Educational Travel Trends

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Insights and Trends - Student Education Travel

All industries must pay attention to trends, but none more so that the educational student travel vertical. By staying aware of these trends, educators can put together student trips that are exciting and engaging, thereby leading to increased participation. Three trends surrounding the educational student travel industry are an increased perception of travel value for the student, a focus on "green" travel, and an open-minded view of travel by Generation Z.

Increased Perception of Travel Value

  • According to Skift, a staggering 97% of student travelers said that traveling boosted their confidence and 75% said that their career path was impacted by travel.
  • The findings in this study clearly showed that students and teachers alike see great value in educational travel and how it develops confidence, builds historical and global mindedness, and fosters empathy and self-awareness.
  • Students that take educational tours, and immerse themselves in varying cultural experiences contributes to their overall development. These experiences permit them to explore new environments, positively shapes their perspective on an international level, and triggers ideas and solutions that may not stem from their familiar habits.
  • Of those students that travel educationally, 92% say that it has a lasting impact on their worldview, and more than half say it was the most important experience of their lives.
  • 85% of students say they learn something about political and social issues from educational travel. They are also over 200% more likely to get a college or graduate degree after traveling.
  • After educational touring, more than half of students say that travel inspired them to learn for the sake of it rather than for grades.
  • After educational traveling, 70% of students reported an increased appreciation for other cultures and 95% of student travelers report that they came home with an improved understanding of their own cultural values.

Focus on "Green" Travel

Open-Minded View of Travel

  • Generation Z students (those between the ages of 7 and 22) are known for their open minds. In other words they are eager to see and explore new places, even if they are not popular destinations. Because of the open mindedness, trips that explore and examine culture and authentic experiences are gaining popularity.
  • According to survey research, student and educator travel experiences were recognized as helping with the learning of generic skills, especially amongst those who had traveled internationally multiple times. The most important skills seen as influenced by travel included independence, being open-minded and feeling comfortable around all kinds of people.
  • A study from AFS Intercultural Programs finds that 6 in 10 Generation Z respondents have thought about studying abroad. With some differences by home country, between 57% and 75% mentioned that their main reason to go abroad was to seek out new cultural experiences.