Digitnet Research

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Digitnet Research

Details of 42 diginet channels airing across the US have been added to the project spreadsheet. This includes information about their genre, owner, M&A activity, current and future original programming. Discussion of viewership figures for some diginet channels is also below.

Diginet Research

  • As added to the project spreadsheet, Weigel Broadcasting operates several diginet channels, such as, Me TV, Heroes & Icons, Decades and Start TV.
  • Scripps Entertainment, via its purchase of Katz Networks, owns Laff, Grit, Court TV, Court TV Mystery and Bounce TV.
  • One of the newest channels, Circle, is a collaboration of Opry Entertainment Group (owned by Ryman Properties) and Gray Television. The channel launched with a multitude of original country music programming.

Ratings and Viewers

  • In 2017, five of the largest diginet channels (Me TV, Grit, Bounce TV, Escape and Cozi TV) averaged 1.71 million viewers for primetime.
  • In 2018, Me TV grew even more, to 702,000 viewers, still holding the top spot among diginet channels. Weigel has stated that they see around 27 million unique viewers weekly.
  • Me TV's average viewership grew to 719,000 in 2019, still holding its place as the top diginet channel.
  • Grit was the 2nd-highest diginet channel in 2018 with 339,000 average viewers. It maintained 2nd place in 2019 with 373,000 average viewers.
  • Bounce TV ranks number three among diginets, garnering an average viewership of 275,000 (-1%) in 2019.
  • Laff is next, with 223,000 viewers, a drop of 5% from the previous year.
  • Heroes and Icons grew well last year, up 18% to 196,000 average viewers.
  • Next highest is Court TV Mystery with 152,000 viewers.
  • Cozi garnered an average of 150,000 viewers last year.
  • Start TV had an average of 114,000 viewers in 2019, up 65% from the previous year.
  • Comet reached an average of 77,000 viewers last year.
  • Nielsen only has 16 diginet channels that use its ratings and viewer count program, meaning it is possible that other channels have higher figures that have not been tracked in overall TV rankings.
  • While Diginets may struggle to gain viewerships using regular advertising and channels, they use innovative avenues to interact with their audience, such as social media.

Research Strategy

Most channels did not have any information on future original programs in production. We also kept the list to only English-language channels to keep this project within the appropriate scope.

When no information about upcoming or future TV original shows were found on the entity's website, we then conducted a press search of the parent company, as well as looking in wider industry press for any mentions of upcoming original programming for any diginets. After exhausting these avenues, we concluded there was no further public information about upcoming original programming on diginet channels.

For ratings and viewership, we gathered information from a couple sources on Nielsen-collected viewership for the more popular channels. Many channels do not subscribe to Nielsen and therefore do not release viewing figures. Others, like Dabl and Circle are too new to have any figures available.