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Doctor/Patient Relationships: Case Studies

Two companies that are using programs and initiatives to address improving doctor-patient relationships and the transition from one doctor to another include The Physicians Foundation and Horizon Pharmaceutical. Due to the niche subject matter, finding companies that have initiatives specifically related to these pain points required a deep dive and several different research paths, note that further research on the subject will most likely need to be expanded or narrowed down to research on specific companies. Details of what each company is doing in the patient non-adherence space specifically focused on these pain points have been provided below.

The Physicians Foundation

  • The Physicians Foundation is a health and wellness non-profit organization that started the interoperability fund in 2019 that would improve the exchange of health information across six states. The initiative partnered with several institutions to develop a system to effectively leverage health information exchange (HIE). Any physician or practice that has a preexisting EHR system in place and that practices in any of the six participating states will be eligible for funding.
  • The initiative is designed for several different purposes. While the main purpose is to alleviate unnecessary burdens on both physicians and patients by leveraging improved information sharing, the company stated that they have designed the initiative to improve doctor-patient relationships. This will be done by ensuring that practices have access to critical patient health information that can improve health outcomes and patient safety. In addition, this initiative makes the transition from one doctor to another much more simple for patients.
  • The fund was announced on May 14, 2019, and was put into effect later that year, however, there are no public details yet relating to the success of the fund or the initiatives it was promoting.
  • Partners:
  • Quotes:
    • “The Physicians Foundation is proud to lead an initiative that will help alleviate unnecessary burdens on both physicians and patients. Through improved information sharing, The Physicians Foundation Interoperability Fund will further enable physicians to be their patients’ strongest advocate and partner in decision-making for their care.” -Gary Price, M.D, president of The Physicians Foundation.
  • The only target patients defined in this initiative are patients that reside in the covered states, there is no mention of specific patient groups.

Horizon Pharmaceutical

  • Horizon Pharmaceutical launched a Patient's Council that was designed to bring patients with rare diseases together and increase the working relationship in these patient's healthcare journeys. The company improves these relationships by not only providing patients with a network of support, but also providing patient services that include dedicated professionals that provide education and treatment information, financial assistance, and ongoing support.
  • This initiative is focused on patients that are dealing with rare diseases and rheumatic conditions with over 60 patient advocacy group partnerships.
  • The company has seen success in the growth of the program as well as the continued interaction with the company's 1,200+ employees and annual events centered around these groups.
  • Examples:
  • Quotes:
    • "Through these interactions, we’re able to listen, learn, and support the creation of new resources that address the most pressing unmet needs for patients, caregivers, and healthcare professionals."
    • "Most of us have experienced illness in some way or another, whether through a family member, close friend or even ourselves. And from those experiences, we know that patients provide the most important perspective. They’re the ones who can tell us what it’s like to live with a rare, isolating disease or a highly stigmatized condition that causes daily, life-altering pain."

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