DoD Acquisitions Influences

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DoD Acquisitions Influences

While we were unable to clearly identify the major social media channels that can be used to influence the acquisition decisions made by the U.S. Department of Defense (DoD), we were able to identify that LinkedIn and Facebook are two crucial aspects of DOD operations.

The best social media channels to influence acquisition decisions by the U.S. Department of Defense (DoD).

  • An article from Washinton Technology highlights that there are 1,955,044 companies listed as contractors to the DoD on LinkedIn.
  • The increasing number of DOD decision-makers available on Linkedin (5%) makes it one of the preferred social media platforms to connect and influence federal organizations by sharing white papers, case studies or other relevant content.
  • The Department of Defense also has an active community group on Linkedin with the name "Government, Aerospace, and Defense Contractors" where the "Government Contractors can discuss the WMG survey, share ideas and challenges in the industry, pose questions to peers, and help to drive changes to upcoming survey editions".
  • According to several US officials, "social network data has become one of the most important tools they use in the collecting intelligence" and have access to Facebook history pages is of prime importance in defense contracting.

Best marketing channels to influence acquisition decisions by the U.S. DoD.

  • A research study by Walden University identified contractual knowledge, access to resources, measures of success, and sustainability are crucial to have if a small business plans to apply for federal contract.
  • The Department of Defense has enforced stricter cybersecurity standards on their contractors because a “vast majority” of DOD contractors have ad hoc and inconsistent cybersecurity practices and preferences.


  • DCMA is an official contracting agency working for the DOD that implements contracting services.
  • XLA secured a contract through the DCMA to provide system analysis, engineering and development services for the MOCAS system accessed by the DOD.
  • The department of defense releases contracts for hundreds of billions of dollars each year. While most of the contracts are claimed by larger corporations a significant portion of is reserved for small businesses and private civilian contractors.
  • A publication released by the White House Office of Science and Technology highlights that rapid technology prototyping has been used by the Department of Defense with respect to 3D mapping and contractors.

Research Strategy:

  • In order to identify hard data/statistics to provide evidence-based findings related to the social media and marketing channels that are most effective for catching the attention of the U.S. Department of Defense and can influence their acquisition decisions, we started our researched by going through government sources and industry reports such as Researchgate, Semantic Scholar,, and the Defense Ministry website. Using this strategy, we found publication by the Whitehouse archives on "innovative contracting case studies", which outlined the various number of ways in which Federal agencies are getting more innovative in Federal contracting but no evidence-based statistics were identified to determine the most prominent social media and marketing channels utilized by the DOD for contracting.
  • We also searched through the DOD official website but we did not find any information that outlines the most influential social and marketing channels used by the DOD. Additionally, a thorough search around marketing case studies related to Microsoft and other small business was conducted in sources such as Toprank Marketing, Digitalmarketing, AMPagency, Marketing Results, and STcases to identify any specific social media or marketing channel used by these companies that help them to influence DOD's acquisition decision of DOD. Unfortunately, most of the available information was related to the solutions offered by these companies to the DOD.