.
    • Young Professionals provides support and guidance to employees of any age.
    • REMOTE focuses on strengthening the Asurion workforce by promoting an inclusive workplace between onsite and remote workers through awareness and education.
    • Black Employees Supporting Talent fosters the growth and development of employees who “self-identify as Black, African American, West Indian or as being of African descent.” The group’s activities include mentorship, professional development, and career management.
    • Women’s Initiative Network (WIN) empowers and inspires women to achieve their full potential through professional and personal growth.
    • Veterans Service Group supports the inclusion and retainment of employees who served in the military through education, awareness, and networking. It also serves as a service organization supporting the needy within the surrounding communities.

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