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ECommerce Platforms Market Share

The top global e-commerce platforms include WooCommerce, Squarespace, Shopify, WixStores, PrestaShop, Amazon, and Magento. Sources available in the public domain list the top platforms either by the number of websites or by the number of domains. The market cap of publicly traded companies is reported as of noon Eastern Standard on January 27, 2021. Revenue or acquisition data is reported for privately held companies.

Market Share

  • Globe Newswire estimates the global digital commerce platform market size at $7.4 billion for 2020, with the United States being the largest region at $2.2 billion.
  • Listed by the number of websites, the top e-commerce platforms with market shares greater than 2% are WooCommerce 27.8%, Squarespace 20.83%, Shopify 11.91%, WixStores 5.53%, 100sklepow 4.72%, MonsterCommerce 3.28%, Magento 2.9%, Amazon 2.8%, and Weebly 2.01%, according to Datanyze.
  • Ranking the top global e-commerce platforms by the number of websites, as defined by SimilarTech (a website data analytics company) yields a slightly different top list: WooCommerce 932,399, Shopify 340,415, Squarespace Commerce 290,036, Magento (all 3 versions) 231,492, Wix Shop 102,756, X-Cart 70,728, PrestaShop 70,634, BigCommerce 35,605, VirtueMart 30,227, and Weebly eCommerce 27,332.
  • SimilarTech states there are 239 e-commerce platform technologies hosting 2,323,554 websites. This results in market share for the top 10 platforms of WooCommerce 40.1%, Shopify 14.7%, Squarespace 12.5%, Magento 9.96%, WixShop 4.4%, X-Cart 3%, PrestaShop 3%, BigCommerce 1.53%, VirtueMart 1.3%, and Weebly 1.2%.
  • To put the data in chronological perspective, the top 5 e-commerce platforms by market share of e-commerce sites worldwide in 2017 were reported as WooCommerce 26%, Shopify 20%, Magento 9%, OpenCart 3%, and BigCommerce 3%.
  • By calculating mid-2020 data of the top one million website domains across the world using data from Datanyze and Alexa, the top 5 e-commerce platforms by market share include WordPress' WooCommerce at 32%, Squarespace at 17%, Shopify with 15%, Magento at 4%, and Wix Stores also at 4%.
  • According to Oberlo, the top e-commerce platforms by online shops in the U.S. are WooCommerce 26%, Shopify 20%, Wix Stores 17% and Squarespace 10%.

Market Cap Data

  • WooCommerce was acquired by Automattic, the owner of WordPress, in 2015 and remains a private company based in California. Their reported 2018 annual revenues were estimated between $10 billion and $15 billion. The platform currently hosts 4,414,537 live websites (as of last week) and powers over 28% of all online stores.
  • Shopify, listed on the NYSE, has a market cap of $141.39 billion.
  • New York based Squarespace is a privately held company with estimated annual revenues of $140 million, according to D&B.
  • Adobe Inc owned e-commerce platform Magento was reported to have earned $829 million in its fiscal 2Q of 2020.
  • Israel based has a market cap of $13.72 billion.
  • Weebly was acquired by Square in 2018 for $365 million.

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