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Donor Profile - Bethany Millard

In 1996, Bethany Millard founded Special Music School. Currently, she co-owns Robert and Bethany Millard Charity Foundation and chairs their advisory board. Mrs. Millard is a vice president of the Kaufman Music Center, and also serves on the board of New York Public Radio and chairs the WQXR advisory board.


We could not find the following information about Bethany Millard in the public domain; her net worth, assets, and real estates. Also, information pertaining to Mrs. Millard's family in dept (the names of her parents and children) is unavailable. The research team used the following strategies trying to find this missing information.

We began our search by going through Bethany Millard's profiles on websites like Fconline Foundation center, Inside Philanthropy, Case, Philanthropy, Wealth Engine, and Donor Search. This strategy was meant to provide Mrs. Millard's personal net worth and financial information, however, we could not find any information pertaining to her income, properties, and profit companies under her name. In addition, we also checked websites like Bloomberg, Peek You, among others trying to find information on family members and parents of Bethany Millard, unfortunately, we could not find deep findings on these sources. We only found that Mrs. Millard is married to Richard Millard and they have four children.

Next, we went through real estate websites such as Street Easy, Realty Hop, Blocks Hopper, and others to find any information pertaining to property purchased by Bethany Millard; however, this strategy did not provide any helpful insights on the properties owned by Mrs. Millard. We expanded our search by checking online directories such as Been Verified and White Pages to find the publicly available records of Bethany Millard. The report on public records of Bethany Millard on Been Verified website is locked behind paywall.

Finally, we tried to triangulate information by looking up for consolidated assets of Robert and Bethany Millard and then check Mrs. Millard's property. To find this information, we checked sources like Wall Mine, Business Insider, among others, but they only provide Robert Millard's individual finances and net worth.

NOTE: Bethany Millard's net worth and finances could not be found in the public domain may be because they are private/personal information.



Bethany Millard resides in New York (Address: 160 Varick street, New York, New York 10013) and Cambridge.


Bethany Millard found Special Music School in 1996, the only K–12 public school in the U.S. that incorporates conservatory level music training within the academic day. Currently, she is on the board of trustees at Kaufman Music Center where fans to renowned performers come together to explore their musical passions.

Mrs. Millard is also a member of Board Emeritus at Manhattan Theater Club, a trustee at New York Public Radio Gala, and chairs the WQXR advisory board.


Bethany Millard partnered with her husband, Robert Millard, and opened a non-profit organization called Robert and Bethany Millard Charity Foundation which focuses on giving arts and higher education. The organization currently has $11,592,443 in assets and generates $558,310 in terms of income per year.

Bethany Millard donated more than $15,000 to annual Fall Benefit and Spring Gala. She also collaborated with her husband Robert Millard and issued $100,000 to Washington University to inspire parents of Washington University students to join the Eliot Society.


  • Mrs. Millard, along with her husband Robert Millar sued a lawyer for allegedly neglecting to protect them from hackers who stole $1.9 million from them.
  • At the WNYC Radio Gala event, where Pittsburgh raised about $1.3 million, Mrs. Millard and Mr. Millard were guests of honors.
  • The Gala Evening honored the Thompson Family Foundation and raised $1.6 million with the help from Bethany Millard and others.


Bethany Millard is married to Robert Millard and has 4 children.

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