Drones, Part 2

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Innovative / Disruptive Drone Applications

Delivery, agriculture, weather forecasting, energy infrastructure inspection, and racing are innovative/disruptive drone applications. The requested information about the applications is presented below.



  • Drones application in the agriculture industry has already gained traction in areas such as analyzing soil samples, monitoring farmland, and herding cattle.
  • Today, drones are being used to pollinate flowers amid the declining bee population. Insect-sized drones are being made in the labs to replicate bees’ role in pollination. Dropcopter, a New York-based startup company, has also been testing aerial drone pollination in New York City and San Francisco areas.
  • Other innovative uses in agriculture include cultivation, harvesting, and planting. Planting drones are mainly used to plant trees by dispersing germinated seedpods.
  • Using drones in agriculture is innovative because it marks a new use of drone technology in the field. Although drones have been used in agriculture to perform functions such as monitoring crop growth, their use has expanded to include more complex functions such as planting and pollination.
  • PrecisionHawk produces drones for use in agriculture. The company’s Lancaster fixed-wing drone is the most intelligent fixed-wing unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) designed for agriculture.

Weather Forecasting

  • Today, drones are offering a versatile option of following weather patterns as they unfold. Besides aerial vehicles, water-based unmanned surface vehicles are revolutionizing how data is gathered.
  • Oceanic researchers are using autonomous sea drones to help them predict extreme weather and comprehend the changing weather patterns in the globe.
  • Use of drones in weather forecasting is disruptive because it is changing how the meteorological sector works. The sector is moving away from using stationary structures or geospatial imaging solutions to collect data on weather patterns by embracing the use of drones.
  • Saildrone has designed an autonomous sailboat that gathers atmospheric and oceanic data from the sea surface. The 23-foot-long drones are fitted with sensors that gather and send real-time data on metrics such as humidity, temperature wind, weather patterns, and solar radiation.

Energy Infrastructure Inspection


  • Besides professional use, drones today are being used as a form of entertainment. Drone racing and combat events are common as the sport gains popularity. Pilots guide drones through high-speed obstacle courses where the winner is awarded a monetary prize.
  • The Drone Racing League manages and promotes drone racing in the US and across the globe. MultiGP also organizes drone-racing championship in the US. The company has local chapters across the country.
  • Use of drones for racing is innovative because it marks an inventive way of using drone technology for recreation and entertainment.
  • Walkera is a Guangzhou City, China-based drone manufacturer. Although the company produces other drone models, it has been focusing more on racing drones lately.