Engineering, Construction, and Security Companies

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Engineering, Construction, and Security Companies: Part 1

After careful evaluation of each of the eight assigned companies, it was found that none of them made purchases related to vehicle access control or an under-vehicle inspection system. Apart from Global Access Control Systems and Global Grab Technologies, the other six companies have acquired notable contracts since 2016.

Bechtel Group

  • Earlier this month (December 2019), Bechtel Group was selected by Serbia’s government to develop and build the “first 5G-ready motorway” in the country’s West Morava river valley. The company will also develop a flood defense system to ensure the area around the carriageway is protected from erosion, flooding, and water pollution. Bechtel Group is the first contractor from the United States to acquire a large infrastructure project in Serbia.
  • In 2018, Bechtel Group was selected as a project management contractor to oversee the development of the Horizon Nuclear Power project in Wales, United Kingdom.

Caddell Construction

  • In 2019, Caddell Construction acquired a contract with Fortune 500 company, Johnson Controls for the design and construction of a steam production and distribution system for the U.S. Atlantic Fleet. According to the contract, Caddell will be responsible to develop a new piping system that will improve system resiliency and reliability “in direct support of the NSN mission”.
  • Caddell Construction acquired another contract this year by the United States Department of State’s Bureau of Overseas Buildings Operations for $223.8 million to build the U. S embassy Compound in the Bahamas.


  • In 2019, McDermott International acquired a contract for up to $50 million by Qatar Petroleum to manage the front-end engineering and design operations for offshore pipelines, wellhead platforms, and cables that are related to the North Field Expansion project.
  • McDermott also announced this year of acquiring a contract with Chennai Petroleum Corporation Limited for basic engineering design, proprietary catalyst supply, and license for a polypropylene plant in Tamil Nadu, India.

Convergint Technologies

  • SigNet Technologies, one of Convergint Technologies’ companies, acquired a 10-year contract of $968.1 million with the United States Navy in September 2019. According to the contract, SigNet Technologies will be responsible to install surveillance, intelligence, computers, communications, control, command, and reconnaissance platforms at the U.S. Navy’s service branch’s facilities across the world.
  • In 2016, Convergint Technologies acquired a technology solutions contract from a national government purchasing entity, the National Cooperative Purchasing Alliance (NCPA). Under the contract, Convergint Technologies was responsible for providing 20,000 line items consisting of partner offerings, system monitoring, installation, service labor, and Customer Support Programs (CSP).

Fluor Corporation

  • In 2018, Fluor Corporation obtained a contract from LNG Canada to provide engineering operations, procurement, and construction for its facility in Kitimat, British Columbia.
  • The same year, one of Fluor’s affiliate companies, Stork, acquired a three-year contract from Shell UK Limited under its diversified services business segment. Under the contract, Stork was responsible for providing technical expertise and onshore support in mechanical, electrical, inspection, and offshore leadership positions.

G4S Technology USA

  • Since 2016, G4S Technologies USA acquired only one contract. In 2017, G4S was awarded a five-year contract with Canada’s Halifax Stanfield International Airport to provide various security services. Under the contract, G4S would offer on-site security personnel at strategic locations, training, scheduling, supervision, management, and labor duties for the Airport Authority’s Operations Center.

Global Access Control Systems

Global Grab Technologies

  • The most recent contract acquired by Global Grab Technologies is its $63 million services and maintenance contract awarded by the United States Army Engineering and Support Center in Huntsville to provide various services at OCONUS and CONUS Department of Defense installations in 2013.

Research Strategy

To evaluate the eight assigned companies for information pertaining to vehicle access control and/or under-vehicle inspection system purchases since 2016, we began by looking through each company’s official website, annual reports, press releases, and company presentations. After an exhaustive search through these channels, we found no information pertaining specifically to vehicle access control or UVIS for Bechtel Group, Caddell Construction, CB&I/McDermott, Convergint Technologies, Fluor Corporation, G4S Technology USA, Global Access Control Systems, and Global Grab Technologies. While each company acquired several notable contracts over the years, none of them were related to vehicle access control or UVIS. We then expanded our search to include industry-specific reports, market research reports, and media articles for any information from company executives that could provide data on the purchase of UVIS and/or vehicle access control by the eight companies. However, we found no information on the subject for the period 2016-2019. We have thus, provided some notable contracts acquired by each company since 2016.
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Engineering, Construction, and Security Companies: Part 2

None of the companies listed in this request purchased either a vehicle access control and/or an under-vehicle inspection system. However, since some of them operate in the security, screening, and vehicle inspection industry, they have been awarded some vehicle inspection contracts since from to date.

OSI Systems

Jacobs Engineering Group

PCL Construction

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Engineering, Construction, and Security Companies: Part 3

Securitas Electronic Security has made a series of strategic acquisitions of companies providing control access systems products and services. None of the other companies in this request's research criteria have purchased either a vehicle access control and/or an under-vehicle inspection system (UVIS). We have provided some of the publicly-available contracts awarded to the companies.

Securitas Electronic Security

Skanska USA

Smiths Detection USA

  • Smiths detection did not purchase either a vehicle access control or an under-vehicle inspection system from 2016 to date. Still, the company has been awarded a number of lucrative contracts within this period.
  • In May this year, the company was awarded a contract by Gold Coast Airport to enhance the airport's cabin bag screening using advanced Tomography screening systems.
  • In November 2019, Smiths Detection security solutions were tried at the Chengdu Shuangliu International Airport in China.
  • In September this year, the company was awarded a $96.8 million contract by the Transportation Security Administration to provide checkpoint CT systems.
  • In September 2019, Smiths Detection got its largest-ever HBS order confirmed by Aena.

Turner Construction

Tusco, Inc

Yates Construction


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