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Ensono Overview

Ensono is a managed IT services company that offers hybrid IT solutions to clients such as managed infrastructure, cloud transformation, mainframe and mid-range services, consulting and advisory, and application services. Details regarding its services, revenue, competitive advantage, tagline, marketing channels, and high-level goals have been provided in the attached spreadsheet. Below is a summary of the findings.


  • Ensono's most recent revenue is $205M.
  • The company's competitive advantage is in its "expertise with legacy infrastructure, including mainframe and mid-range environments like AS/400 and iSeries."
  • Another aspect of the company's competitive edge is the fact that it is a Microsoft partner with gold status IT management solutions and was awarded the 2018 Microsoft partner of the year, as well as an SAP-certified partner.
  • The company's tagline is “Operate for today, optimize for tomorrow.”
  • Ensono actively markets its services through its website, customer testimonials published on its site, insights' blog with informative articles regarding its business, and its press releases.
  • The company also actively promotes its services on social media platforms, such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and YouTube.
  • According to an interview with Jeff VonDeylen, CEO of Ensono, conducted by Technori, the company's high-level goals are helping legacies evolve through cloud transformation and prioritizing clients' return on investment.

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Ensono: Competitors, Part 1

Hostway/Hosting, Onica, Flexential Corp, and Long Systems Corporation are Ensono’s competitors comparable in terms of revenue. The attached spreadsheet contains the requested details and a summary presented below.


  • Hostway/Hosting, Onica, Flexential Corp, and Long Systems Corporation have a revenue of $162m, $120m, $172.8m, and $166m, respectively.
  • Hostway/Hosting provides managed cloud services across dependable, safe, and scalable infrastructure. The company competes with Ensono in the provision of managed hosting and cloud services.
  • Flexential Corp provides solutions to infrastructure challenges among businesses facing tough security, compliance, and resiliency requirements. The company competes with Ensono in the provision of infrastructure management, network security, and cloud services

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Ensono: Competitors, Part 2

Onica is a premier consulting partner with expertise in Amazon Web Services (AWS), whose competitive advantage is in its 12 AWS competencies. Hostway Hosting, on the other hand, maintains a large portfolio of managed IT solutions, following its merger and re-branding to a new name, Ntirety. Details regarding their competitive advantages, taglines, marketing channels, examples of recent marketing done, and business goals have been provided in the attached spreadsheet and below is a summary of the findings.

Hostway Hosting, now Ntirety

  • The company has a combined 20 years of experience in managed IT solutions and holds more than 500 high-level certifications.
  • The company's tagline is “creating a future-ready, agile enterprise.”
  • The company actively markets its services through its website, where it runs a blog that features managed IT solutions, white paper publications, case studies, webinars, press releases, and news items.
  • The company also actively promotes its services on social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.
  • The company's goals include focusing on enterprise customers and managing the entirety of its clients' cloud environment solutions.


  • Following its acquisition by Rackspace, a multinational company with reported revenue of $2B, Onica has a larger global reach and pool of resources.
  • The company's tagline is “shaping how the world innovates.”
  • The company's marketing channels include its website and white paper publications. The company also actively promotes its services on social media platforms such as LinkedIn, YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.
  • The company's goals include helping customers innovate through Amazon Web Services and providing a superior customer experience.
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Ensono: Competitors, Part 3

Flexential Corp is a North Carolina-based IT company, whose competitive advantage is in its large portfolio of resources including 40 world-class data centers spread across the US, while Long View System's competitive advantage is in its broad range of services, offerings and partnerships with technology conglomerates, such as VMware and Cisco. Details regarding their competitive advantages, taglines, marketing channels, examples of recent marketing done, and business goals are found in the attached spreadsheet.

Flexential Corp

  • The company has significant access to the Asia Pacific region through its sub-sea cables that connect Asia and the West coast of the US, giving its customers a greater and competitive connectivity base.
  • The company's tagline is “the power of people in a technical world.”
  • The company actively markets its services through its website, customer testimonials published on its website, white papers, webinars, service brochures, a blog providing articles detailing the company's products and services, and publication of IT industry insights.
  • The company also actively promotes its services on social media platforms, which include LinkedIn, YouTube, Twitter, and Facebook.
  • The company's goals include offering solutions targeted towards hyper-scale clients and seeking technology and innovation opportunities to enhance customer solutions.

Long View Systems Corporation

  • Long View Systems has registered 2 trademarks in education and entertainment categories.
  • The company's tagline is IT brings you technology. Long View delivers you solutions."
  • The company actively markets its services through its website, client testimonials, a blog that features articles on the company's business, and press releases.
  • The company also actively promotes its services on social media platforms including Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, and LinkedIn social media platforms.
  • The company's high-level goals include building a 100-year journey and incorporating all current and future technology shifts with a particular focus on artificial intelligence, blockchain, the internet of things, and mixed reality to manage their impact and obtain a competitive edge.
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Ensono Leadership

The CEO of Ensono is Jeff VonDeylen, the CMO is Lisa Agona, Marc Capri is president, Mark McGee is vice president of sales, and William Flannery is EVO, COO.


  • Jeff VonDeylen is the CEO of Ensono.
  • VonDeylen has a bachelor of science degree in accountancy from Miami University.
  • He began his career as a controller for LCI International in 1994 and stayed in that position until 1999 (LCI International was acquired by Qwest Communications, so this position is listed twice on LinkedIn).
  • In 2003, VonDeylen became the chief financial officer of Savvis. He held several positions at Savvis, including senior vice president of global operations and service from 2009 to 2012, and president from 2012 to 2015.
  • He held the position of CEO of Acxiom IT for about six months (August 2015 to January 2016) before becoming the CEO of Ensono in January 2016.
  • VonDeylen has been the CEO of Ensono for four years.


  • Lisa Agona is the CMO of Ensono.
  • Agona has a bachelor of arts degree in economics from West Virginia University and an MBA in management from Columbia University's Columbia Business School.
  • She began her career as a management trainee for the Republic National Bank of New York and held several positions including assistant vice president and branch manager (1988-1993), associate managing director of consumer credit (1993-1996), and vice president of marketing (1996-1999). Overall, she spent nine years at this company.
  • In 2001, Agona became the global head of marketing, capital markets for Accenture, a position she held for six years.
  • She then moved on to LexisNexis, where she was first the vice president of marketing, risk solutions for two years and then the chief marketing officer, risk solutions for five years.
  • Agona was an independent advisor for a year before joining Acxiom IT as SVP, chief marketing officer, a position she held for five months before moving to Ensono as SVP, chief marketing officer.
  • Agona has been the CMO of Ensono for four years.


  • Marc Capri is president of Ensono.
  • Capri has a bachelor's degree in information science and technology from Drexel University.
  • Out of college, Capri worked for the e-business outsourcing department at AT&T for a year before moving to Exodus Communications, where he worked as the director of consulting engineering for another year.
  • For the next two years, Capri was employed as the director for solutions engineering and technical strategy for Cable & Wireless.
  • In 2003, Capri became the director of technical sales management for CenturyLink Technology Solutions, a position he held for a year. He was then promoted to vice president of professional services — northeast and finance and media verticals. He remained in this position for three years.
  • Capri held three additional positions at CenturyLink Technology Solutions, which were vice president of global hosting services (2007-2009), vice president, global head of service management (2009-2012), and senior vice president of global advanced services (2012-2015).
  • In August 2015, Capri became the vice president of sales and marketing at Ensono before becoming president in June 2017. Overall, he has been at Ensono for nearly three years.

Vice President of Sales


  • William Flannery is EVP, COO of Ensono.
  • Flannery has a bachelor of science degree in engineering from Lehigh University and a dual MBA in business administration and information technology from Fordham University's Graduate School of Business Administration.
  • His first position out of college was head engineer at HDR, but after a year and nine months, he was promoted to senior manager of IT systems, where he remained for two years.
  • Flannery became program director at Exodus Communications for nearly two years and then moved to Cable & Wireless IDC, where he was the senior director of professional services — East for two and a half years.
  • At Savvis Communications, Flannery was senior director, consulting — East and financial services for nearly four years and then global sales director for media and entertainment for another four years.
  • In January 2012, Flannery was named VP global head of implementation services and customer loyalty at CenturyLink Technology Solutions, a position he held for almost four years.
  • In November 2015, he was hired as senior vice president of business innovation and consulting at Ensono. He held that position for a year before becoming the SVP operations. After two and half years, he became executive vice president of global operations and finally moved to his current position of EVP, COO in December 2019.
  • Overall, Flannery has been with Ensono for just over four years.
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Ensono SWOT

A marketing strategy is defined by the company's brand/reputation development, the target consumer base, value proposition, and product offered. Marketing strategies can be understood via the company's 4 Ps — product, price, place, and promotion. These aspects of the marketing strategy are used to frame and identify the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats in relation to Ensono's marketing strategy.


  • Regarding product, Ensono markets to a diverse consumer market with hybrid technology options. Hybrid technology is at the forefront of technology innovation, making this specialty a strength for Ensono. Products offered are a wide range of technology-based solutions to optimize costs, performance, and risk for IT ventures. Additional products assist consumers in modernizing IT processes or moving processes to cloud technology.
  • Ensono's website offers multiple options with pricing flexibility, making their pricing market strategy attractive to a more diverse market. Price is often a strong factor in purchase decisions for hybrid IT, so offering flexibility is a strength.
  • Regarding place, Ensono's marketing strategy targets global companies and consumers, making their market reach a strength. The company is based in the United States but has contact information for support in four countries, showing diverse availability.
  • Ensono's promotion strategy approach is rooted in the tag line "Operate for today, optimize for tomorrow." The company highlights press releases that support this business tag line/motto, to demonstrate the company's ongoing alignment with this mission.
  • The promotion marketing strategy of using multiple social media sites, such as Facebook and LinkedIn, is an additional strength by appealing to multiple generations and increasing brand recognition.


  • Ensono's specific product offerings are unclear on the website's main page. The technical jargon used would be sufficient for highly experienced IT professionals to navigate. This marketing approach may miss potential consumers with less technology knowledge and experience, such as start-ups or small businesses.
  • Ensono's specific pricing options are not publically available, which can be a deterrent for potential consumers looking to compare options. Price is often a factor in decision-making, so this weakness could limit potential expansion and revenue.
  • Ensono notes a global presence as its marketed place, yet the website viewing options for specific countries are limited to the United States and the United Kingdom. It may be difficult for other countries to determine how Ensono markets to their needs.
  • Regarding promotion, Ensono falls short in identifying their financial status and projection. Specific information regarding Ensono's financial status is not easily found on the website, and consumers need to sign up for the email list to obtain this information. This may deter consumers who are information-gathering but not ready to commit to a company yet.


  • Regarding product, hybrid IT is a growing field. The term hybrid IT continues expanding in complexity, new systems, and increasing functions using cloud technology. Ensono has an opportunity to stay ahead of the field growth by devoting resources to monitoring trends and predicting future needs, which can be incorporated into the products offered. For example, hyperconvergence, AI, and disaster-recovery products are predicted to grow in demand in the near future.
  • Regarding price, Ensono advertises flexible pricing options. Making the pricing options more transparent is an opportunity to appeal to potential consumers, as price continues to grow as a significant decision factor for companies purchasing hybrid IT services.
  • Ensono notes a marketing strategy to include global consumers. The field of hybrid IT is growing as a global need, so gearing marketing strategies to appeal globally is a strong opportunity. Structuring the website and information to appeal to additional countries is an opportunity to gain business from countries that are expanding in technology use. For example, India's spending in cloud infrastructure technology was predicted to increase by 34.5% from 2018-2019, and this continues to grow. This makes India an example of a country where Ensono has market opportunity.
  • Ensono has an opportunity to promote consumer service by expanding the help options on the website. The link "Let's talk" navigates to an email option and phone numbers. Adding a 24/7 chat option for support likely would be a draw for consumers, as this can provide a sense of security for when things go wrong. As the use of artificial intelligence (AI) is increasing for hybrid technology, Ensono could use AI as an opportunity to provide 24/7 support without employing additional persons.


  • Hybrid IT products often are viewed with distrust in relation to security concerns connected to the cloud. The need for "disaster-recovery" services in relation to hybrid IT is a growing trend. Not advertising these services clearly can be a threat to Ensono's product offering. This threat may be mitigated by Ensono advertising ways they plan to increase security to stand out above others.
  • The lack of pricing transparency is a threat for Ensono. Cost is among the primary considerations for companies choosing a cloud/hybrid IT provider, so lack of pricing information can be a threat to obtaining new consumers. It is predicted that 75% of organizations will be utilizing hybrid cloud technology by the end of 2020, and not having pricing information for cost comparison may lead to companies looking to other providers.
  • The lack of promoting a 24/7 support option is a threat for Ensono's marketing strategy. Some of Ensono's primary competitors, such as Hostway, have "live chat" options which may set them apart from Ensono. As disaster-recovery concerns are growing, Ensono could market 24/7 support as a resource for immediate support in times of technology disaster.

Research Strategy

Research began with a review of the components of marketing strategies. Once an effective framework for communicating marketing strategy aspects was identified, the company website was analyzed for information fitting into each component — the four Ps of product, price, place, and promotion. Additional research was conducted to evaluate factors contributing to choice of hybrid IT services, changes in the field of hybrid IT, and projected trends for hybrid IT. This information was related to the 4 Ps of the marketing strategy framework.