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Bethany Millard

Bethany Millard is the chair of Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) Corporation Partners Program. Additionally, she is the founder of Phosphorous Productions, which is dedicated to creating science podcasts that educate and inspire students.


We could not find the following information pertaining to Mrs. Millard's family in dept, the name of her parents and children is unavailable. The research team used the following strategies trying to find this missing information.

We began our search by going through Bethany Millard's profiles on websites like Inside Philanthropy, Case, Philanthropy, Wealth Engine, and Donor Search. This strategy was meant to provide Mrs. Millard's personal net worth and financial information, however, we could not find any information pertaining to her income, properties, and profit companies under her name. In addition, we also checked websites like Bloomberg, Peek You, among others trying to find information on family members and parents of Bethany Millard, unfortunately, we could not find deep findings on these sources. We only found that Mrs. Millard is married to Richard Millard and they have four children.
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Finally, we tried to triangulate information by looking up for consolidated assets of Robert and Bethany Millard and then check Mrs. Millard's property. To find this information, we checked sources like Wall Mine, Business Insider, among others, but they only provide Robert Millard's individual finances and net worth.

Bethany Millard has no identified prenuptial agreement with Robert B. Millard. Basing on the assumption that no prenuptial agreement exists, Bethany Millard owns half of the estate of the Millard family. As such, she is worth $25 million to over $50 million.


Bethany and Robert Millard reside at Chilmark, Massachusetts.


Bethany Millard is married to Robert Millard and has 4 children.


Net worth

Robert B. Millard owns 208,664 shares of L3 Technologies Inc, which is worth $43.124 million at its current trading price of $206.67. Additionally, he owns 45,464 shares of Evercore Partners Inc, which are worth $4.042 million at the current trading price of $93.06. In total, public declared holdings of Robert B. Millard amounts to $47 million.

The net worth of Robert B. Millard is undoubtedly higher than $47 million. Robert and Bethany Millard have a home at Edgar town, Massachusetts. The home valuation ranges from $4 million to $9 million based on neighborhood house prices. Its contribution to the family's net worth is unknown given unavailable information on their equity position on the house as well as its current market price. Also, before the collapse of Lehman Brothers, Robert B. Millard earned $3.8 million in 2006, $44.5 million in 2007 and $51.3 million in 2008. Over these three years, he earned $99.6 million. He currently also holds multiple executive positions that contribute to the household annual income. At Evercore Inc, he earns $203,175 as an independent director. He earns $285,000 as Lead Independent Director of the Board at L3 Technologies. He is a current member of the Council on Foreign Relations and serves on its Finance and Budget Committee.

Bethany Millard has no public listed assets in her name. Also, she has no identified prenuptial agreement with Robert B. Millard. Assuming its non-existence, Bethany Millard owns half of the estate of the Millard family. As such, she is worth at least $23 million based on available financial data. Potentially, her net worth can be higher than $23 million based on previous and current income of her husband.

Philanthropic interests

  • Bethany Millard partnered with her husband, Robert Millard, and opened a non-profit organization, Robert and Bethany Millard Charity Foundation. The foundation's focus is on arts and higher education. The organization currently has $12,333,193 in assets and had charitable disbursements of $890,810 in 2015.
  • Bethany Millard donated more than $15,000 to annual Fall Benefit and Spring Gala. She also collaborated with her husband Robert Millard and issued $100,000 to Washington University to inspire parents of Washington University students to join the Eliot Society.
  • As the chair of MIT Corporation Partners Program, she collaborated with the MIT Events team to engage donors and prospects to promoted philanthropic contributions to MIT. Philanthropic contributions to the MIT Corporation are not disclosed and given their membership of the MIT Corporation is indicative of their philanthropic support of the organization.
  • She is the founder of Phosphorous Productions, which is dedicated to creating science podcasts that educate and inspire.
  • Robert and Bethany Millard contributed over $15,000 annually in 2016 and 2017 to the Manhattan Theatre Club. Bethany Millard has participated in the Manhattan Theatre Club's Winter benefit, "An intimate night" from 2010 to 2011.
  • Robert and Bethany Millard are honored for their philanthropic contribution of $10,000 to $99,999 to the Keck Observatory in 2012.
  • Bethany Millard participated in the Seventh Annual New York Dinner for Conservation International in 2004.
  • At the WNYC Radio Gala event, where Pittsburgh raised about $1.3 million, Mrs. Millard and Mr. Millard were guests of honors.
  • The Gala Evening honored the Thompson Family Foundation and raised $1.6 million with the help from Bethany Millard and others.

Board affiliations


  • She was a judge during the 2016-2017 image awards at Koch Institute for Integrative Cancer Research at MIT. The Image Awards are an initiative to showcase biomedical research that engages the public on current research of cancer at the Koch Institute and provoking biomedical research globally.
  • Her husband, Robert B. Millard had been a long-time executive (1976-2008) of Lehman Brothers at the time of its collapse. Unlike its disgraced CEO, he was not equally disgraced but was the organization's top earner in 2007 and 2008 preceding the sub-prime mortgage crisis. From 2007 to 2008, he earned $99 million that significantly boosted his net worth.

  • "“Every year anew these images offer glimpses into the wondrous world of research and really get at what drives [Koch Institute] researchers which is the promise of scientific and technological advances converging to overcome disease,” says Anne Deconinck, executive director of the Koch Institute, to an auditorium packed with guests from MIT and the general public. The crowd was assembled to witness the unveiling of the new collection and to listen to the researchers who captured these images share the stories behind the displays.""
  • "“I love how the gallery engages the public,” says Bethany Millard, chair of the MIT Corporation Partners Program and founder of Phosphorous Productions, a company dedicated to creating science podcasts that educate and inspire, and one of the 2016 Image Awards judges. “The images are arresting, fascinating, and ultimately works of art. To experience them is to feel a profound sense of wonder and gratitude for the work of the Koch Institute.”"
  • "In carrying out its broader mission, the Corporation and its Executive Committee oversee the Institute’s strategic direction, approve the annual budget, exercise long-term fiduciary responsibility and asset management (the endowment, pension funds, debt and capital plant), approve all degrees granted by the Institute and, probably most importantly, elect the President and the other officers of the Corporation (the Chairman, Treasurer, and Secretary)."
  • "Bethany Millard has been named the new president and chairman of MTC's executive committee. In addition to her work on the MTC board, Millard is chairman of the Kaufman Cultural Center and a member of the board of New York Public Radio."
  • "Lehman's prop trading -- was in line to rake in $51.3 million in cash, stock, etc., according to the report citing new bankruptcy documents. That's more than the $40 million the now disgraced CEO Dick Fuld was supposed to make that year. Millard also had pay packages of $44.5 million and $3.8 million in 2006 and 2005, respectively, according to the report. However, Millard told the LA Times that he had not been paid fully in 2006 and 2007."