Entertainment Talent Databases Hypothesis

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Entertainment Talent Databases Hypothesis

In general, the industry opinion of entertainment industry talent database usefulness and legitimacy is optimistic. Between media and expert publications, the opinion is, in general, is that talent databases and casting websites can be legitimate resources in the entertainment industry, however, only certain ones are credible and they should not be used as the only source of networking in the industry. Details of our findings have been provided below.

Entertainment Media Outlook Of Talent Databases

Entertainment Professional/Expert Outlook Of Talent Databases

  • According to expert Erin Cronican, an entertainment industry career coach, among professionals, it is understood that while casting websites can be useful, there are more that promise more than they can provide. Generally, if a casting website is offering a one-way ticket to stardom for a fee, they are a scam with little to actually offer.
  • In addition, any databases that are offering principle roles for popular media are most likely only providing links to the casting directors' information, not legitimate targeted opportunities.
  • Experts also state that these databases are available to provide resources to candidates, meaning that the database may be legitimate, however, not every agency will be. The industry standard is to ensure you only work with agencies, verify the agency with two reputable sources, and never deal with an agency asking for money in advance
  • According to experts, there are 8 legitimate top casting websites (listed below) compared to 18 listed by media sources:
  • Another popular opinion by entertainment professionals is that talent databases should be used as one resource in an entertainer's career path, not a job board. Most celebrity reviews surrounding the legitimate websites focus on the resource to knowledge and networking that these databases provide, not the jobs produced through them.

Entertainment Professional Talent Database Reviews

  • Positive:
    • "When I was a waiter and bartender way back, I cast my first short films in Backstage... It was a window into a whole world. I was like, wow, what is that world in Backstage? ... You would see all the films casting in there which was always exciting to me. That’s why I like to do interviews with Backstage... I love Backstage, I’ve been reading it for 30 years." -David O. Russel; Writer, Producer, Director.
    • "Backstage? I am standing here now because of Backstage! I look back and I say, ‘Every single thing I have today is because I picked up Backstage every Thursday.’ It’s such a great thing, a tool that still exists for the actor who wants to act to go out and find like minds." Sandra Bullock; Actress
  • After an exhaustive search of the above-mentioned casting websites, review websites, media publications, and social media, we were unable to find any negative reviews or direct quotes from industry experts regarding talent databases. In addition, the only positive reviews found were directly from the Backstage website. This leads us to believe that it is not a common topic among industry professionals in terms of usefulness or direct review.

Entertainment Candidate Talent Database Reviews

  • Positive:
    • "Hi! My name is Ariona Rose! I have found several jobs through NYCastings and since joining last year I have worked on print, commercial and film projects earning me IMDb credit and representation :)" Ariona Zappaunbulso; NYCasting Member.
    • "Greetings NYCastings Family! I have been using NYcastings service for almost 10 years now! I want to express my gratitude for the countless auditions, bookings in commercials, print, & TV/Video/Film that I have received as a result of this incredible service! I absolutely LOVE Nycastings! I am always sharing great things about Nycastings with aspiring as well as professional actors/models! I am consistently upgrading my modeling and acting career! I feel like a walking billboard of success stories and it's all because of Nycastings. To be completely transparent, When I first started off in the entertainment industry I was discouraged & considered myself an underdog because I was constantly overlooked by agencies and casting directors. With the ability to self submit to major castings via Nycastings, I have had the opportunity to not only be noticed but also to work with many major brands over the years. I am forever indebted to nycastings. I am beyond grateful for this service! Thank you Thank You! You have a subscriber for LIFE! NYCASTINGSIS ONE OF THE BEST CASTING SERVICES OUT THERE!---PERIOD!" Lauren Hoyte; Professional Model.
    • "I absolutely love Allcasting. I have gotten a lot of Bookings in just a couple months!!! There is tons of opportunity on Allcasting site. Highly recommended site to take your career to its highest potential " Sharissa O'Connor; AllCasting Member.
  • Negative:
    • This is some shady crap, human trafficking I presume. Do not apply, it's dangerous!" -Clair Williams, Casting Talent
    • "This app gives a lot of information. But I'm not getting nothing back on all the places I apply for." Denise Brown; AllCasting Member.
    • "They charged me $168.00 after I canceled my membership. Not only would they not issue a refund but they locked my account thus basically stealing my money." James Ventry; Former Backstage Member.

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