Effective Team Building Activities

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Team-Building Activities

The additional team-building activities for employees are What’s On Your Desk, Group Timeline, Team Shield, and Lego Building Challenge.


  • This is a one-hour activity that requires materials such as paper, pens, and other objects.
  • The activity needs to have small groups only.
  • To execute the activity, participants are instructed to bring any item from their desk not knowing what is that item for. The random item will be used as their improvised new product to present to all with logo, business plan, or slogan.
  • The "What's on the Deck?" activity promotes proper marketing strategy using imaginative thinking. This exercises proper business marketing whereas a participant make use of freedom to create new ideas and run them.


  • This is a one-hour to two-hours activity that requires materials such as poster board, pins, paper, and pens.
  • The activity requires any small groups only.
  • To execute the activity, participants are tasked to create an empty timeline on poster board blank and each of them is instructed to write down four important events in life like wedding, birthdays, etc. with the date in a separate paper. The participants should work together to complete the timeline by pinning each paper in the correct spots.
  • "This activity is a unique way to put things into perspective for employees. Whether it’s the priorities people used to decide when to undertake these key moments, or generational differences based on ages, this timeline is a great display of the variety of people in the company. It is also an innovative way to start conversations between colleagues and explore the differences among one another."


  • This is a one-hour activity that requires materials such as paper and pens.
  • The activity requires any small/large groups.
  • To execute the activity, the participants are divided into smaller groups and are instructed to design a shield that represents the group. The design of the shield should be related with what the group do or what are their task at the company.
  • This "Team Shield" activity strengthens creative minds, strengthens the ability of the employees to communicate with others, and promote teamwork.


  • This activity was recommended by Shalley Hammel, an industry expert from Sage Alliance, Inc. This is a one-hour activity that requires Legos.
  • The activity requires any small/medium groups.
  • To execute the activity, participants are grouped with five to eight members. The teams are instructed to build a Lego structure based on the required look from the facilitator of the activity. The teams are provided by limited information about a company business challenge and let the team solve it themselves. Each team who will present a comprehensive and rationale explanation on how they come up with the answer is the winner.
  • According to Hammel, "The report output will uncover how the team worked together, given the imposed limitations, to overcome their personal biases, and how open they were to other's opinions and points of view. This mirrors real-life scenarios where individuals must make quick decisions, often without all the facts, yet gain buy-in from their team members to reach a mutually beneficial decision".


  • "These team-building activities will help employees release their creativity and work together to develop new work-related items."