Easiest and quickest path to a college degree

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Easiest and quickest path to a college degree

Competency-based degree programmes is a type of degree programme offered by a number of universities in the United States that is not based on the credit system. The programme is designed for persons who have achieved years of experience working but still want to earn a degree. This system does not require actual class attendance but is built around the schedule and commitments of workers who qualify. Each of the students is assigned a personal coach and other assistants such as enrollment counselor and other support from a dedicated faculty. Please find below a more detailed account of our finding including a list of universities in the United States that offer competency-based degree programmes.

Competency-based degree programmes

Competency-based degree programmes are popular among working-class individuals who do not have the time to attend traditional classes or work with a traditional student based credit system. This degree system typically leads to a degree in less than a year. Depending on the school chosen, cost and the dedication of the student, a degree can be earned in as little as three months. However, students have to show that they have mastered the coursework through sitting competency tests.

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Here is a list of schools offering the competency-based degree programmes. These schools are accredited by the Higher Learning Commission of the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools and other recognized accreditation bodies. A number of assistants work with the students to help them achieve a legitimate degree quickly including counselors, coaches, tutors and support from a dedicated faculty (i.e., the concierge service requested).
1. University of Wisconsin: three months to less than a year. The three months program is at a cost of $2,250. A single course subscription comes at the cost of $900 each.
2. Western Governor’s University: Can be earned in less than a year depending on how much effort the student puts in.
3. Capella University: Courses can be completed in as little as two weeks; two courses can be taken simultaneously at a flat rate. Pace is completely dependent on the student.
4. College for America: 24/7 online classes. They offer 120 competencies and students can submit competency assignments over and over until they gain mastery.
5. Purdue University: Degree can be earned in less than a year depending on the student’s effort.
6. Northern Arizona University: They offer three degree courses: Computer Information Technology, Liberal Arts or Small Business Administration. Costs start at $3,000 for six months.
7. Peirce College: One set fee of $2,700 to earn as many credits as you can within the term.

8. Kaplan University: Their excel track program does not work for all programmes, but degrees are earned either strictly online or through a combination of online and onsite interactions.
9. Walden University: Students complete as many competencies as they can within a term at their own pace.
10. Brandman University: Start at any time. Textbooks are embedded into tuition bringing cost to $6,400 per academic year.


It is possible for persons who have other commitments that take up their time such as work and raising a family to earn a legitimate college degree by studying in accredited universities in the United States. They can learn at their own pace, amass credits within a short period and earn their college degrees with the help and guidance of coaches, tutors and members of the faculty. Most of these universities maintain a flat rate tuition.

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