Email Addressees Search

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Email Addressees Search

After an extended search, using email finder/verifier apps, company directory lists, and websites, not all the email addresses listed could be verified. Nonetheless, the status of each email address is presented below.

Nick Robinson

  • SAP's Nick Robinson's email account was verified using Rocket Reach and Apollo, which are email finder apps. To access the embedded links, an individual must create an account with each app. However, a free account with Rocket Research allows visitors to view the link and obtain a maximum of five searches a month, while one with Apollo grants a 14-day free trial.

Karine Elsen

  • Cisco's Karine Elsen's email account was verified using the site US Company Data and Apollo. US Company Data is a free database that boasts information on over 15 million companies in the United States. No information was available in the public domain for the email address at

Sarah Schreiner

  • ADP's Sarah Schreiner's email address could only be verified using Apollo and the email finding app Get Email, which requires a registration process to use it or view the results. Moreover, her website (created in 2015) suggests that she may be reached at

Randy Fahrbach

  • The email address randy.farbach@logmein was verified using email finder apps such as Get Email and Apollo.
  • was verified using email-finder app Get Email and from his spirit-science website 11th Step Meditation
  • No information on or was available. Attempts to triangulate this information, such as searching through an employee directory for the listed company and scanning guest blog posts in search of instances of provided contact information, proved futile. It is possible that the individual no longer works at the associated organizations.

Danny Nail

  • No information on was available. Moreover, no information relating a Danny Nail to Cisco was available in the public domain. However, a Danny Nail who is the head of account-based marketing for SAP is on LinkedIn, and an email address ( verified by this SAP created sample website and the email-finder app Get Email.

Tim Randall

  • was verified using Apollo and Get Email.
  • could only be verified using Snovio, a marketing tool that allows for the verification of email addresses. Visitors must register an account to utilize Snovio.
  • No information on tim@extrahop was available. Apart from being listed under past work experience in his LinkedIn profile, no link between Tim Randall and Extrahop was available in the public domain. The assumed reason for this is that the individual no longer works for the associated organization.

Masha Finklestein

John Goode

  • could only be verified by Apollo. All other tools used categorized the email as unverifiable.

Meagen Eisenberg

  • was verified using Apollo and Email Checker, a web-based email-verification app.

Santy Gounder

  • There is no information in the public domain about anyone named Santy Gounder, the head of demand generation at Datamatics.

Jeff Lefevre

  • was verified by Snovio listed it as Jeff Lefevre's email as well, but the site categorized it as unverifiable. The information could not be verified by Get Email as well due to paywall restrictions.

Dan Martinez

  • No information on was available in the public domain nor on any of the email finder/verifier tools used.

Dakoda Anderson

  • could only be verified by Apollo.

Research Strategy

Our search began by simply searching for the email addresses listed. When that did not yield any results, we switched to using email finder/verifier apps, and if those sources could not provide the necessary information, we scoured guest blog posts for instances where the owners of the listed addresses provided any contact information. Also, we searched for company directory lists when we could not obtain information from the former methods.

We assume the reason for this is a need for privacy on the part of the individuals listed in the strategy.