Electrical Sectionalizer Market in the U.S.

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Sectionalizers - US Market Size

The size of the North American market for sectionalizers was found to be $424.8 million. The market is currently being driven by the recent revival of the technology sector and the thriving water treatment industry.

Market Size

  • The global market size of sectionalizers is projected to reach $1.2 billion by year-end 2020.
  • According to a recent study by Business Industry Reports, the North American region is currently the largest market for sectionalizers.
  • In 2014, the North American region held a 35.4 percent market share of the global sectionalizer market.
  • The US market size for medium voltage equipment consisting of sectionalizers, circuit reclosers, surge arresters, and other similar power distribution devices was valued at $3.8 billion in 2019.

Research Strategy

To determine the current market size of sectionalizers in the United States, we reviewed several industry reports on sectionalizers from trusted publishers, such as MarketsandMarkets, Newton-Evans, and Business Industry Reports. Although this approach provided us with the global market size for sectionalizers, we were unable to identify any credible source that specifically details the market size of sectionalizers in the United States.
Next, we decided to triangulate the missing data by identifying readily available statistics we can use to estimate the US segment of the market. Specifically, we sought to determine the proportion of global sectionalizers that is sold in the US. Utilizing this approach, we were only able to determine the proportion of global sectionalizers that was sold in the North American region in 2014. Based on these findings, we were able to triangulate the size of the North American segment of the market.

The calculation is presented below:
  • Global sectionalizer market = $1.2 billion.
  • Market share for the North American region = 35.4 percent in 2014.

Assuming the market share remained constant to date, we can safely estimate the market size for the North American segment to be = 35.4/100 * $1.2 billion = $424.8 million.

We were unable to find any additional source that provided a further breakdown for the US market as it appeared to be unavailable after an exhaustive search of paywalled and free industry reports. The following paywalled reports may have more useful information:
  • Overview of the 2017-2020 U.S. Transmission and Distribution Equipment Market — published by Newton-Evan Research Company (2020).
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Sectionalizers - Top Manufacturers (US)

Sectionalizers work in tandem with reclosers to serve an important part of allowing consistent power flow with minimal costly interruptions. While difficult to quantify financial results specific to these products, we were able to identify the top manufacturers in the U.S.

Determining Top U.S. Manufacturers

  • A 2018 TechSci Research report identifies some leading manufacturers in the U.S. recloser market to be Schneider Electric, Cooper Industries (acquired by Eaton in 2012), Entec, ABB, Eaton, G&W, Noja Power, Hubbell, S&C, Ghorit and Tavrida Electric.
  • A September 2017 Fact.MR market research report points to Schneider Electric, Eaton Corp. and ABB as some of the top players in the global sectionalizer market.
  • A 2018 report by MarketsandMarkets identifies some top global manufacturers of reclosers and sectionalizers to be Schneider, Eaton, ABB and NOJA Power.
  • A November 2019 report by Maximize Market Research identifies the key players in the global market for reclosers and sectionalizers, They are ABB, Schneider Electric, Eaton, Siemens, Hubbell, Tavrida Electric, Entec, Noja Power and G&W Electric.
  • Of all identified top manufacturers in the global market, only four effectively operate its manufacturing out of the U.S.: Eaton, Hubbell, S&C and G&W.


  • Eaton's corporate headquarters is in Ireland, though its operational headquarters is in Ohio. It acquired Cooper Industries in 2012 and now sells sectionalizer products through its Cooper Power series.
  • Eaton has manufacturing facilities all over the world. So, it is unclear just where its sectionalizers are produced.
  • There is no publicly available revenue or market share for Eaton's sectionalizer products. Eaton does report revenue by business segment. Sectionalizers could fall under the Electrical Products segment and the Electrical Systems and Services segment, depending on the specific product.
  • 2019 revenue for the Electrical Products and Electrical Systems and Services segments was $7.1 billion and $6.3 billion, respectively.
  • In the U.S. alone, revenue for the Electrical Products and Electrical Systems and Services segments was $4.3 billion and $4.1 billion in 2019, respectively.

Hubbell Power Systems, Inc. (HPS)

  • HPS manufactures its sectionalizers in Leeds, Alabama. (It is only at this plant that it is noted that sectionalizers are made. HPS has links to all plant information here.)
  • HPS's parent company, Hubbell Incorporated, recognized $407.4 million in net income from $4.6 billion in net sales in 2019.
  • The HPS business group alone recognized $2.0 billion in net sales in 2019.
  • Sales of sectionalizer products alone are not publicly available.

S&C Electric Company (S&C)

G&W Electric

Research Strategy

We looked at several market research reports that identified top global manufacturers of sectionalizers and then determined which ones operated out of the U.S. Each company's website was scoured for financial information. When unavailable, a search was done for publicly available estimates.