Ed-tech Market Scan

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Ed-tech Market Scan

Trends in the education technology market include the high interest of investors in online learning, emerging technologies, the rise of game-based learning, and collaborative learning.

High Interest in Online Learning

  • According to an analysis done by Toptal, "online learning is experiencing a renaissance". There has been a lot of investment in online learning for higher education and corporate learning.
  • According to Toptal, "recent fundraising from Outlier, MasterClass, Osmosis, Coursera, and Degreed demonstrates a high interest in online learning from investors."
  • There has also been acquisitions in the K-12 online education providers. In January, Galvanize, a boot camp for coding was acquired by K12, Inc.Edgenuity which is also a major player in the digital education space, made three acquisitions in 2019.
  • Nonprofit players including Western Governors and Southern New Hampshire University are also taking shares in the online higher education market.
  • According to Forbes, the COVID-19 pandemic and the worldwide measures that were taken by governments prove "how viable the online learning experience is and can be".

Emerging Technologies

  • Emerging technologies such as immersive technology, augmented reality, blockchain, artificial intelligence, and robotics have gained interest from investors.
  • According to Toptal, "fundraising from companies like Labster and Interplay Learning demonstrates interest and potential for virtual reality (VR) in education."
  • The creator of Pokemon Go! "Niantic Labs raised $245 million in 2019 and continues to invest in AR education applications."
  • New companies are raising capital to create solutions in the education technology market using artificial intelligence. AI-based tools in the Ed-tech market include Quizlet and KidSense.

Game-based Learning

  • According to Grand View Research, "Game-based learning is anticipated to be a growing trend in the K-12 sector." Teachers are supporting gamification learning to develop math learning skills of learners with the "integration of practical, project-based work in schools."
  • Technologies such as complex lab-based experiments and virtual field trips are providing experiences that result in an engaging learning experience for learners.
  • Gamification has been used in classrooms in forms such as badges, leader boards, and stickers. Gamification increases engagement, participation, and competition.
  • Examples of companies driving this trend include SweetRush and EI Design.

Collaborative Learning

  • According to Kitaboo, a collaborative approach in learning has gained importance in learning.
  • According to Neolms, collaborative learning supports the "innate needs of students of getting feedback regarding their progress and having their questions answered — by their teachers or by their peers."
  • Collaborative tools such as chatbots are being used to support "end to end engagement." Other collaborative tools driving this trend include Google Apps for education and Padlets.