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Earnest Research Competitors

Five companies that may be considered Earnest Research competitors include: Second Measure, ARM Insight, 1010data, CE Insights, and M Science. While there are varying degrees of information available on each of these companies, they have been included on this list as they all operate within the alternative data space and offer similar services, which focus on the analysis credit and debit card transaction metadata. This data is then sold to investors, hedge funds, retail corporations, private equity firms, and financial institutions.

According to their website, Second Measure is an analytics platform provides insight into companies. This new start-up uses anonymized credit card data and analyzes it for investors so that they can see consumer trends. The analysis can reveal the "retention rates of customers", average order spending per customer, and can break down this information "by geography". According to Second Measure's website, the platform can also measure the impact of controversies such as #deleteuber. Second Measure makes what would otherwise be overwhelming data digestible for investors by accessing alternative data sources.

Confidentiality bars Second Measure from revealing its data sources, but the company claims to target massive quantities of anonymized consumer spending data, which constitutes about 2-3% of all card transactions. While a list of clients was not found, Second Measure has been used by Foundation Capital, a venture capital firm from California.

ARM Insight is a payment based business intelligence solutions company for Credit, Debit, and Prepaid Card Processors, investment Companies, Financial Institutions, and Retail Corporations. Using transaction-based analytics, ARM Insight massive amounts of raw transaction data into comprehensible insights for retailers, investors, lenders, and risk mitigation companies.

ARM Insight uses Acme, its fictitious "big-box store" as a client case study. Though Acme, ARM Insight demonstrate how consolidated data from debit, credit, and prepaid card transactions can give retailers a better understanding of their customers to make better business decisions.

Some of ARM Insight's clients include US Bank, PSCU Forward, BB&T, Keybank, Vesta, Suncoast Credit Union, Barclays, Sole, LSC, Bank of Labor, Synchology, Catalina Payment Systems, and 1to1 Card.

1010data's services range from data acquisition and data management, to reporting, visualization, and application building. The company boasts the "only integrated cloud platform" that incorporates aspects of self-service data management and accessible analytics and data.

In September 2017, 1010data launched its Suburban Shopper Panel (SSP), an analytic data set that provides daily insight into consumer behavior and demographics, with a focus on rural and suburban populations. The SSP measures shopper transactions made with credit and debit cards, measuring sales trends, as well as demographic information such as shopper age, gender, and zip code.

Some of 1010data's clients include: P&G, Dollar General, RiteAid, CocaCola, Pepsi, Purina, Wegman's, Sysco, Bank of America, Nestle, 3M, Claire's, Sonic, and Chase.

CE Insight is the alternative data arm of Consumer Edge Research, an NY based research firm. CE Insight was just launched in February 2018, and has no available client lists.

CE Insight's credit/debit card transaction product provides transaction data from 15 million credit and debit cards. These are collected daily from hundreds of banks and processors. CE Insight's product is available in three tiers:

1) CE Transact Raw: a daily feed of all individual transactions that includes demographics, and is connected to 3rd party databases.

2) CE Transact Query: A cloud hosted solution including a "clean database" of credit and debit card transactions for over 1250 brands/300 tickers. This service also includes access to CE’s query library, and includes demographics.

3) CE Transact Daily Signal: This service provides the aggregated transactions and sale for 1250+ brands/300 tickers on a daily basis. WTD, MTD and QTD stats are also updated daily.
M Science is a alternative data analytics firm that consolidates data from card transactions to provide insights to financial institutions and corporations. According to the Wall Street Journal, M Science is among the alternative data companies that investors in retail stocks use to buy data on card transactions in order to gain an advantage on quarterly revenue reports. Some services offered by M Science include:
1) Syndicated Services, which gives insight on customer's demographics and flow in and out of certain retailers.

Some of M Science's clients include McLaren, Siemens and NASDAQ.

Second Measure, ARM Insight, 1010data, CE Insights, and M Science are companies which may be considered competitors to Earnest Research. Each of these companies offers services to investors, retailers, banks, and hedge fund managers that is based in the analysis of card transaction metadata. While client lists and examples were available for most of these companies, CE Insights is extremely new, and thus does not have any listed clients.