EGX demographics

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EGX Demographics

The 2017 Eurogamer Expo (EGX) in the United Kingdom (UK) attracted approximately 80,000 visitors, the highest attendance on record. Out those that attended this event, it is likely that 52% are male and 48% are female. It is likely that most of the people who attended were 21-35 (35%), followed by those aged 36-50 (29%), 10-20 (22%), and then 51-65 (14%). Based on our findings, it is also likely that these attendees prefer to play on Consoles and attend events to make new friends and shop. While precise statistics were unavailable, we were able to provide a thorough breakdown of our findings, strategy, and limitations. What follows is a breakdown of likely demographics of the visitors by age, gender, the reason for attendance, and whether the visitors primarily play on a Console or Personal Computer (PC).

Research approach and Assumptions

To begin with, a comprehensive search of publications, reports, press releases, and articles from or about the UK's EGX revealed that the festival has not availed any demographic data on its attendees. The information search scope was, therefore, widened to cover gaming event industry data based on the reasonable assumption that these events attract attendees with similar characteristics globally. Specifically, industry level demographic data related to the reason for attending gaming conventions is assumed to apply to UK's EGX.

Secondly, the unavailability of age-related demographic data at the event industry level necessitated an analysis of the age demographics of UK gamers. This was based on the reasonable assumption that the UK's EGX attendees primarily hail from the gaming community because the festival is described as the "UK's largest games show." Finally, data on whether UK's EGX visitors primarily play on Consoles or PCs was similarly lacking which required a comparison of sales of Consoles compared to PCs in the UK. Console vs PC sales to gamers is reflective of the ratios for gamers' platforms of choice to form a reasonable basis of assumption for similar demographics with regard to gaming event attendees.


Reason for attending the EGX

According to an article published by Eventbrite, a global leader in online publishing of events data, gaming conventions such as the UK's EGX fall under the umbrella of "Fandom conventions." Apart from gaming, these events are also held to acknowledge "comics, anime and pop culture," and attract a loyal fan base. Surveys of these fans reveal that the majority or approximately 70 percent of them attend Fandom events to shop. In addition to shopping, 65 percent of these fans cited meeting new friends as another major reason for attending. It is, therefore, reasonable to assume that visitors to the UK's EGX go there to shop and make new friends.

Age and Gender demographics of UK's EGX visitors

With 32.4 million gamers who were projected to spend $4.2 billion in 2017, the UK games market is the fifth largest globally. Consumer insights from NewZoo, a gaming analytics provider, reveal that the gender profile of active gamers in the UK is 52% masculine and 48% feminine which is likely similar to the UK's EGX attendees.

Twenty-two percent of these overall active gamers are aged 10-20. Of this 22%, 12% are male and 10% female. Another 35% of overall gamers are aged 21-35, with 18% being male and 17% female. An additional 29% of overall gamers are aged 36-50, with 15% being male and 14% female. The remaining 14% of overall gamers are 51-65 years old, evenly split by gender. As the UK's largest games show, it is reasonable to conclude that the above demographics of UK gamers are likely similar for UK's EGX visitors.

Whether EGX visitors play games on a Console of PC

Data published by on the Global Games Market, which has a heavy UK focus, indicates that although global gaming sales of Consoles to PCs are almost even at 29% and 28% respectively, in the UK, PC gaming sales comprise a mere 1.3% compared to 81.8% for Console gaming. This is reflective of the fact that the UK gaming market has a tradition of playing on Consoles, which makes the case for assuming that the majority of the UK's EGX attendees likely play games on a Console.


Visitors to the UK EGX are likely 52% male compared to 48% female, and likely attend to shop and make new friends. Around 22% of them are likely aged 10-20, 35% of them are likely 21-35, 29% of them are likely 36-50 while 14% of them are likely aged 51-65. Finally, most of UK's EGX visitors likely play games on a Console as opposed to a PC.