Eimantas Didzbalis

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Eimantas Didzbalis

Eimantas Didzbalis is a vocal coach and the founder of Fortivitum. He currently lives in Ireland.


  • Eimantas Didzbalis currently lives in Ireland.
  • He may have some ties to Lithuania, based on a picture of him taken at a Lithuanian charity event in Dublin.


  • Very limited information on the educational background of Didzbalis was available, however, it was discovered that he completed the educational program at the Bel Canto School of singing.

Professional Experience

  • Didzbalis was a co-trainer and team leader at Synergy Olde Vechte Foundation from October 2015 to January 2018, where he led personal development trainings.
  • He currently works as a Voice Coach at the Olde Vechte Foundation.
  • As part of his work at the Olde Vechte Foundation, he is a trainer for their Training for Trainers program.
  • He is also listed as an independent vocal trainer on his LinkedIn profile, which he has been doing since January 2013.
  • Didzbalis collaborated with the vocalist Edwin Williamson on a number of tracks entitled (JackndVox).

Social Profiles

Business Information

  • Didzbalis is the founder of FortiVitum spray vitamins.
  • He launched the company after becoming frustrated with nutrition products on the market due to their ineffective delivery systems, confusing directions, or time-consuming regimens.
  • While he had the idea for the product, it was developed by a team of researchers, nutritionists, doctors and pharmacists.
  • The company was launched in 2016 and is based in Dublin, Ireland.

Research Strategy

Very little information was found about Eimantas Didzbalis, especially about his personal background and educational background.

In order to identify information about Didzbalis, we first reviewed his social media profiles looking for information about his personal relationships and educational background. This provided information about his vocal couching career, but not much about his personal and educational background.

We then switched gears and reviewed the websites and social media sites of companies Didzbalis has worked for, hoping they would provide more information about him in their staff bio sections. While this provided some more information about his ties to a singing school and information about his vocal couching projects, it did not provide any information about his personal background.

Lastly, we reviewed information about Fortivitum, looking for a tie between the company and Didzbalis. While we were able to determine that Didzbalis was the founder of the company, limited additional information was available.