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Residential HVAC Manufacturers

The demand for heating, ventilation, air-conditioning (HVAC) equipment globally is forecast to increase by about 4% per year, up to $122 billion by 2020. Compiled below is the list of top residential HVAC manufacturers in the world ranked by revenue.


In order to identify the top residential HVAC manufacturers in the world, we began the search by locating lists of well-known HVAC manufacturers distinguished by recognition and popularity. Then by using the report from First Research, we have identified the leading companies from the United States, Germany, Japan and China. Using these entries, we checked their revenue using Owler and listed their top competitors. Then to be able to get the top manufacturers, we selected the companies which are consistently the top competitor, checked whether they manufacture HVAC equipment for residential buildings and houses and then we ranked them by revenue. Topping the list below is the company with the highest revenue.

#1. Johnson Controls

Johnson Controls is located in Milwaukee, Wisconsin and their revenue is $30.5B. The company manufactures HVAC equipment that provide efficient and reliable solution for any establishment, big or small, residential or office building, anywhere in the world.

#2. Trane

Trane is located in Dublin, County Dublin and their revenue is $9.4B. They provide ventilating and air conditioning systems, heating and building management systems. Their products are tested to withstand any harsh condition.

#3. Goodman Manufacturing Company

Goodman Manufacturing Company is located in Jersey Village, Texas and their revenue is $4B. Their units are designed, engineered and assembled in the United States.

#4. Lennox International

Lennox International is located in Richardson, Texas and their revenue is $3.8B. The company provides innovative and customized climate control solutions for heating, air conditioning and refrigeration applications for an ideal home environment.

#5. Nortek

Nortek is located in Providence, Rhode Island and their revenue is $2.6B. They manufacture and supply cooling and heating systems both for commercial and residential applications.

#6. Tecumseh

Tecumseh is located in Ann Arbor, Michigan and their revenue is $674.4M. They manufacture hermetic compressors and condensing units available for residential and commercial refrigeration and air conditioning applications.

#7. Danfross

Danfoss is located in Nordborg, South Denmark and their revenue is $483.5M. The company produces products and services such as heating and air conditioning for multi-family buildings and single family houses.

#8. Aaon

Aaon is located in Tulsa, Oklahoma and their revenue is $392.7M. They design, manufacture and sell semi-custom HVAC equipment both for residential and commercial industries to create comfortable and healthy indoor environment.

#9. Carrier

Carrier is located in Farmington, Connecticut and their revenue is $100M. The company manufactures and distributes HVAC systems. They combine expertise and technology to come up with integrated solutions for a consistent comfort at home.


To wrap it up, the top residential HVAC manufacturers in the world are Johnson Controls, Trane, Goodman, Lennox, Nortek, Tecumseh, Danfross, Aaon and Carrier.