Donor Profiles - Robert & Bethany Millard

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Donor Profile - Robert Millard

Robert Millard is highly capable of becoming a potential donor for a non-profit organization. Mr. Millard has a net worth of $44.4 million, and he is a big supporter of higher education. He loves music and arts as well. More information on the topic has been presented below.

NET WORTH, assets, and properties

Robert Millard's total net worth amounts to $44.4 million. The total value of Mr. Millard's public assets is $50,533,554.
On researching Mr. Millard's properties, we were able to find some information on his home and one other property (his foundation). However, we were not able to find any listings of holiday homes or other properties. Instead, we found a list of properties that were supposedly under in name. We looked deeper into those properties and found that they are now owned by other people. Therefore, those properties have not been included here. The two aforementioned properties are as follows:

Holdings and real estate

In L3 Technologies Inc. (LLL) Aerospace & Defense, Mr. Millard has 272,257 holdings in equities. The total value of his holdings in that company is $47,280,151. Similarly, he has 45,464 holdings in equities in the Evercore Inc. (EVR) Investment Banking & Brokerage Services. His holdings in the company amount to $3,253,404.

In the name of personal property, Robert Millard has his main home in Chilmark, Massachusetts.

Hobbies/INTERESTS and philanthropy work

In order to find information on Mr. Millard's hobbies and philanthropic work, we researched his one-on-one interview and multiple biography-related sources. His hobbies include:

Mr. Millard, along with his wife, hosted the Musical Evenings Event by Kaufman Music Center in 2016. He runs the Robert & Bethany Millard Charitable Foundation along with his wife. The foundation donates funds to various art programs and higher education services. He is also a board member of the American Association for the Advancement of Science, a non-profit organization dedicated to science. He also serves as a non-profit board member of the New School and the Population Council.

ETHICS and family

We analyzed Mr. Millard's one-on-one interview and another video interview to compile information on his family and ethics. Both sources provided the transcripts of the respective interviews.

Mr. Millard has two brothers. According to his interview, his mother used to be sick all the time when he was a child. In her early 30s, she was diagnosed with Cancer. Later, she died at the age of 41 when Mr. Millard was only 13 years old. His father abandoned him when he was 16 years old. After his mother died, his family fell apart completely.

Mr. Millard mentioned in his interview that he has the utmost respect for his colleagues such as Eric Lander, an MIT professor who taught a MOOC class that Mr. Millard took. In an interview, Mr. Millard said that he was very driven to achieve his dreams. When he was very young, he took the initiative to apply to a number of schools on his own without the help of his parents or a counselor. Rather than being taken out of high school and thrown into an orphanage, he looked after himself without telling people that he was doing so.
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Donor Profile - Bethany Millard

Bethany Millard is a widely known philanthropist and is actively involved in numerous charitable activities. Her philanthropic activities include founding a charitable organization that focuses on arts and higher education. Bethany Millard is also engaged in various leadership positions such as her role as the vice president of Kaufman Music Center. Despite finding substantial information on Bethany Millar, we could not uncover some personal details including net worth, properties, and real state, and family. Three distinct search attempts deployed to uncover that bit are expounded below including the findings after that.


In retrieving the details on Bethany Millar, we commenced our search by exploring her profiles across several sites including Foundation Directory Online, Inside Philanthropy, CASE,, WealthEngine, Donorsearch, and StreetEasy. These databases, often feature individual net worth and family information, but for Bethany case, we only uncovered details regarding her foundation called Robert & Bethany Millard Charitable Foundation and basic information. These databases did not feature information on her income, properties, and profit companies under her name. Statistical figures retrieved noted that in 2015, her charitable foundation had revenue of $1,418,483. But since this is a non-profit organization, the data could not be directly attributed to being part of her net worth.

Next, we continued searching for information on Bethany Millard net worth and her family through press releases from business and media websites such as Forbes, manta, Bloomberg, Daily news and social media platforms including Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter hoping to find excerpts and interviews where the philanthropists may have released such information to the public. Unluckily, we found no details regarding her net worth, her family and if she owned a profitable company. Though we uncovered information indicating that Bethany and her husband were about to acquire a co-op apartment in New York City for $19.3 million, the information was insufficient to provide a thorough overview of their properties.

Then, we adopted a different search strategy to try to triangulate Bethany’s net worth. On that line, we searched for information about Robert Millard to try to speculate on Bethany Millard’s net worth. Unfortunately, the approach was futile as most individuals do not make that information public. Nevertheless, we found an estimation of Robert Millard’s net worth at $43.3 million as of 29th March 2018. Overall, we have presented our findings below based on publicly available data.


In determining Bethany Millar’s hobbies and interests, specifically regarding music/contemporary music, we found out that she is part of the WQXR Advisory Group, and advises the group on its growth and development as a public radio station and destination for classical music. The group is comprised of New York public radio trustees and other supporters from cultural and philanthropic organizations in New York.


Bethany Millard, it's a philanthropist and a trustee member of the board of one of New York public radio. She is also the vice president at Kaufman Music Center. Together with her husband Robert, they own and run a non-profit foundation called Robert & Bethany Millard Charitable Foundation, which had annual revenue of $1,418,483 in 2015.


According to a Bloomberg article, in 2018, the WNYC Radio Gala held following the Pittsburgh synagogue massacre raised about $1.3 million with the Solomons (Peter J. Solomon and Susan Rebell Solomon) serving as chairs along with Bethany and Robert Millard.

The Gala evening honored the Thompson Family Foundation and raised $1.6 million, with the help of Cary Davis of Warburg Pincus; John McGinn; Blair Effron of Centerview Partners and his wife, Cheryl Cohen Effron; Russ Carson, chairman of Rockefeller University and his wife Judy; Robert Millard, chairman of Massachusetts Institute of Technology and his wife Bethany Millar.

Washington University received the generosity of Bethany and Robert Millard who issued a $100,000 challenge to inspire parents of Washington University students to join the Eliot Society.

According to a New York Daily news article, Bethany and Robert Millard sued a lawyer for allegedly neglecting to protect them from hackers who stole $1.9 million to handle the purchase of a co-op apartment valued at $19.3 million.

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