Earth Day, Part 2

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Earth Day, Part 2

Innovative actions taken by individuals and small organizations in the United States cuts across spreading messages to save the environment and innovative eco-friendly products. Amongst individuals spreading environmental messages, Jeff Orlowski sends his messages via award-winning films. Several eco-friendly startups and small businesses have emerged in the United States. These companies provide innovative solutions cutting across sustainably-grown vegetables to sustainably-cleaned laundry. Such organizations include the Eco Laundry company, Holganix, Freight Farms, and LivingWater Filters.

Jeff Orlowski

  • Jeff is an American filmmaker who has won several awards for sending sensitizing environmental messages via his films.
  • He has also received awards from the UN Environment body.
  • His company, Exposure Labs is committed to spreading messages for the environment and has produced two notable films so far.
  • Chasing Ice produced in 2012 has aired in 175 countries, more than 75 film festivals, and the White House. Chasing Ice was a documentary focused on the climate.
  • Recently, he released Chasing Coral which was produced with footage from over 30 volunteers and 500 supporters worldwide. Chasing Coral focused on coral bleaching due to ocean warming.
  • Chasing Ice and Chasing Coral have been shortlisted for academy awards.
  • These films were inspired by damages done to nature via human activity and negligence. Chasing Coral was inspired by the adverse effects of rising temperatures on corals witnessed by Richard Vevers and his team.
  • These films have also led to environmental campaigns. In the Chasing Coral campaign, participants make clippings of the movie and take action to preserve dying Coral reefs worldwide.
  • His website can be found here. His picture has been attached to this document.

Eco Laundry Company

  • Eco Laundry Company has an estimated annual revenue of less than $8 million.
  • There are several eco-friendly solutions used by the company.
  • The Eco Laundry stores derive their electricity from wind energy.
  • The company utilizes specially designed washing machines that save water and work with biodegradable soaps and detergents. Biodegradable alternatives are also used for the dry cleaning service.
  • The company was inspired by the founders' opinion that people should not only try to use sustainable solutions in other aspects of their lives.
  • To crown it all, Eco Laundry plants trees for every garment washed. The company has planted 17,189 trees and saved 354,396 lbs of CO2.
  • The website can be found here. Eco Laundry logo has been attached to this document.

LivingWater Filters

Freight Farms

  • Freight farms is a startup based in Boston that provides users with small farms made from disused shipping containers.
  • In such farms, crops are grown using hydroponics and LED lights.
  • The company believes that most farm produce being consumed in the world has been adversely affected by transportation challenges, harmful emissions, and is not fresh.
  • Therefore, Freight Farms provides trusted sustainably-grown greens for people.
  • Brad McNamara and Jon Friedman, the founders of Freight Farms saw the need for more competition in urban agriculture. To cut logistics and costs, they moved to container farms from rooftop greenhouses. Shipping containers are also abundant and serve comfortably for places that cannot permit traditional farming.
  • The website can be found here. The Freight Farms logo has been attached to this document.


Research Strategy

We identified small businesses with less than 500 employees and a revenue of less than $7 million as defined by the United States Small Business Administration. We drew insights to explain why these organizations engage in such environmentally friendly businesses from their mission statements and goals.