Ed Tech/Corporate Training Market

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Ed Tech/Corporate Training Market

A review of the relevant corporate learning segments, as well as leading companies active in each segment, is provided below.

Leadership Training

  • Leadership training includes "courses, trainings or educational programs whose purpose is to improve the performance of managers and personnel leaders within an organization. Courses and programs are often for frontline supervisors, middle managers and senior executives."
  • The global corporate leadership training market is expected to grow through 2024 as leadership training can help stem top-level attrition and is a "highly cost-effective [way] for a company to fill senior positions from within its hierarchy rather than an external resource."
  • The global corporate leadership training market was worth an estimated $366 billion in 2019, and is expected to grow by $26.7 billion by 2024.
  • Linkage, based in Burlington, MA, has more than thirty years in the leadership development and training industry. They specialize in the areas of accelerated leadership training, leadership training for women, and inclusivity training for leadership. In addition to in person and virtual leadership development, they also offer leadership assessments, consulting, and coaching.
  • Harvard Business Publishing Corporate Learning has more than twenty-five years of experience in corporate learning and specializes in working with Global 2000 companies "to co-create leadership-development solutions that align with strategy and engage learners."
  • The Center for Leadership Studies has more than fifty years of experience in corporate learning. They created the "Situational Leadership® Model". They work with 70% of Fortune 500 companies and have trained more than 14 million managers.

Experiential Learning Technology

  • Experiential learning technologies are technologies that "allow learners to gain knowledge and skills through hands-on experience using supportive, immersive technology solutions." These include virtual reality, augmented reality, 3D training simulators, and more. This type of training reduce the risk and costs of training new employees.
  • This type of training is generally used in high risk industries such as aviation, healthcare, and law enforcement, as well as for teaching soft skills such as customer service and diversity and inclusion.
  • Cognitive3D is "an enterprise grade analytics company focused on XR" to improve the "XR training [experience] by capturing eye tracking, actions & biometrics." They are based in Vancouver, British Columbia.
  • MPS Interactive Systems provides "technology-enabled, futuristic, and highly scalable learning solutions." Their offerings include gamifications, simulations, eLearning, augmented and virtual reality, animations, videos, and micro-learning.

IT Training

  • IT training is the training required for IT tasks in areas such as computer science, network administration, information telecommunication and others. It also "includes courses related to the application, design, development, implementation, support or management of cloud- and computer-based information systems" as well as data science.
  • In 2020, the global IT training market was worth $70.86 Billion.
  • Dell Education Services provides "award-winning training to accelerate adoption of new and emerging technologies and develop the skills to execute transformational strategy." They provide training in areas such as cloud technology, data science, networking, security and others for roles such as cloud architects, data scientists, implementation engineers, systems administrators and technology architects.
  • New Horizons Computer Learning Centres is "the world’s largest independent IT training company." Areas covered include cloud, big data, IoT, data security, and cybersecurity, among many others.
  • InfoSec Institute provides trainings specifically around cybersecurity for professionals. The company has fifteen years of experience and train 10,000 IT professionals each year.

Learning Management Systems

  • Learning management systems (LMS) are "computer-based operating system[s] used by training organizations to register, track and monitor activity in the training function."
  • The Corporate Learning Management System Market was valued at $1776.9 million in 2019 and is projected to reach $7570 million by 2026.
  • SumTotal Systems is "the largest independent provider of integrated HR solutions." They have developed the Talent Expansion platform, a corporate learning management system that is currently utilized by more than 3,500 organization, including Fortune 500 companies.
  • Wisetail LMS provides a learning management platform that is integrated with "social recognition and community features designed to drive engagement." Their current customers include REI, Souldcycle, Shake Shack, American Eagle Outfitters, and many more.

Learning Experiential Platforms

  • Learning experiential platforms (LXP) "put the learning in the hands of the learner rather than an administrator" in order to engage the learner. Learners can explore multiple different learning topics of their choice via an LXP. LXPs can be used in conjunction with an LMS, or as a stand-alone system.
  • The learning experience platform market is worth at least $350 million.
  • EdCast provides a LXP that is utilized by "more than 50 global companies, including GE, HPE, Dell EMC and Accenture."
  • NovoEd provides a social learning platform is cost-effective and provides "4-5x higher engagement rates than competitors." It is utilized by companies such as Comcast, Citrix, Deloitte, Stanford, and Princeton.
  • Scrimmage "provides an innovative, all-in-one Mobile Learning, Training & Talent Development platform to empower and engage your learners and admin alike. Scrimmage works closely with its clients to build a customized, highly responsive, scalable and secure platform for All Content, along with a full suite of learning solutions, including Gamification, Social Collaboration and robust data Reporting — on One Platform, Any Device, Anytime, Anywhere. Founded in 2010, Scrimmage has global locations and serves more than 50 enterprise clients across a spectrum of industries."

Content Development

  • Content Development is primarily "custom-designed instructional course development for external use. It encapsulates the creation of learning programs from initial design to a finished deliverable product."
  • While the specific market size was not publicly available, it was reported that the global corporate e-learning content development market grew at a CAGR of close to 12% from 2017-2021.
  • Ardent Learning, Inc has twenty-five years of experience developing custom, branded learning solutions. They have worked with 1,300 organizations and 500,000 learners.
  • Conduent provides learning content design and curation for many industries including automotive, finance, communications, manufacturing, government, healthcare, energy, insurance, retail, technology, hospitality, travel and transportation.

Training Outsourcing

  • Training outsourcing is when "a company utilizes an external supplier for the management of training processes and/or activities. Training outsourcing is the broader term, which includes multiple forms, or strategies, for utilizing external resources, including contracting, licensing, selecting outsourcing, and comprehensive outsourcing and BPO." Training outsourcing suppliers manage this whole process including courses, course content, training process, and administrative activities.
  • TTA, or The Training Associates, has more than twenty years of experience providing "professional learning and development talent and training-related solutions." They have "educated over 5 million learners at organizations of all sizes, including most Fortune 500 companies."
  • Clarity Consultants is a leading development and learning consultancy providing training outsourcing services for Fortune 500 companies including CocaCola, Google, Dell, Disney, Comcast, Anthem, and many more.
  • LEO Learning is "a global learning solutions firm focused on working with international organizations to help them transform their approach to learning. The pioneering nature of [their] people and their expertise enables us to focus our creativity on delivering business results. LEO benefits from more than 30 years of industry experience, with locations in the US, UK, Europe, and Brazil."

Authoring Tools

  • eLearning Authoring Tools refers to "software and applications that facilitate the development of eLearning with functions that support creating, editing, reviewing, testing and configuring eLearning. Today’s eLearning authoring tools support distributed eLearning that is cost-efficient to produce and incorporate in an organization’s learning strategies and delivery technologies."
  • While the market size of the global content authoring tools market was not publicly available, it was found that the segment was expected to "grow at a CAGR of 7.72% during the period 2016-2020."
  • Articulate is used by 106,000 organizations, including 92 of the Fortune 100, to create online training apps. Their signature product is Articulate 360, which is "an annual subscription that gives e-learning developers everything they need for the entire course development process. It includes apps: Rise 360–the web-based authoring app that makes it easy for anyone to build, fully responsive courses in minutes; and Storyline 360–a powerful authoring app that lets learners create a variety of custom interactions that will engage learners. It also includes 5+ million course assets, an easy-to-use project review app, and live online training with industry experts."
  • Elucidat provides an award-winning authoring platform that claims to be "the #1 training platform for big employers." Clients include Roche, Tesco, KingFisher, and others.

Training Delivery

  • The training delivery segment includes "standalone product[s] to deliver training content to learners." The platforms have unique features and capabilities and provide learning content, analytics and reporting.


  • Gamification is "the process of applying gaming designs and concepts to corporate learning or training scenarios in order to make them more engaging and entertaining for the learner."
  • Gamification in the corporate training sector will grow by $460 million from 2018-2022 due to the "increased integration of social learning and micro-learning in corporate training."
  • SweetRush was founded in 2001 and works with clients such as Google, Hilton, Cisco, Pfizer, and others. They provide custom learning experiences across a wide array of topics utilizing gaming and other immersive training techniques.
  • The Game Agency provides custom training games for both K-12 and corporate learning. They also have two Saas applications: The Training Arcade and Motivate Cloud. They specialize in industries such as pharmaceuticals, healthcare, finance, telecommunications, QSR, retail and manufacturing.
  • Virtual Heroes Division of Applied Research Associates creates "immersive, 3D interactive learning solutions and high-fidelity synthetic virtual environments." Industries served include government, healthcare, military, commercial, industrial and education.

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