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Consumer perception - Dip clothing

The overall consumer perceptions about Dip clothing is highly neutral at 70% with only 30% of the surveyed individual feeling positive about it. Unfortunately, we could not uncover details regarding consumers’ awareness about the existence of this clothing line. Read on for a detailed methodology leading to the uncovering of the partial findings presented.


We began by looking for information on review and rating sites such as Consumer Affairs, which facilitates consumer opinions and reviews on various products both positive and negative, but found no mentions about Kroger Dip clothing line. The prevalent information was on deals, discounts, and convenience, etc. Next, we searched for fashion expert opinions about the Kroger Dip brand by examining sites such as Kroger, Slashed Beauty, and Busy Being Shasha. These sources provided a few opinions and views of these experts regarding the Kroger Dip brand. We found positive reviews on Slashed Beauty, a blog written and run by Miranda, beauty awards judge of Glamour Magazine; however, they were sponsored by Kroger, which could have undermined the credibility and integrity of the reviews and opinions.

Third, we used social media analytical tools like Social Searcher and App.Neilpatel, which featured some sentiments regarding the brand; however, they lacked in-depth information on the overall consumer perceptions about Dip clothing, and how aware are consumers that this clothing line exists. We hoped that this approach could yield positive results since these vendors offer tools that monitor all public social mentions in social networks and the web, which can be used to measure and track what people say about a particular company, brand, product, or service.

Fourth, we searched for the information on business articles and reports published by sites such as Progressive Grocer, Business Insider, and Forbes, etc. Equally, we retrieved little information, which did not directly address the search requirements since the report by Forbes only featured information about the launch and branding of the Kroger Dip clothing line. On that note, we could only retrieve fewer details on the overall consumer perceptions about Dip clothing and their awareness regarding the existence of this clothing line.


According to Social Searcher tool, the consumer perceptions about Dip clothing is 30% positive and 70% neutral based on approximately 44 mentions of Dip clothing from 12 users across social media channels. App.Neilpatel indicated that Kroger Dip clothing has a low search volume with an average of 140 searches per month for the keyword — Kroger Dip clothing.
Miranda — a beauty awards judge working for Glamour Magazine showed a positive perception regarding the Kroger dip clothing line, specifically acknowledging that the prices are a perfect match for the quality of the clothes offered. Likewise, Sasha, who blogs about different topics including food, travel, and lifestyle indicated on her website that she was impressed by the collection features pieces that are available from trendy to classic options and available at sensible prices. She also noted that Kroger Dip clothing collection is fashionable and reasonably priced; thus, there is no need to wait for coupons or big sales to purchase the clothes.


Kroger’s Dip clothing line has options for all ages including juniors, kids, toddlers, men, women, and young men. Based on Consumer Affairs rating on the brand, Kroger’s overall satisfaction rating is 4 stars based on 561 ratings submitted in 2018. Kroger adopted the term ‘Dip’ following the popular party snack; thus, the company chose it to imply that Dip apparel is simple, fresh and blends perfectly with everything. Conclusively, Kroger’s sales of general merchandise (all products other than food) account for 4% meaning that apparel and apparel accessories account for the remaining 96%.


In closing, based on the findings elaborated above, we can conclude that there exists little information regarding the overall consumer perceptions about Dip clothing, and how aware these consumers are regarding the existence of Dip clothing line.