Earned Media Value

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EMV Statistics and Calculations

The average EMV in America is $12.2 for non-luxury brands. Although the EMV can be calculated by "multiplying the dollar value of each possible outcome by each outcome’s chance of occurring (percentage), and total the results; there is no industry standard because different companies use different variables when calculating the EMV. Three popular variables used when calculating the EMV are impressions, target influence, and media impact.


As stated by Glean Info, "there is no widely accepted formula for determining EMVs. Different marketing and PR firms advocate different calculations. It's calculated by multiplying the reach of earned or social media content by a multiplier based on impressions. Critics say multipliers used to calculate the metric are arbitrary. EMVs provide clients large numbers but offer no real insight if the influencer marketing campaigns are working."

According to a recent 2018 study, the average EMV in America is $12.2 per dollar for non-luxury brands. An average of $33 million was saved by luxury brands. For non-luxury brands the study was conducted over 14 different categories of advertisers.

The following luxury brands saved an average of in 2017:
Chanel: $62 million
Gucci: $58 million
Dior: $47 million
Saint Laurent: $40 million
Louis Vuitton: $30 million
Marc Jacobs: $21 million
Dolce & Gabbana: $18 million

According to a recent Harris Poll, only 10% of respondents reported to be familiar with earned media, and 68% of respondents stated that they were completely unfamiliar with the topic.

A recent Northeastern study reported that brands who increased their "social media output of owned media by 10% percent saw a 7% increase in brand awareness, a 4% increase in customer satisfaction, but only a 3% decrease in purchase intent. "

The team located a 2016 study, though while outside the standard date range for sources, we feel this study does provide an extensive breakdown of the facts as we have outlined from more recent sources. We have included it for your reference here.