Discord: Overview

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Discord: Overview

Key Takeaways

  • The average age of Discord users is between 16 and 20 years old.
  • According to the Wall Street Journal, the average Discord user in the United States spends 280.6 minutes each month on the site.
  • According to Ampere's self-reported consumer statistics, Discord was used by 42% of 16–64-year old internet users in the United States in 2019, with 18 percent indicating they used it regularly.


The research brief attempts to provide a detailed overview of Discord and its users, including the most common professional use cases for Discord, the demographics of users, time spent, the number of 18–24-year-old women who are using Discord, and the main ways in which 18–24-year-old women are using Discord. However, due to the niche nature (limited) of information surrounding the use of Discord by 18–24-year-old women, we have provided some more broadened information. Details about our logic can be found in the research strategy section.

Discord Use Case

  • Accountants and students use Discord for financial reporting.
  • Certain features on Discord are specifically for students in commerce, finance, accounting, and business management, to help with their research projects, quizzes, and exams.

Servers for Accounting


  • AccountantBot is a basic Discord bot that includes a calculator, Google search, and other features.
  • A user can type in the command with this feature, and the bot will send the result.


  • AccountancyManager is practice management software created by accountants and used by accountants, bookkeepers, and payroll firms throughout the United Kingdom.
  • Discord allows the integration of the AccountancyManager into the Discord App, which then allows for certain triggers and actions.

Law Enforcement Use

  • Discord has provided a forum for discussing recent developments in the law and the legal profession. It has also provided a means for making inquiries and making referrals to other lawyers.
  • Through the different features on discord bordering on the law, the user can get advice from a licensed specialist in any area. There's also a channel dedicated to the bar exam.

Law Servers on Discord

  • The Law on Discord is a legal server that focuses on the community where law students and alumni can debate many elements of the law and interact with individuals who share their interests.
  • The great majority of law servers are private, invite-only locations where law friends and law communities can communicate and spend time together. Larger, more open law communities/servers are also available based on specific issues.
  • Because all discussions are opt-in, users have complete choice over who they connect with and how they use discord.

Discord for healthcare purposes

  • People now use Discord to communicate securely with their doctors or other healthcare experts and participate in continuous or episodic health-related communities.
  • Although Discord was not designed for healthcare, 2020 has demonstrated that it can be easily adapted for the sector.
  • Discord is a place where all healthcare workers come together to vent and exchange ideas.
  • Some servers designated for healthcare purposes on Discord include but are not limited to the following:

Pre-Medi Chat

  • Pre-Medi Chat is a fantastic Discord server/community for pre-meds, medical students, and high school students interested in science and medicine.
  • Pre-Medi Chat gives the user access to one-of-a-kind chances that can help them stand out in their college or medical school application.
  • It allows users to network with medical experts and like-minded people interested in medicine.
  • Members can also use this site to promote their job openings.


  • AspiringxPediatricians is a global youth server on Discord with members from all over the world.
  • The primary purpose of AspiringxPediatricians is to provide a forum for young people who are interested in pursuing a career as a pediatrician.
  • Young people are encouraged to pursue careers in this industry, serve as an educational platform, give chances to meet new people, participate in activities, stay up to date, and participate in various events on the Discord server.



  • The average age of Discord users is between 16 and 20 years old.
  • Discord is not intended for children under the age of 13.
  • Discord, however, does not promote its services to people aged 13 to 17.
  • In some nations, though, users must be a little older. For example, South Korea has a limit of 14+, France has an age limit of 15+, and Germany has a Discord age limit of 16+.
  • Discord is the favorite social media platform of 3% of teenagers in the United States.


  • Following the fact that the average age of Discord users is approximately 14–33, which is the typical age of players, the income levels will correspond to the average income of that age range.
  • According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the median weekly wage for 16–19-year-olds is $566, or $29,432 per year. That is the average across all races, genders, and levels of education.
  • Earnings begin to rise in one's twenties because this age group includes some recent college graduates. The median weekly wage for 20 to 24 year-olds is $667, equating to $34,684 per year.
  • The median pay for Americans aged 25–34 years is $960 per week, or $49,000 per year, a significant increase over the median wage for 20- to 24-year-olds.

Geographical Location

  • The US, with 27.61%, accounts for the most traffic generated on the app. It is followed by Canada, which accounts for 5.58%.
  • The UK comes 3rd in the rankings with 3.91%, closely followed by Germany with 3.79%.

Time Spent

  • With about 390 million registered accounts and 21 million active servers globally, the average user spends 310.2 minutes every month.
  • According to Statista, Discord users spent an average of 2.17 minutes on the platform per session.
  • According to the Wall Street Journal, the average Discord user in the United States spends 280.6 minutes each month on the site.

Women's Usage of Discord

  • Following a survey carried out, Discord users aged 12 to 23 have outlined the various reasons and ways to use the messaging platform, which has exploded in popularity as a result of the outbreak.
  • Discord, an online messaging program popular among gamers, has been around for a long time. It has also begun to gain traction with young audiences in recent years, owing in part to the coronavirus pandemic. The different ways in which young women use discord are as explained below:

Video Games and Music

  • The majority of young ladies generally use Discord for the very sole purpose of playing video games or listening to music.
  • Kyleigh Jacobs, a 23-year-old San Diego native, uses Discord to communicate with her pals and play the role-playing game Dungeons & Dragons.
  • Ms. Jacobs, who works for a medical technology firm, had never used Discord and did not play video games before the pandemic. But, on the suggestion of her pals, she stepped onto the stage.

Text Messaging

  • Young users aged 13–24 use Discord to communicate with other gaming fans, friends, and classmates in middle and high schools.
  • For most young women and users in general, Discord has essentially supplanted text messaging, as they may only send five texts a day but send out hundreds of Discord messages.
  • Students now get updates on projects they may have missed and discuss homework difficulties in a voice channel, like a group phone conversation on a server for classmates.

Schooling Activities

  • Since most youngsters now attend online schools due to the pandemic, the majority of them now use Discord to communicate with peers.
  • According to Naima Mortley, a young female who attends an online school, while referring to Discord's unique emoticons, she said, "There are no more corridor conversations or buddy groups as everyone is exchanging emotes."
  • For these, Discord is used to communicate with classmates and friends, for homework help, to let them know a teacher is in a meeting, or if they want to play video games together.

A Sense of Community

  • Many young users have associated themselves with various communities through different servers on Discord.
  • Brandon Ha, a 16-year-old Nicaraguan who created an anime game on Roblox, a famous children's gaming platform, manages a Discord server with over 100,000 admirers of his game and community members.
  • He's a big lover of the platform and utilizes it to speak with individuals who play his game, similar to how a celebrity might interact with fans on Twitter or Instagram from time to time.
  • Although Discord was previously male-dominated, one evidence of its growing popularity is that many female acquaintances of these young male users are now using Discord and creating communities of like interests.

User Statistic

  • According to Ampere's self-reported consumer statistics, Discord was used by 42% of 16–64-year old internet users in the United States in 2019, with 18 percent indicating they used it regularly.
  • Unsurprisingly, of this number, 16–24-year-olds are the most likely to use Discord, whereas 45–54-year-olds are substantially less likely.
  • In 2020, Discord users doubled as gamers brought non-gaming friends on board and as lockdown restrictions forced this entertainment-starved demographic, mostly 13 to 24-year-olds, to socialize mainly online.

Research Strategy

To provide an overview of Discord users, the research team reviewed credible sources such as Discord, Statista, NYTimes, Eurogamer, CBInsights, and more. Although the team was able to find a considerable amount of information, corresponding data such as the number of 18–24-year-old women using Discord and the main ways they use it was unavailable. We speculate that the data is limited due to the niche nature of the desired data. However, the team has provided some more broadened and extrapolated information as it concerns how 18–24-year-olds generally use Discord and the number of 13–24-year-olds using Discord, as requested.

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